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Brian Kennett

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Best Spanish Food in Singapore

Best Spanish Tapas Singapore (2022 Update)

Next Door Spanish Cafe deserves review after review. Number 1; it really is some of the very (if not best) best Spanish food in Singapore. Number 2; I truly believe it is one of the top Spanish restaurant Singapore. Why do I say that? Well, that “Como en casa” kicks in below. You are treated like family by the wonderful staff, owners, Chef, and crew, the food is just brilliant and the ambiance is the kicker. Need I say more? Number 3; Chef Hussein makes a point of changing the menu frequently, therefore always giving a reason to return to try more, and more, and more!!! Gets my vote that’s for certain!!!

This little cafe next door is probably our favourite restaurant in Singapore. You just smile when you walk in, you can’t help yourself. You just know good things are about to happen. #BeProud Joseba, Chef Hussein, and the Next Door Spanish Crew. We love you guys, MORE PLEASE!!!

Proud owners of Next Door Spanish Cafe, aka 'the boys', Joseba and Chef Hussein. Let's hear what they have to say about themselves

next door spanish cafe joseba hassan Next Door Spanish Cafe

Photo courtesy of Next Door Spanish Cafe​

A Dream That has Been Cooking for Years. One day, two Spaniards realized they had the same dream; They dreamt of a place where they could recreate Spain with food, wine, and culture. Bringing the authentic traditional taste and culture of Spain to the quaint neighbourhood of Siglap, an Andalusian chef and a Basque wine lover brought Next Door Spanish Cafe to life! They vow to continue the warm hospitality of their friends who previously opened the Adriatic-based Next Door Cafe in 2008 of home-styled service & food from the heart. So, experience it for yourself, “Como en casa”

“Como en casa” at Next Door Spanish Cafe

next door spanish cafe baby joseba its family Next Door Spanish Cafe

“Como en casa”, is literally translated to “like at home”, and it truly is. Just check the photo My wife and son, and my daughter and Joseba’s son. You walk in here and feel like part of the family and the furniture. It’s so welcoming from the ambiance, the food, and the incredible staff. 

Next Door Spanish Cafe Menu (2022)

Let me just say that this is only current as I type this. The boys are frequent changers, sharing new delights from the kitchen constantly.

Click our link to get to the Next Door Spanish Cafe Food Menu (2022)

Click our link to get to the Next Door Spanish Cafe Drinks Menu (2022)

Let's get into that Next Door Spanish Cafe menu 2022, this really is the best Spanish food in Singapore. Check it out...

I’m just going to give you the picture and the food description for this section of our review of Next Door Spanish Cafe. Or am I? Well, they do say a picture paints a 1,000 words, but… what about a video…?

Here's the excellent food we dined on this fine day at Next Door Spanish Cafe

next door spanish cafe croquetas Next Door Spanish Cafe

Next Door Spanish Cafe Croquetas. Oh my, creamy cheesy and Jamony (is there such a word), and then the crunch. Zero oil, perfect little mouth-size bites. The must-order every time.

@ $8 for 3 pieces

next door spanish cafe pulpo al la gallega Next Door Spanish Cafe

Next Door Spanish Cafe Pulpo al la Gallega. Spanish octopus with confit potatoes, paprika, and EVOO. Wifey and Amy order this every single time they visit. There is a testimonial and a half as my Filippino wife is VERY picky when it comes to the Pulpo.

@ $26

next door spanish cafe jamon iberico 80gr Next Door Spanish Cafe

Next Door Spanish Cafe Jamon Iberico (80gr). It goes without saying. Have a look at that deep deep burgundy colour. It shows aging. This tastes of acorns, which is exactly what the little piggies, that sacrificed their leg, much on in the forests.

One thing. If only Next Door Spanish Cafe served this with the oven-baked Sourdough and Smokey butter they have at Asador (just sayin’ like). Now that 1+1+1 = HEAVEN on a plate!!!

@ $34

next door spanish cafe ensalada de tomate y bonito Next Door Spanish Cafe

Next Door Spanish Cafe Ensalada de Tomate y Bonito. Mixed tomato salad with Spanish white tuna belly. Clearly, with the addition of fish, I have no commentary. Well, other than how amazing is that plating? Veggie version please, aka no piscatorial. 

@ $15

next door spanish cafe squid ink paella with clamari and clams Next Door Spanish Cafe

Next Door Spanish Cafe Squid Ink Paella with Calamari & Clams. AKA Paella Negra on the menu. Yeap I had a beautiful family afternoon with my wife and daughter smiling at me with black teeth and lips. Classic, like something out of a misplaced Halloween costume. Suffice it to say this disappeared in the blink of an eye.

@ $34

next door spanish cafe cochifrito Next Door Spanish Cafe

Next Door Spanish Cafe Cochifrito. Crispy fried suckling pig with chargrilled endives. Damn this is good. Another straight to when ordering for Jude Jude and me. It’s crunchy, juicy, savoury, and ever-so tender all-in-one. And usually, you get some roasted garlic in there too. Boomski!!!

