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Bedok Mall is not just a shopping destination, but a Foodie hotspot in the heart of the East Coast in Singapore. With over 200 businesses spread across three levels, this 220,000-square-foot mall offers a diverse array of dining options to satisfy every palate.

Food Highlights at Bedok Mall:

  1. Local Delights: Savor authentic Singaporean flavors at popular hawker-style eateries.
  2. International Cuisine: Explore a world of tastes, from Japanese sushi to Italian pasta.
  3. Quick Bites: Grab a snack or coffee at numerous cafes and fast-food outlets.
  4. Family-Friendly Restaurants: Enjoy meals with loved ones in spacious, welcoming eateries.
  5. Dessert Haven: Indulge your sweet tooth with an assortment of bakeries and ice cream shops.

Conveniently located above Bedok MRT station and integrated with a bus interchange, Bedok Mall is easily accessible for food enthusiasts from all over Singapore. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, the mall’s extensive food options make it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the vibrant food scene in Bedok.

Bedok Mall Food Content

Bedok Complex is Singapore’s most populated neighborhood’s first complete retail mall. Located in the heart of Bedok Town, the Bedok Mall serves as a gateway to Singapore’s East Coast and is a focal point for the renovation of Bedok into an attractive hub. Overlooking the mall, CapitaLand is constructing the 583-unit Bedok Residences, also by CapitaLand.

Bedok Mall Food Choices

As many people head to Bedok Mall to eat its always a challenge to know What to eat in Bedok Mall, so we created this Bedok Mall directory for food that narrows down the choices for those that want to sit down and eat good food at Bedok Mall.

Here are some popular Bedok Mall favourites that get very busy so we recommend booking in advance of peak hours, Haidilao Hot PotLeNu Chef Wai’s Noodle BarSō Ramen & Swensen’s

Our Top 10 Places to Eat at some of the Bedok Mall Restaurants

  1. Ajisen Ramen Bedok Mall Ajisen Ramen offers a delightful experience for ramen lovers. Their signature broth is rich and flavorful, and the noodles are always cooked to perfection. A must-try is their classic Tonkotsu ramen, which is a perfect blend of creamy broth and tender pork slices.

  2. Canton Paradise Bedok Mall This restaurant serves some of the best Cantonese cuisine in the area. The dim sum selection is particularly impressive, offering a variety of fresh, well-prepared options. The Peking Duck here is also a standout dish, with crispy skin and succulent meat.

  3. Dian Xiao Er Bedok Mall Famous for its herbal roast duck, Dian Xiao Er provides a cozy dining experience. The duck is perfectly roasted with a unique blend of herbs that tantalize the taste buds. Additionally, their selection of Chinese herbal soups is both comforting and healthful.

  4. EAT. Bedok Mall EAT. is a fantastic choice for local Singaporean fare. Their Bak Chor Mee (minced meat noodles) is a highlight, featuring springy noodles and a savory sauce that’s hard to beat. Their laksa is also worth trying, offering a spicy yet creamy broth.

  5. Encik Tan Bedok Mall For Halal-certified local delights, Encik Tan is a go-to spot. Their Nasi Lemak is a standout, with fragrant coconut rice and a crispy chicken wing. The Mee Rebus here is also excellent, with a thick, flavorful gravy.

  6. Haidilao Hot Pot Bedok Mall Haidilao is renowned for its exceptional service and a wide array of hot pot ingredients. The soup bases are rich and diverse, catering to all palates. The interactive dining experience and impeccable customer service make it a top choice for hot pot enthusiasts.

  7. Hot Tomato Bedok Mall Hot Tomato is an excellent choice for casual Western dining. Their steaks are well-seasoned and grilled to perfection, and the pasta dishes are equally impressive, particularly the creamy Carbonara.

  8. Itacho Sushi Bedok Mall This sushi spot offers fresh and creatively prepared sushi and sashimi. The quality of the fish is consistently high, and the sushi chefs are skilled in crafting each piece. The Salmon Belly Nigiri is a must-try for its melt-in-the-mouth texture.

