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Lunch with Wifey @ NineThirty @ Katong


NineThirty @ Katong

Wow, sort of my last day with Compass today what with CNY next week and getting Monday off and Tuesday in lieu. That was that. A sad day actually though. The job was just not what was explained so I start a new life on 3/2. Again, I was supposed to be in the UK this week, but due to the exit, it was of course cancelled. This, in turn, has had me home and able to see the family without the very late night calls – so today was Lunch with Wifey @ NineThirty @ Katong.

OK, Lunch with Wifey @ NineThirty @ Katong was not our usual style as we had the kids with us as they have half-day from school due to CNY. More like Lunch with the Goonies @ NineThirty @ Katong. But, it did give us a chance to explore a fair bit more of the menu due to the extra mouths. There we go, always a positive.

Like I said in my first blog about this place, I really can’t believe how many times we have walked past without coming in. It was never a conscious thing. Maybe we were just confused? Is it chocolate only? Is it a bakery? Are they the same place? Is it a restaurant too? Who knows. But we have been here twice now in a very short period of time. Remember our Virgin visit? Also a Lunch with Wifey haha. A very quick lunch in fact. Over in the blink of an eye. But still so damned good.


Let’s also hear from them;

“Started in 1998 selling only the All Chocolate cake, Awfully Chocolate has grown from one indie store into a group of shops, cafes and restaurants bearing our love for dark chocolate, both in Singapore and overseas.

The flagship Awfully Chocolate store in Singapore, Ninethirty, offers a contemporary selection of well-loved comfort food and (of course) Awfully Chocolate desserts. Inspired by Awfully Chocolate’s philosophy of fresh bakes made by hand and from scratch, Ninethirty’s dining range also incorporates fresh ingredients and handmade elements with a twist.

Always the best place in Singapore to get that perfect chocolate cake, come get the full experience of what the Awfully Chocolate life is when you dine with us at Ninethirty.

Could not agree more with what they say. And love the start-up to success story too. Just wonderful. Still though, one thing from me. I WISH they would do the extended menu of Deli and the like not just at weekends and public holidays. Come on NineThirty… I get that for the Brunch menu, but… I suppose though that is a ‘hook’ to get us back again, this time at a weekend!!! Clever buggers!!!

Let’s check out the grub, shall we? A few news ones…

Lunch with Wifey @ NineThirty @ Katong
Godamn you Awfully Chocolate, haha. You are making us all alcoholics with this glass of chocolatey goodness. My gawd. Best cocktail ever. The infamous 70% Dark Chocolate Martini. HEAVEN!!!
Lunch with Wifey @ NineThirty @ Katong
Wow, did we hit the fries hard? Way too hard in fact. Truffle and Curry Fries no less. So many fries, with too few mouths. Bloody good they are though. Love them.
Lunch with Wifey @ NineThirty @ Katong
Stop the bloody bus moment right here! For Amy and Jude, we thought hmmm Mac n Cheese looks like a good option. I did notice the words thick-cut bacon in the description though, AKA Lardons. The server had to come to apologise for that they only had spaghetti, not the al dente Rigatoni – yeah we’re all OK with that. And then this rocked up. This is without a shadow of a doubt likely the best Mac n Cheese I have ever tried. The kids wolfed this down. It was so very good. Whoever says Mac n Cheese is a kid’s dish, get your arse down here and I will pay for you to eat this. It’s Stellar!!!
Lunch with Wifey @ NineThirty @ Katong
I had the pork chop last time and Mary had the lamb, so time for something different. I hit up the Mediterranean Burger – Chargrilled beef patty, avocado, fresh slaw, cheese. It was missing the cheese, but I’ll forgive that as the mash surrounding the burger patty was Parmesan I think. I could have bathed in that. It was so good. Full-on charred burger, super meaty too. Maybe just a tad more seasoning (dare I say), but what a cracker this was. A stunner of a burger. Super juicy. Just quality.
Lunch with Wifey @ NineThirty @ Katong
Wifey then goes extremely quiet for about 20 minutes when this rocks up. She said it was just superb. An incredible dish yet again today. This is the Grilled Red Snapper with Garlic Caper Sauce. As they describe it; a Tangy & Tasty Pan-seared Snapper fillet, sautéed Shimeiji mushrooms, grilled asparagus, garlic caper sauce, and caramelised lemon. Well, Ding Dong!!! Plated like a work of art!!! 
Lunch with Wifey @ NineThirty @ Katong
The beautiful chick whom after these series of blogs are named. Enjoying herself clearly and NineThirty’s next alcoholic. Wifey!!!
Lunch with Wifey @ NineThirty @ Katong
We have a quick fart or two to make some space for dessert as #1 has spotted a Creme Brulee on the menu. By the way, I am not ignoring #1 choice for lunch. He had the pork chop which I had 1st time for, so it is already reviewed in that blog. So we choose White Chocolate Creme Brulee. This little bugger rocks up and then we get some food theatre. Torching the sugar at the tableside. I am now in heaven. The aroma of toffee apple waft around us.
Lunch with Wifey @ NineThirty @ Katong
And you end up with this thing of absolute beauty. Be still my aching heart. What a cracking Creme Brulee. Very white chocolate for sure, but with fresh vanilla in there to savoury her up and then the crackling caramel on top. DING DONG!!! An absolute belter.
Lunch with Wifey @ NineThirty @ Katong
Oh yeah and just as the coronary is about to start, the selection of truffle chocolates arrives. Did I order these, I said as I lost consciousness.

So there you go folks. Lunch with Wifey @ NineThirty @ Katong. The kids were very impressed with what got served up today, as were Wifey and I. This really is a must-try East Coasters. It’s such quality food with really superb staff. So hospitable and caring of all without being over cheesy. It really is great and smack bang in the middle of Katong. Plus, those bloody choco-cocktails are to die for believe me. Just for them, it is worth popping your head in haha. Oh yeah, and that Creme Brulee, OMG. I cannot fault today in any way, it is more fault on us for not having been to here more often. Be proud Lyn Lee, you have built a cracker here. Everyone reading this, get down here. It really is a must-try, just come down and – ENJOY!!!

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