@ $28

next door spanish cafe costillar de cordero Next Door Spanish Cafe

Next Door Spanish Cafe Costillar de Cordero. Slow-cooked lamb riblets with pico de gallo and pumpkin puree. Be still my aching heart. WOW!!! Read on no further, unless you order this. Low-and-slow until the meat literally drops off the bone in a gentle breeze. It’s spanking. Crispy skin too, and fatty bits that just melt in your mouth. 


@ $34 (250g)

next door spanish cafe crudo de vieiras Next Door Spanish Cafe

Next Door Spanish Cafe Crudo de Vieiras. Sliced Hokkaido scallops with passion fruit and avocado. Yeap, move on… Nothing to say from me apart from another WOW bit of plating by the crew. That is a stunner!!!

@ $22

next door spanish cafe chorizo iberico Next Door Spanish Cafe

Next Door Spanish Cafe Chorizo Iberico. Beer food alert. Salty, and warming not spicy. I could eat plate after plate of this, intertwined with my Jamon of course. 

@ $28 (80gr)

next door spanish cafe churros con chocolate Next Door Spanish Cafe

Next Door Spanish Cafe Churros con Chocolate. Churros with cinnamon sugar and chocolate dip. I could shower in this chocolate, perfectly bitter to ease off the sweetness of the sugar and Churros. Banging!!!

@ $10

next door spanish cafe Sobao de Naranja Next Door Spanish Cafe

Next Door Spanish Cafe Sobao de Naranja. Tipsy orange sponge cake with crème fraîche.

@ $12

next door spanish cafe tarta de chocolate Next Door Spanish Cafe

Next Door Spanish Cafe Tarta de Chocolate. Chocolate cake with smoked toffee and mixed berry sorbet.

@ $12

Now let’s go back in time to 2nd February 2020, when Next Door Spanish Cafe first opened it’s doors. We even had a moan about the service, dear me, our first time meeting Joseba and the crew. Hey, it’s honest feedback. But how they have blossomed into the very best Spanish food in Singapore. In my humble opinion. Next Door Spanish Cafe gets my vote every day of the year. Do you want a casual, ambient, attentive, and engaging serving crew and wonderful food? Look no further. Next  Door Spanish Cafe has it ALL!!!

Next Door Spanish Cafe

Now let’s go back in time to 2nd February 2020, when Next Door Spanish Cafe first opened its doors. We even had a moan about the service, dear me, our first time meeting Joseba and the crew. Hey, it’s honest feedback. But how they have blossomed into the very best Spanish food in Singapore. In my humble opinion. Next Door Spanish Cafe gets my vote every day of the year. Do you want a casual, ambient, attentive, and engaging serving crew and wonderful food? Look no further.

It’s official folks. Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap is open. We now have the full accompaniment in Siglap nearly with Italian, French, Indian, Japanese, Peranakan, local local, Western, and of course now Spanish. Our nearest for this food fix was a bus ride to Katong, but now we just walk over the road. So MANY thanks to Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap for choosing your new home where you chose it.

I had a good chat with one of the owners, also doubling up as server, front-of-house, and barman – a couple of mates who were working in town at other’s restaurants decided to have a crack and took over this place from a mutual mate. It’s funny as I was watching them from POD next door as they were refurbishing and decorating. There there were seating their rocks off whilst I supped on icy cold libations haha.

We were undecided about where to eat tonight. After that Burnt Ends gig, I was flying high in foodie heaven. Where to get my fix? We sort of decided on either Iza or Al Forno but decided to walk there a certain way which meant we walked past 7-11 and espied the fact that Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap was indeed open for business. We also saw our good mates the Blythens + Baby. Decision made. Also, I spotted the dry fridge at the front. Plus as we walked up a group left giving us a great table outside. It was fate, surely?

We were lucky. I’d suggest you, book guys, as it was JAMMED. There were even people queuing at the end as we left. So email them here, or take a risk and be a walk-in at your peril haha.

One complaint and one complaint only. The service needs a kick up the bum. Three orders were missed for us – so I did not get my Olives, Chorizo with Egg and nearly no lamb rack as that was forgotten until we reminded them and it came an hour later. This was caused due to 1st week in operation teething pains – that was evident, being short-handed, a new place to get used to, and they had a private party for 40 or so in the back. But orders could be written down to avoid misses. Lost yummy for me, lost \$ for you guys. But as I said, teething pains only.