  9. Sushiro Bedok Mall Sushiro is a popular choice for conveyor belt sushi, offering a wide variety of options. The sushi is fresh and well-prepared, and the experience of picking your favorites off the conveyor belt adds a fun element to dining.

  10. Swensen’s Bedok Mall A great family restaurant, Swensen’s offers a diverse menu that caters to all tastes. Their ice cream sundaes are a highlight, providing the perfect sweet ending to any meal. The burgers and grilled entrees are also worth trying for their hearty flavors.

Bedok Mall Food Tips


  1. Popular local options:
  2. International flavors:
  3. Quick bites and cafes:
    • Grab a freshly baked pastry from BreadTalk or Duke Bakery
    • Enjoy a cup of coffee and light snacks at Starbucks or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  4. Family-friendly restaurants:
    • Visit Swensen’s for a casual family meal with a wide menu selection
    • Try Pizza Hut for a crowd-pleasing option, especially for kids
  5. Desserts and sweet treats:
    • Indulge in cupcakes at Twelve Cupcakes
    • Cool down with ice cream from Baskin Robbins
  6. Budget-friendly eats:
    • Check out EAT or Encik Tan for a variety of affordable options
    • Visit during lunchtime for special meal deals at many restaurants
  7. Healthier choices:
    • Find fresh salads and meals at Greendot
    • Try the no sugar added ice cream and frozen yogurt at Yolé
  8. Best times to visit:
    • Avoid peak hours (12-2 PM for lunch, 6-8 PM for dinner) if you prefer shorter queues
    • Visit on weekdays for a more relaxed dining experience
  9. Loyalty programs:
    • Sign up for CapitaStar to earn points and enjoy discounts at participating F&B outlets
  10. Takeaway options:
    • Many restaurants offer takeaway, perfect for enjoying your meal at nearby Bedok Town Park

Remember, food options may change over time, so it’s a good idea to check the mall’s directory for the most up-to-date information. Enjoy your culinary adventure at Bedok Mall!

Bedok Mall Address & Telephone

Address: 311 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 467360
Telephone: +65 6702 5120

Carpark Charges for Cars

All day (12 to 11.59pm)
First Hour : $1.50
Subsequent 15 Mins : $0.40
Grace period: 10 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions about Bedok Mall

Is there free parking at Bedok Mall?

No FREE Parking at Bedok Mall.

Carpark Charges for Cars

12.00am to 5.59pm
First Hour : $1.55
Subsequent 15 Mins : $0.40
Grace period: 10 minutes

6.00pm to 11.59pm
Per Entry: $2.60
Grace period: 10 minutes

All day (12.00am to 11.59pm)
Per Entry : $1.30
Grace period: 15 minutes

Prices indicated above are inclusive of prevailing GST

Is there FREE WiFi as Bedok Mall?

Connect to CAPITALAND FREE WIFI SSID to enjoy free wireless internet surfing.

Password: freewifi (case-sensitive).

Terms and conditions apply.

What can you do at Bedok Mall? 
At Bedok Mall, visitors can shop at a variety of stores selling clothing, accessories, electronics, home goods, and more. The mall also features several entertainment options, including a cinema and an arcade. Foodies will appreciate the numerous dining options available at Bedok Mall, with over 70 restaurants offering a diverse range of cuisines, such as Japanese, Thai, Korean, and more. 
What is the Chinese name for Bedok Mall? 
The Chinese name for Bedok Mall is 勿洛商场 (wù luò shāng chǎng). 
What is special in Bedok? 
Bedok is a vibrant neighborhood in Singapore with many interesting places to visit. In addition to Bedok Mall, visitors can explore Bedok Reservoir Park, a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. The park features a picturesque reservoir, walking trails, and a playground. Another must-visit destination in Bedok is the Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre. This hawker centre offers a wide range of local food at affordable prices, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists. 
Who owns Bedok Mall? 
Bedok Mall is owned by CapitaLand Mall Trust, one of the largest real estate investment trusts in Singapore. CapitaLand Mall Trust owns and manages a portfolio of shopping malls and commercial properties in Singapore.
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