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Blu Jaz Cafe Bali Lane Best Dining


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Travelling Foodie Extraordinaire

Blu Jaz Cafe update for 2023

Blu Jaz Cafe Pekin Street, a great atmosphere, music, and food

Blu Jaz Cafe is now also located in the city at Pekin Street. This is dangerously close to my work haha, and in fact, I am a frequent visitor already for work meetings with customers and partners. It’s such a cool location, Great snacky food, awesome tunes, and wonderful cold beverages… Yes, it is a favourite of mine in the city now. 

Blu Jaz Cafe Pekin Street Outside
Photo courtesy of Blu Jaz Cafe

Blu Jaz Cafe Pekin Street Address

Let's hear what Blue Jaz Cafe has to say for itself...

Blu Jaz Café started as a 16 seater Burger joint at No.71 Dunlop Street in Little India in 2004. Next to it is The Inn crowd, a popular backpacker's hostel. And a stone's throw away Prince of Wales, an Aussie pub cum backpackers. Blu Jaz moved to our current location at No. 11 Bali Lane in Kampong Glam in 2006 and has been here for the last 12 years. In between, Blu Jaz has grown into a popular hot spot for live entertainment, bursting with great vibes, music, and incredible food.

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Back to the 'back-in-the-day' visit to Blu Jaz Cafe Bali Lane

blu jaz cafe outside bali lane
Photo courtesy of Blu Jaz Cafe

Blu Jaz Cafe, we have not been to this area for an age. My tattooist, Derrik, moved from Haji Lane, and work moved from Gateway Towers, so we have had no real reason to be down here. But today I was visiting the boys at Hounds of the Baskervilles, for a wee beard trim and we decided to have dinner at my old favourite haunt; Blu Jaz Cafe @ Bali Lane.

So glad we did this. It was packed to the rafters for the 3-4 hours we were there. Mobbed in fact. This whole area has become the hipster place of Singapore, and we will be back for sure at Blu Jaz Cafe. We had dinner here, and it was really good, like really good.

Blu Jaz Cafe Bali Lane Kebabs

Ollie gets in there with Beef Shish Kebabs, how good do they look?

Blu Jaz Cafe Bali Lane Schwarma Kebab

Mary and I plum for the Blu Jaz Cafe Lamb Shawarma – now that looks rather good I think you’ll agree.

Mary and I chose the dish that looked most like a kebab. These little beauties are called Lamb Shawarmas. I when I say beauties I mean that most sincerely. They look incredible and taste sublime. Drizzled generously with a smoky chili sauce that sure packs a punch, and packed with moist, tender lamb, shredded lettuce, and tomato. Blu Jaz Cafe @ Bali Lane, great job on these.

Blu Jaz Cafe Bali Lane Outside

This place was mobbed continually for the 3-4 hours we sat here. Good work Blu Jaz Cafe.

So come on down folks. Come to Bali Lane, Haji Lane, and the laneways crisscrossing them. It truly is hipster for the locals, and packed with tourists snapping photos continually. It’s brilliant, almost London suburb feeling to it, and if I were you I would get myself sat down at Blu Jaz Cafe @ Bali Lane, grab a beer and a Lamb Sharwarma and people watch until you drop!

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Blu Jaz Cafe Bali Lane Address

Part of the Blu Jaz Cafe chain is Piedra Negra, incredible Mexican food

piedra negra interior
Photo courtesy of Blu Jaz Cafe

Haji Lane: Singapore's Cute and Unique Street

Although Singapore is renowned for its sleek and modern buildings, there is a charming street named Haji Lane tucked away in the Kampong Glam district. Both locals and visitors should explore this tiny alleyway because it is lined with vibrant shophouses, antique shops, hip cafes, and bars.

Haji Lane’s Culture and History

The wealthy Arab businessman Haji Muhammad Salleh, who held numerous properties in the Kampong Glam region in the 1800s, is honored by the name Haji Lane. Initially, the street was well-known for its textile business, with vendors offering Muslim community members fabrics, clothing, and sarongs. Haji Lane transformed into a thriving center for small companies and creative entrepreneurs over time.