To the food @ Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap folks. I have to say absolutely QUALITY. This is now a MUST VISIT in Siglap.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

next door spanish cafe

Any shop that has a cured pig leg with a black hoof on it in the window is a magnet for me. And clearly for Jude too. Plus check then cheeses out. Here we go folks, the start of a beautiful relationship with Next Door Spanish Cafe me thinks.

best spanish food in singapore
I am such a leg man!!!
best spanish food singapore Next Door Spanish Cafe

Hello there gorgeous. Let’s be having you… We get into 2 plates of the Jamon Iberico, Gorgonzola and the Manchego Trufado. Ding Dong!!!

top spanish restaurant singapore

What a difference Next Door Spanish Cafe is now compared to the previous joint. It’s open, it’s airy, it’s welcoming, it’s vibrant. A major change and well done to the boys for that. Looks ACE!!!

best spanish tapas singapore

Simply called Pan con Tomate. AKA bread with fresh Spanish tomatoes. It really took us aback. Something so simple had such a punch of flavour. I did get a telling-off as I described it as a deconstructed Bruschetta. SLAP!!! This was just wonderful. We could have easily gone for another.

@ $7

next door spanish cafe

Off-the-charts choice of Manchego Cheese. This is with Black Truffle and a little quince paste. What a cracker of cheese (get it?)

On the Next Door Spanish Cafe 2022 Menu, you now order a  mixed 4 cheese platter for $38

best spanish food in singapore

Beautifully served at room temperature this Gorgonzola was melty good. Punchy blue overtones kicked through this, with a slight ammonia slap in the nose too. Bloody brilliant cheeses. Only 5 more to choose from on the board next time… Weeeeee!!!

best spanish food singapore

We had to have two plates of this and both were gone in the blink of an eye. This is super quality Jamon. Check that colour out burgundy brown. This shows this is a long-aged Jamon Iberico and therefore super flavourful. You can taste the nuttiness in this from the acorns that the black-foot pigs eat. Super sweet and salty all in the same mouthful. Just superb. We are in Jamon heaven with these two plates.

The Next Door Spanish  Cafe 2022 menu, still has this now @ $34 for 80g

top spanish restaurant singapore

I am quite surprised that Jude’s hand is not blurred, because it was going in and out to the plate so fast and frequently. So good!

best spanish tapas singapore
This got an ‘average’ from Wifey. She felt the prawns were not overly fresh. Plus it seems to miss paprika in there. She always compares to her current favourite version of Gambas al Ajillo from our mate Chef Edward at My Little Spanish Place. It was a bloody good dipping sauce for the toasty bread though. 
I have to say though the boys have upped their game with the 2022 version of the same dish. It is now Gambas al Ajillo. KING prawns in garlic EVOO.
@ $15
next door spanish cafe

Anytime we see Occie on the menu we just have to order. Wifey’s Global competition for the best was; My Little Spanish Place, then Smoque in Bohol, then Gaig, and as of yesterday Burnt Ends.

Now, taking part in that competition is the boys. This is their Pulpo ala Brasa con Romesco. AKA Grilled octopus, with Romesco sauce. I had a piece. Super fresh and super tender.

I personally like a little more charred to get a smoky hit too, but it was really good, as in really really good. This is a must-try. Wifey really liked it too, but Burnt Ends retain the #1 position.

Come on you Global Chefs, accept the Wifey Challenge!!!

Here is some 2022 breaking news though. The new #1 position is actually held by; LAVO, up the top of Marina Bay Sands.

best spanish food in singapore

This was the dish we waited and waited for. And I get it. It’s OK. But, we are indeed all so very glad we did wait. Jude wanted to order another set. This is Costillas de Cordero AKA Lamb Rack. A stunner of a lamb dish. So absolutely bloody brilliant-tasting lamb with a quality charring to die for.

The carrot puree I think had some Turmeric in there and was an incredible food moment. WOW. That puree, plus the sauce on top and a wedge of lamb was food heaven. That is THE money bite.

This is also up there as a must-try dish. Superb boys, be proud of this dish. Stellar!!!

Siglap really is now a food mecca. It feels whole now with our Spanish friends at Next Door Spanish Cafe on-boarding here. This joint becomes the new cool kids on the block, folks.

I really would book ahead for the time being as it really was JAMMED full. Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap was quality.

We loved every single dish that was served and we have loads more to crack into for our next visit.

Wifey was seriously eyeing up the paella, but we need #1 and BeBe with us to get that going. I will get my Olives and Chorizo next time, I am determined. Get your bums down here East Coasters and support the new boys in the hood, you will NOT be disappointed I guarantee, do it and ENJOY!!!

Just to prove how good we think it is here, you can sample THREE more blog reviews about Next Door Spanish Cafe.

Usually as they change a menu we do a monster tasting session and write a new one… just as we are today…

This does not mean we have only been 4 times, just that we have done four blogs and now a 5th.

What are the contact details for Next Door Spanish Cafe?



Whatsapp: +65 8168 4009

What are the opening hours of Next Door Spanish Cafe?

Mon – Thu 5pm – 11pm

Fri – Sat 12pm – 11.30pm

Sun & Public Holidays 12pm – 11pm

(Kitchen is closed from 2pm – 5.30pm)

Location for Next Door Spanish Cafe

699 E Coast Rd, Singapore 459061
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