CRAVE/Stuff’d Bedok Mall


Crave Bedok Mall

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Do not mess about and get yourself the original Crave Nasi Lemak
For those OG’s that remember Adam Road Nasi Lemak this team brought that stall to the masses and then went one step further by teaming up with Amoy Street’s Teh Tarik from Rafee’s Corner for a monster hawker collab!

CRAVE/Stuff'd Bedok Mall

Asian Cuisine , Local Delights

CRAVE is an establishment that houses the best of both worlds where the original Adam Road nasi lemak by Selera Rasa meets the Amoy Street teh tarik by Rafee’s Corner under one roof. The two household names have joined hands to create a spellbinding gourmet experience for Singaporeans.

Stuff’d – Deliciously grilled naturally marinated chicken is hand-rolled daily into rolls and rolls of humongous sized wraps, freshly prepared right in front of you. A delicious mix of nutritional natural goodness.



+65 6385 7065

CRAVE/Stuff'd Bedok Mall Address & Telephone

Address:  311 New Upper Changi Road Bedok Mall, B2, #22, 467360

Telephone: +65 +65 6385 7065

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