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Next Door Spanish Cafe #2

Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2

Well, what can I say? I have to do a #2 in a very short period of time. This blog called Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2 is about our wee dinner experience back to ‘the boys’. I did have a bitch in the 1st blog, I still stand by that. Today though I got those missing orders and more on the menu to boot. The service is sorted. The menu is expanded, as you will see shortly. This place is fast becoming a Kennett-clan favourite haunt in Siglap. Two steps away from food heaven. Believe me, it is so good. Tonight I bumped into about 3 families I know so well in the place – it’s becoming a little bit of a family food hub


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It’s so chill. It’s light and airy with no pomp. They are constantly moving the tables and chairs to befit the audience. They fit you, not the other way round. You know, I really like that!

It’s a cool spot. Wifey and I will absolutely be having date night here at the tall chairs at the bar very soon. Bugger off kids it’s parents time! For once! We truly are loving our new neighbours Next Door Spanish Cafe.

A picture paints a thousand words they say – so here is a University dissertation or ten in photo format of our wee dinner tonight. This is Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2. My God you have to come to try. Spot my focus dishes.

Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2
I kid you not. Likely the best salami gig I have ever had. This is completely bonkers. I nearly took the plate home so I could lick it before I went to bed. This is seriously amazing – let me introduce you to Salchichon Iberico. Best ever. ORDER THIS!!!!
Spanish tomato & bread
I would have not been allowed to sit if I did not order this for Amy. And, again I am likely to get a slap to compare this to a bruschetta. NO!!! This is Pan con Tomate. AKA bread with fresh Spanish tomatoes. Just so good. Get your Olive Oil, garlic and super-fresh toms fix from this one!
Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2
What can I say apart from I will never be a vegan or veggie. You put this in front of me you can literally take a running jump. Super dry-aged Jamon here. Acorn-infused from the piggy diet. Holy pork heavens above. This is pork-caviar my friends. But to the menu, this is AKA Jamon Iberico. I love you boys, but you could so up the menu ante re what you are just about to eat… description-wise like is all I am saying!
Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2
#2 visit of the Manchego Trufado. Sorry, any cheese that has a relationship with truffle is on my agenda. Clearly, that agenda extends to my wifey and kids as this platter was gone in a fart. Stunner of a plate of cheese. Goodness me!
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And here we go with a new boy/girl of no gender cheese. This is one cheeky little bugger. It’s in the skin, and you can eat the skin, soft almost fondue. WOW get those few words I just said. Amazing wee cheese. You get a whack of a serious blue with major ammonia about to hit your senses and then that disappears to this rather creamy amazing gig. Ollie even went as bold as to call it Vegemite cheese. Go figure. Mini fondue strange cheese I cannot articulate what it is. Leave it there!… BUT well worth a go.
Next Door Spanish Siglap
Stop the BUS!!! Everyone gets off. Sit down and have a moment. This is the ONE that the boys f@cked up last time and did not serve me. But it is all OK now as we had TWO of these. Holy mother of things gooey and savoury. Not sure you get it from the photo, but… THE VERY BEST ASPARAGUS ever with truffle mash, and “onsen’ egg, toasted breadcrumbs and the very best ever Chorizo. I kid you not if this was the size of a swimming pool I’d have dived in and would still be swimming now. Bring this bad boy on again and again!!!
Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2
OK, OK. Photo of the kids to actually show off the new airy and a rather cool interior that they keep changing. What a difference to the Mediterranean cave before right?
Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2
The dish that keeps on giving. Well, it has got eight bloody legs. Ollie’s 1st try and the lad was happy. I would go so far as to say that this was better than last week and I don’t even like seafood. I so thought I was a leg guy, just not octopus it seems, just the Wifey.

If you want to try your hand at cooking Pulpo or Octopus, CLICK HERE for our recipe for Smoky Paprika Octopus with Sriracha.

Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2
Now they are messing with us. They are finalising the menu we heard. This is new. It was not there last week. If you want a melt in the mouth meatball, come experience this. On mash with gravy and edamame. It’s insane. #bestmeatballever it’s like someone rolled a Wagyu steak to a nut-size ball. It’s tender as a newborn sparrows arse. AMAZE-BALLS should be the name!!!

If you’re keen to make your own Wagyu meatballs at home have a crack out our Wagyu Meatball Pizza recipeCLICK HERE.

Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2
Demanded by the kids was a skip-load of the lamb. It really is that good. Take a slice of the lamb and spoon on a tad of the green and orange (yeah I have no idea re the sauces) and you will be in #combinedsaucelambheaven This is a MUST try here folks. Yummo!!!
Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2
Back to honesty here. I had this recommended by a mate, so it became a must-try to me. Always the way right? But sorry to say boys this was so very chewy. Not sure the cut was right. Sprouts were to die for though. But the pork, serious chew on that fellas, I literally lost my double chin with the exercise! This was Secreto Iberico.
Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2
So not sure if this little lad is a carnivore or not. I think wifey and might need to take him to the Dr for a test…
Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2
A God-like figure at the pass. The legend that is…? So calm, that’s what he is… Be proud Chef because we dined like Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses tonight. AMAZING food Sir! Thank you!!!
Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2
Not sure Jude Jude is comfortable enough here. Well if I wasn’t offering up my legs as his recliner he probably would not be…
Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2
Such a carni… and I don’t mean Pikey!!! Chef – photo for you mate. 6-year-old immersed in your food. Rock on Chef!!!
Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2
And we even get to go off-piste. Not on the menu. This wee dessert is like a palate cleanser, almost like a limoncello. Amazing bloody pastry like a cookie, meringue toasted with the seriousness of a Spanish lemon coulee. Bloody brilliant dessert.

Wow. What can I say? Next Door Spanish Cafe @ Siglap #2. Unlike Fast & Furious #28 this actually was better than the original. The guys have ironed out the teething pains. The menu has extended – see the meatballs (OMG!!!) and we have Paella to go for with advanced notice x5 I think now. It’s a fluid menu here and we love it, are loving to be part of it as their plan unfolds. EastCoasters it’s the place to be at the moment. Family or date-night – you decide – it’s a must-try. We have now repeated visits and will keep that going as long as the boys keep churning what they are doing. It’s a good one. It’s special. Get your bums down and – ENJOY!!!

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