With a unique fusion of Malay, Indian, and Western elements, the street is now a melting pot of various cultures and aesthetics. Traditional Malay architecture and bright graffiti art combine in the shophouses on Haji Lane to produce a distinctive and lively atmosphere that sets it apart from other areas of Singapore.

Activites and Attractions in Haji Lane

With a wide selection of vintage shops, boutiques, and regional manufacturers, Haji Lane is a shopper’s paradise. Everything is available, including handmade jewelry, retro apparel, and quirky home décor. Salang Design, a boutique that offers traditional Malay clothing with a contemporary spin, is one of the standout shops on Haji Lane.

Haji Lane provides a wide variety of grazing choices for foodies. There are halal food stalls, cafes, and hip clubs where you can get craft beer and cocktails. Among the must-try restaurants in Haji Lane are the Halal Corner, a well-known place for traditional Malay cuisine, and the hip Blu Jaz Cafe, which hosts open mic evenings and live music performances.

Along with eating and shopping, Haji Lane is renowned for its graffiti and street art. The vibrant murals and art pieces enhance the street’s eclectic atmosphere and offer numerous photo opportunities for tourists. The “Kampong Glam” painting by local artist Yip Yew Chong and the “I Luv SG” mural by Ceno2 are a couple of well-known murals on Haji Lane.

How to reach Haji Lane

The Kampong Glam neighborhood, where Haji Lane is situated, is readily reached by public transportation. The closest MRT stop is Bugis, which is located on the Downtown and East-West lines. You can walk to Haji Lane from Bugis station in a brief amount of time.


Singapore’s Haji Lane is a hidden treasure that provides a distinctive and exciting experience. This charming and unique thoroughfare has something to offer everyone, whether you enjoy shopping, dining, or the arts. So be sure to visit Haji Lane the next time you’re in Singapore and explore all of its buried gems.

Learn about Pekin Street's charm and culture in Singapore.

Pekin Street, located in the center of Singapore’s Chinatown neighborhood, is a busy and energetic street that provides a window into the city-state’s rich past and culture. There are numerous stores, cafes, and eateries on this charming street that serve both locals and visitors.

Pekin Street’s Culture and History

Pekin Street, also referred to as Sago Street, has a lengthy and intriguing past that goes back to the early 19th century. The Peking (now Beijing) community, which settled in the region and was well-known for its opium dens and brothels, inspired the name of the area.

With time, the street transformed into a flourishing commercial area for Chinese traders who dealt with commodities like rubber, tin, and textiles. Pekin Street is now a thriving center for independent companies, businesspeople, and artists.

Activities and Attractions on Pekin Street

Visitors can choose from a wide variety of encounters on Pekin Street. The Sago Street Thian Hock Keng Temple, a beautifully restored Chinese temple from the 19th century, is one of the major attractions on the street. The temple, which honors the sea goddess Mazu, is a well-liked stop for tourists who want to take in the diverse cultural heritage of Singapore’s Chinese population.

Pekin Street is home to a number of art workshops and galleries where patrons can view the creations of regional artists. Popular gallery; The Art Assembly showcases works of modern art and design by up-and-coming and well-known artists.

On Pekin Street, foodies will be spoiled for option. The street is home to a wide variety of eateries, from casual diners to fine-dining establishments, all of which offer delectable Chinese cuisine. Tong Ah Eating House, a well-known establishment that offers up traditional Singaporean breakfast items like kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs, is one of the standout restaurants on Pekin Street.

How to reach Pekin Street

In Singapore’s Chinatown neighborhood, Pekin Street is close to the city’s public transit system. Chinatown, which is on the North-East line and the Downtown line, is the closest MRT stop. You can stroll a short distance to Pekin Street from the station.


Pekin Street is a hidden treasure in Singapore that provides tourists with a distinctive and genuine experience. Pekin Street offers something for everyone, whether you want to learn about the city’s diverse cultural history, explore local art, or indulge in delectable Chinese food. Therefore, the next time you visit Singapore, be sure to explore this charming and lively thoroughfare and find all of its incredible dining spots.

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