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Next Door Spanish Cafe #4


Best Spanish Food in Singapore

New Menu @ Next Door Spanish Cafe, Siglap

We knew this was coming from our chats with our BFF’s Joseba and Chef Houssein. They start to sneak in a few ‘specials’ to test them on the visiting clientele and then BOOM it’s a new menu haha. To be fair they had announced this and we made sure to be there on day #1 of the launch for lunch, which is one of the big advantages of home-working. Thanks to you Covid-19. Next Door Spanish Cafe #4 became a jaunt to our favourite place.

You’ll have seen many a wee blog and Instagram about the boys and their food on islifearecipe.net because family Kennett loves it here. If we were criminals we’d be repeat offenders. It’s just superb, it really is and today we were blown away by three of the new items on the new menu. We even dragged Jude Jude straight off his school bus to join us as we knew he would love the deep-fried suckling pig belly. She is a beauty of a dish…

This is Next Door Spanish Cafe #4 – CLICK BELOW to see the previous 3 blogs about our experiences here;

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The Next Door Spanish Cafe Menu are all different for each blog.

It shows you their variety.

I can’t remember if I have shared this before? It’s written on their website, and also above the bar in the restaurant. This is the story of the restaurant;

One day, two Spaniards realized they had the same dream;

They dreamt of a place where they could recreate Spain with food, wine, and culture.

Bringing the authentic traditional taste and culture of Spain to the quaint neighbourhood of Siglap, an Andalusian chef and a Basque wine lover brought Next Door Spanish Cafe to life! They vow to continue the warm hospitality of their friends who previously opened the Adriatic-based Next Door Cafe in 2008 of home-styled service & food from the heart.

So, experience it for yourself, “Como en casa…”


Come see the boys and their crew, say hello and get ready to chow down into some incredible food. I highly recommend you book though as in these days of smaller occupancy and with their popularity you really do not want to be disappointed with a no room at the inn moment – believe me you don’t want that!!!

699 E Coast Rd, Singapore 459061


Whatsapp/call: +65 8168 4009

Let’s check out some of the new stuff we gorged on today, which is intertwined with some ‘old’ favourites. Here is;

New Menu @ Next Door Spanish Cafe, Siglap

Spanish food
How stunning a plating is this…? It’s a WOW on the eyes when this gets served up that’s for certain. The flavour and textures of this are intense with pops of this and then that and then creamy then crunchy and and and. Amazeballs. A must try folks. This is their Terrina de Queso y Foie Gras AKA foie gras & cheese terrine with Sherry reduction and even some cherry ‘jam’ and roasted walnuts on there. Holy shit!!! Stunner!!!
New Menu @ Next Door Spanish Cafe, Siglap
Selección de Aceitunas Españolas Their selection of Spanish olives are just the best. I don’t know how they do it, but even the brine these olives are stored & served in is off-the-charts delicious. The big boys are my favourites. #BestOlivesEver
New Menu @ Next Door Spanish Cafe, Siglap
I cannot attend a sitting at Next Door Spanish without consuming this. The very best salami I have ever had. I have also tried different Salchichons from other restaurants nearby who shall remain nameless and this one stands out by a country mile. #BestSalami. It tastes of red wine, maybe even fortified wine. It’s deep and rich in flavour. I am in love with this. It’s from their Charcuterie selection. It is Salchichón Ibérico.
seared tuna loin with Ajoblanco sauce
New item #2 up next. Another WOW on the eyes indeed. A stunning plate, it really is. Their spin on Tataki with lightly seared tuna, cool in the middle and soft as butter, not fishy in the slightest with seasoned charcoal on the outside. A beautifully simple grape and tomato salsa and a white sauce normally made with bread, garlic, almonds and oil. It’s a cracker and a die die must try rating for certain. This is their Atún con Ajoblanco, AKA seared tuna loin with Ajoblanco sauce.
New Menu @ Next Door Spanish Cafe, Siglap
Another ‘old’ favourite up next. Well, actually quite new as they changed their croquette filling from potato and Jamon recently to this new one of mushroom. Absolutely the best croquettes ever. Super creamy, with punches from fresh mushroom and some beautiful cheese in there too. Bloody brilliant!!! And all they call them in the menu is Croquetas (3 pieces) – BIG underplay there boys!!!
New Menu @ Next Door Spanish Cafe, Siglap
And the final new dish that we ordered today is this. In fact, we ordered 2 lots as Wifey ran home to drag Jude Jude straight off his school bus to come and try this with us. Holy cow. Beer food on steroids. Crunchy but soft. Salty & savoury. Even the bloody lettuce is stunning with some sea salt & olive oil and charring. And we wolfed down the roasted garlic too (good for blood pressure Wifey kept saying). This is a fantastic dish. Maybe one of my BFF favourites now at the joint. Be proud of this one boys because it is STELLAR… This is again not given ‘justice’ with what is in the menu in my humble opinion with Cochifríto or crispy suckling pig. It is roasted and deep-fried suckling pig pork belly and is AMAZE-BALLS!!!
New Menu @ Next Door Spanish Cafe, Siglap
Happy Wife, Happy Life. Thanks, boys. Stellar lunch as always and a very happily married couple having a cracking time together. And then with Jude Jude too when we grabbed him off his school bus.

New Menu @ Next Door Spanish Cafe, Siglap is just superb and we now have so much more to experiment on. We’ll be back soon for sure for more foodie adventures through the menu because #1 and Strawberry Blonde were very jealous when I shared the pictures haha. Well done to the boys and crew.

Get yourself here folks – ENJOY!!!

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