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Family Fun

Do you live in Singapore, are you here for the first time or simply traveling through and want to know where to get the best of the city for families? We have produced this page on our website for an ever-growing list of fun things to do with your family and kids that you may use as inspiration for your next trip, or weekend as a family.

How to keep the munchkins happy? Where to go for fun, and where to eat that's child friendly?

It is important for families to spend time together. We require unscheduled opportunities to spend time with one another. Playing a game, flying a kite, cards, or just sitting on the beach and laughing with each other is what I’m referring to. Camping, fishing, roller-blading and walking with the family are all enjoyable pastimes. We, as parents, must take the lead and make these things happen. We must make ourselves available, and we must prioritize having fun with one another in order to succeed. You and your family will become closer as you spend time together doing both spontaneous and scheduled activities.

Family Traditions

As a family, having a good time together is crucial to building a strong family identity. It’s possible to build a lasting bond amongst family members when they laugh and enjoy each other’s presence. Traditions tend to emerge when people are having a good time with one another. These customs help define and distinguish each family. For all families that means expending a lot of energy and then replenishing that energy with a whole table full of awesome food. has also partnered with our friends at Chope and Klook to get you some amazing deals and discounts for you. Enjoy them whilst they last…

Singapore is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world for families to visit, and live in because of its year-round tropical weather, restaurants that are welcoming to families, and amazing attractions for children. 

Because we have such wonderful indoor play places, there is no longer any reason for you to keep your children cooped up inside if averse to the sun, heat and humidity. This blog does not even come close to covering all of Singapore’s most well-known attractions and the most intriguing new activities for families, so let’s say the list in our blog is iterative.

We’ll give you coverage and honest reviews of Singapore’s top family entertainment including places like;

And then you have our deep and wide restaurant and hawker reviews to keep the belly fire-fuelled after the kids have gone mad at your chosen fun-filled activity, and move to your next place of adventure. 1+1=10x on where to eat and where to have fun all in one place.

Because we are proud to live in Singapore, we don’t want you to waste time trying to figure out where you should go or what you should do. We have developed an ever-evolving and growing list of the best things for children to do in Singapore in order to assist you in the process of planning your next trip, or day out with your family in Singapore.

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