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Alkaff Mansion, Beef & Burgundy


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


Alkaff Mansion, Beefsteak & Burgundy

Alkaff Mansion, Beef & Burgundy
About to embark on a food and wine fest in our private dining room – aka Beef & Burgundy

On the last Friday of every month Captains of industry gather together for an event called Beefsteak & Burgundy. Yes it’s all about beef and wine. Not a secret club, but a gentlemen’s club nonetheless when Chatham House Rules apply – note no pictures of the attendees or names named – you know who you are gentlemen. A regime of toasts to the Queen, formal introductions, heavy fines, lively banter, memories on this day for the year 2000 and copious amounts of wine of course. This ladies and gentlemen is a review of Alkaff Mansion, Beefsteak & Burgundy.

Alkaff Mansion is nestled in a beautiful forest area. 10 Telok Blangah Green.

I suggest you call ahead and book – 6510 3068 or

Our Executive Chef for today was Simone Depalmas;

Alkaff Mansion, Beef & Burgundy
Executive Chef, Simone Depalmas – clearly enjoying himself too
Alkaff Mansion, Beef & Burgundy
Yours truly The Semi-Naked Chef with the main man Balan – top bloke!!!

and our Restaurant Manager was Balan. Two top bloody people in my reckoning – wonderful service and sublime food – and I mean that in a big way. I’ll explain more. What was the menu?

Carpaccio di Manzo con Rucola e Parmigiano


Gnocchi di Patate con Funghi Porcini e Filetto di Manzo


Tagliata di Manzo con Patate Arrosto


Alkaff Mansion Tiramisu

Now that is not a bad sounding menu is it – well for those of you that can speak Italian of course. Let me explain some more for you of these delectable delights served on this wonderful Friday for Alkaff Mansion, Beefsteak & Burgundy.

Alkaff Mansion, Beef & Burgundy
Off the menu was this sneaky little starter

Yes folks, one of the club members brought along a stash of caviar, served atop warm buttered toast. Ding Dong – I gave this a go and I have to say this was delicious. Salty and briny yes, but with the butter – oh my goodness.

Alkaff Mansion, Beef & Burgundy
Oh boy oh boy oh boy – sex on a plate

Serious this one nearly tipped the table with 12 grown men sitting there. This is food heaven at its best. Translation time, this is beef carpaccio, with rucola salad and parmesan cheese. A little sprinkling of salt and cracked black pepper and I tell you what you have one of the nicest starters I have ever had. This was a belter!!! Ding Dong!!! Alkaff Mansion, Beefsteak & Burgundy, really really loved this.

Alkaff Mansion, Beef & Burgundy
Check out this Gnocchi dish

And out comes another absolute cracker. Potato gnocchi with mushroom porcini and beef tenderloin. Some tomato, a little chilli and a sauce to die for. This was amazing. Quite heavy with the gnocchi, basically potato pasta, but all together this dish rocked. The sauce was just incredible. I could have bathed in it.

Alkaff Mansion, Beef & Burgundy
Well hello beautiful

Beef tagliata style, served with roasted potato. Another sauce I could marry here. I loved this dish. It was interesting some complained of too much sauce, but that was the German contingent who usually do not have sauces on meat full-stop. But for me, I wanted more and more, I wanted to lick the plate, I wanted to rub it all my body – yep this was a damn good sauce, atop some stunning beef tenderloin. A little grated parmesan and serve. Can you tell I liked this one, ha ha, yes my friends you would come to Alkaff Mansion, Beefsteak & Burgundy just for this.

Alkaff Mansion, Beef & Burgundy
The only slight complaint

This is the only slight complaint I had about the whole meal. I just didn’t get the tiramisu. This is homemade tiramisu with saviordi and mascarpone cream. Sorry to say the tiramisu didn’t taste of much, maybe too many wines? The fruit was simply delicious with the mango sauce (I think), but very little taste to the tiramisu – no alcohol?

Alkaff Mansion, Beef & Burgundy
Did I say there was wine at Alkaff Mansion, Beef & Burgundy?

Believe this wasn’t the half of it. Beers to start and finish. In between some sparkles, some white and gallons of reds. Well done to our resident sommelier, who shall remain nameless. Yet again you outdid yourself – what a beautiful selection of wines, all perfectly matched to the food. More please!!!

Alkaff Mansion, Beef & Burgundy
Ok perhaps no more beer is needed ha ha – The Semi-Naked Chef is over and out – and PHOTO BOMBER!!!!

So if you want great food, in a great location, with great staff you would really not go wrong here. We ate, drank, and laughed, a superb lunch this lazy Friday Alkaff Mansion, Beefsteak & Burgundy. Get yourself down here, it’s really rather good.



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