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Good Time Eat Drink @ Siglap


Good Time Eat Drink @ Siglap

download Good Time Eat Drink @ Siglap

Good Time Eat Drink @ Siglap was a new one for us. The guys have been there for about two months and for some reason we just keep on walking by. I seriously have no idea why. I keep looking at those beer offers and thinking we must pop in. And luckily today we did – and we were all so very happily surprised/delighted. This is a cracker. Such a good selection, such good food, and such good value for your $$$. It surely is a Good Time Eat Drink – it’s no flair damned good food.

It’s right next door to KFC – in fact you have to use that place for the toilet, only good thing going for KFC. Carpark out front too.

Here we go – this is what we had tonight at Good Time Eat Drink @ Siglap. So much more on that menu to be hitting. They even have meat pies freshly made, and oven baked. Yep we will absolutely be coming back to see our new neighbours!!!

Good Time Eat Drink @ Siglap
Mary digs in with Kicab Sotong. This is Indonesian in origin I believe. I have to ask my Mary for some feedback – the squid was clearly fresh, no chewiness at all either with a delicious sauce. Or as she actually said; “it was tasty and yummy”. Until I grilled her.
Good Time Eat Drink @ Siglap
Up for me – a Sriracha chicken skewer, a cheeky little devil sauce from Thailand. Loving that. Pork belly with pineapple, a match made in heaven as the sweet hits the savoury. Finally raw garlic with salt, charred in that BQ. What a cracking trio. Oh yes!
Good Time Eat Drink @ Siglap
3 bloody big giant prawns, simply seasoned with salt and BBQ’d. I had one of these and they were BANGING! Well worth a go these bad boys. Again so so fresh, sweet not fishy.
Good Time Eat Drink @ Siglap
Bacon wrapped around pork belly. DOUBLE pork whammy. Hit that charred salty bacon, and the incoming – the sweeter, savoury pork belly kicks in. A real Mr and Missus dish, a match made in heaven.
Good Time Eat Drink @ Siglap
Amy kicks in with braised pork belly – look at that dark unctuous beauty. I had a little of this. It’s like that slow braised pork, fall apart soft and intense in flavour. Definitely one to try when we go back.

So my Siglap and East Coast friends pop yourself down to see the guys @ Good Time Eat Drink @ Siglap. It is seriously good tucker. The pricing is so keen. The beverages are seriously good prices. Big screens for the football at weekends too. The even have a section in the menu for beer food – clearly that caught my eye. You should really try, You cannot miss the big array of glowing lightbulbs on the sign. Give them a go. We’ll be there again. If you go I am certain you will – ENJOY!!!

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