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Starker Bistro, Katong Square


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


Starker Bistro, Katong Square

Shut Down

Let’s try something new for lunch we thought. So off we go to Katong on the hunt, and we find Starker Bistro, Katong Square. This is a new-ish place in Katong Square, near the Holiday Inn next to Roxy Square. Let’s give it a crack we thought. But how was this first time experience in this new joint, well read on folks. It was actually pretty damned good. $150 for the 4 of us, so not too bad on the coin. Staff were great, food was quick, and the home-craft beer was nice. Can’t ask for more really. Let’s have a look then!

Starker Bistro, Katong Square
Like a little town square feel to it, very fake, but very cool too!
Starker Bistro, Katong Square
Yes they were happy, and yes they were hungry! Bring it on Starker.
Starker Bistro, Katong Square
Whilst waiting, Jude got busy practicing writing his name – brilliant mate!
Starker Bistro, Katong Square
Up first are the deep fried onion bits, with a dipping sauce. Oh man beer food or what, bloody good! So moreish!
Starker Bistro, Katong Square
Mary plumbed for the sweet potato chips.
Starker Bistro, Katong Square
Mary and Amy share the lamb ribs. Coated in this absolutely gorgeous Asian spice rub. Lip-licking good!
Starker Bistro, Katong Square
My Wagyu burger was well up there with the best this gob has eaten – cooked to perfection too. Great work Starker, this was a classic!
Starker Bistro, Katong Square
The deep fried mushrooms were to die for. How they get that batter so crispy, and non-oily is beyond me. Cracking!
Starker Bistro, Katong Square
And the final one is my Jude having fun; “Great lunch Dad!”

There you have it folks, it is a cracker in my reckoning. We’ll definitely be back to Starker Bistro, Katong Square. Really nice, non-complicated and quality food, at a very reasonable price. If you are in the area I surely would give it a big-up consideration. Mary and I will likely be back soon for date-night. Really enjoyed it, and if you do go I am also certain you will – Enjoy!!!

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