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Nine-Thirty by Awfully Chocolate @ Katong


Nine-Thirty by Awfully Chocolate @ Katong

Lunch with wifey before we had to go, yet again, to ICA. Our 2nd home is in Singapore. This time it was for Jude’s Student Pass finalisation. But after 1.5 hours of waiting they advise they cannot process it anyways because he still needs his old LTVP whilst at his old school. Anyways prior to that wifey and I managed to sneak in a quick lunch together. After much deliberation, we decided to try somewhere new and hence our first little trip to Nine-Thirty by Awfully Chocolate @ Katong. Now this is somewhere we have walked past many many times, but never popped in. Perhaps because of the chocolate only perception of the retail frontage. Boy have we been wrong about that.

Check out Nine-Thirty by Awfully Chocolate @ Katong.

We were in a massive rush as I was officially at work, so it was an hour limitation and boy did they serve up quick. I there assume we were in a Sous Vide supportive camp haha. Hey, that’s OK, I get it when under the pressure of covers piling up. And I have to say the food they served in a very quick lunch setting was absolutely brilliant. It really was really good. Let’s have a look see, shall we?

Nine-Thirty by Awfully Chocolate @ Katong
Simply called Curry Fries. A delicious Indian style dry spice sprinkled over, with fried curry leaves. Yeah, these are beer food on steroids. Next time, I’ll be on the beer for sure haha. Classy chips these!
Nine-Thirty by Awfully Chocolate @ Katong
Here is the wifey stellar choice of today. 70% dark chocolate martini. I did have some of this, and OMG best drink ever. I felt like an adult Augustus Gloop at Willy Wonka’s. Yeah, you could bathe in this. #bestmartiniever
Nine-Thirty by Awfully Chocolate @ Katong
I went for the pork chop. Perfectly done in its water bath (cough cough) and then charred up nicely on the grill to get some superb colour and flavour. A delicious salted cum pickled cabbage and potato accompaniment. This was cracking, really cracking. Loved it, but had to rush it sadly.
nine-thirty awfully chocolate
Wifey gets straight into the charred lamb chops. The only choice was how Chef served it, which was pretty much well done – interesting to see. It said served on a creamy mash, which I can’t see on the plate, but I do see charred cauliflower. Anyways feedback from wifey was that it really was rather amazing and there was literally NOTHING left on the plate apart from some gnawed bones. Yeah, she loved it.

And there you have it, wifey and my lunch at Nine-Thirty by Awfully Chocolate @ Katong. It really was a cut and run though but we will absolutely be going back again, and this time with the kids as they will love the drinks and the desserts (as did Mummy this lunch). Make sure you pop in here, even if chocolate is not your gig – the 70% Dark Chocolate Martini will change your mind believe me. Also, make sure you look for the place, it is literally next door to Awfully Chocolate opposite AliBarBar. It’s a cracking place, uber-cool inside with great serving staff too. Loved it. I guarantee we’ll be going again soon. I really want to get stuck into those breakfast menu options – and you should too, get your bum there and – ENJOY!!!

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