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Toasted Sarnies: Gourmet Grilled Sandwiches Done Right


This is so very very simple but comes out looking just so delicious and actually it is when you eat it.

toasted sarnies

Not exactly desperately good for the old ticker, but hey who cares every now and then. I made a batch of these with different fillings so you can easily do that too, be creative and give some variety to what you serve.

The principle is thus.

Take some lovely crusty bread – ciabatta something like that and cut in to slices, say half inch. Butter all the pieces.

In parallel procure a load of cold cut meats and different cheeses – I simply brought some carved smoke ham, turkey breast, pancetta, corned beef. Then some cheese slices of gruyere, cheddar, emmental etc. Have all those unpacked. I also had some English mustard, Dijon mustard and Grain mustard.

Take a big pan, a little oil and we are off!!!

Heat the pan and add the oil. Now this next suggestion is going to sound weird add in the bread to the pan but butter side down. Yep the butter will melt, seep in to the bread and will then toast in to a delicious buttery crust. Lay on top your choice of hams and cheeses and let that cook until the cheese starts to melt. Out the pan on to a chopping board. Slather some mustard of your choice on there and then slap two bit of bread together forming a deep sandwich of crunchy and glistening goodness.

Cut in half and serve stacked as I have done. These were flipping awesome and seriously how simple to do.


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