Healthy Farm-to-Snack Brand Lecka Is First Mover With Sustainable Packaging In Singapore



SINGAPORE, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Vietnam based healthy snack brand Lecka has successfully launched in Singapore to support Singaporeans who want to live a healthy and eco-friendly life. Lecka expands to Singapore starting with its range of natural energy bars that are packaged in biodegradable and compostable material.

In collaboration with its distributor Smart Snacks, Lecka has partnered with various forward looking corporations, e.g. Google, DBS Bank and WeWork, to serve its healthy snacks for improving overall employee well-being. Additionally, Lecka is available in a range of premium gourmet stores and online channels.

Markus Gnirck, founder of Lecka, notes that ‘we are excited to expand from Vietnam to Singapore, a key market for healthy and eco-friendly snacks in Asia. Following our model of ethically sourcing our natural ingredients farm-to-snack, we believe that our flavors cater to the Asian conscious consumers.’

Besides Lecka’s mission to work with farmers directly to bring out typical Southeast Asian flavors, it also uses bio-based & biodegradable packaging material – a first in the region. The material is certified home compostable and breaks down fully within 12-18 months in a compost environment without leaving any toxic residuals behind.

Samantha Hum, Director of Smart Snacks, highlights that ‘we decided to distribute Lecka’s products as the products fit the new wave of consumer and business trends. We see an increasing demand for health- and eco-conscious brands, especially across corporate clients, and Lecka ticks all the boxes.’.

A recent survey by YouGov in May 2022 has shown that 58% of Singaporeans are considered ‘sustainable shoppers’, meaning they prefer brands that are sustainable. At the same time, another survey by Accenture highlights that 50% of consumers mention that there is not enough variety of sustainable products in the market. This is a gap Lecka is hoping to fill, starting with the natural energy bar products.

Markus Gnirck continues: “Singapore is one of our key markets in the next few years for many of our product lines. We are excited to launch more healthy snacks in the next few months and support Singapore in its mission to lead as a food and sustainability hub.

About Lecka

Lecka Vietnam was founded in 2020 by a group of nature and sport loving trail runners that believe in healthy and eco-friendly lifestyles. Their first product, the Lecka Energy Bar, only uses natural, high quality Vietnamese ingredients and is packaged in bio-based, home compostable packaging – a first in Asia. Lecka is a certified B Corporation, making it one of the few certified social enterprises in Vietnam. After its initial success in Vietnam, Lecka is now entering more markets in Southeast Asia.

About Smart Snacks

Smart Snacks is a leading distributor of healthy snacks in Singapore. Its product portfolio includes sugar free chocolate, energy balls and other confectionery. It has established strong relationships with corporate clients and all major retail and convenience stores.

Lecka Contact Info

Markus Gnirck



Smart Snacks Info:

Samantha Hum

+65 9613 7419



SOURCE Lecka Vietnam

rt Healthy Farm-to-Snack Brand Lecka Is First Mover With Sustainable Packaging In Singapore


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