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Best Hairy Crab Recipe and Review: Plus 5 Hot Sauces


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Hairy Crab Review & Recipe: Hairy Crab Singapore 2023

Hairy Crab, is a Shanghai seafood delicacy of Chinese Cuisine: I never thought I’d say this, but here is my Hairy Crab Singapore Review. Yes, folks, this non-pescatarian has changed his colours and today received a crab delivery Singapore. My wife will probably be the best judge of the best crab in Singapore

The interesting thing about the Hairy Crab, or Mitten Crab is that they are a Freshwater Crab species.

Today, it’s my turn to create this Shanghai seafood delicacy of Chinese Cuisine. Our new BFFs at Mamago Hairy Crab sent me a box of 8 crabs, a mix of male and female to get creative with and maybe to spin out a few crab recipes: here comes Hairy Crab SG, and with a little repurpose this becomes Hairy Crab Recipes and Review.

I have prepared for you a Hairy Crab Recipe, using the very traditional Hairy Crab Vinegar.

Hairy Crab Recipe and Review Contents

Although the name “hairy crab” may not conjure up images of a delectable dish, the highly velvety roe of these furry-lined crustaceans has won over the hearts of many diners as a signature seasonal delicacy in Chinese cuisine. They are also known as Chinese mitten crabs, and they are a delicacy that is only available during the Autumn, specifically from the month of October through December: so it is TIME, folks, it’s Hairy Crab Singapore season!!!

Each freshwater crab, around the size of a palm packs very little flesh (unlike the usual variants). But the one thing that everyone covets as a delicacy, especially in Chinese cuisine, is its roe, which has a golden hue that is opulently buttery and indulgently rich in flavor.

If this is your first time at the hairy crab rodeo, here is a piece of advice that will take you a long way. When the season (August) are young, most people seek the females because they mature more quickly, have roe that is richer and brighter looking, and have meat that is sweeter and harder.

As the breeding season draws to a close, the roles of the sexes reverse, and males become desirable for their light, creamy milt. We’ll be sharing some crab recipes for you towards the end of the blog, and will also give you the crab recipes used for today’s tasting session with Mamago Hairy Crab and Tais’ Kitchen Hot Sauces.

Although most people will go to a restaurant to enjoy this seasonal delicacy of hairy crabs, there are now internet dealers, like Mamago Hairy Crab, who will ship these live species all the way from China to your front door. This is crab delivery Singapore. Find out where you may go to savour the Autumn hairy crab treats at the locations below from us to you this Hairy Crab Singapore 2023.

But first, what do Mamago Hairy Crab have to say for themselves?

“Biggest, Freshest, Tastiest, Creamiest, and most Affordable Hairy Crab in Singapore! Air-freight and delivered right to your doorsteps daily. So why wait?”

I totally agree. I got an incredible box of these beautiful little fat hairy crabs delivered. When the box arrived I thought it was something more like super-expensive top-end-of-town Hotel Mooncakes. 

I mean, just check out the quality of that delivery box. Clearly, royalty of crabs just arrived on my doorstep. These are Hairy Crabs 苏州品秋阳澄湖大闸蟹, and this is Hairy Crab Singapore.

Mamago Hairy Crabs

So, what is a Hairy Crab?

These are the little beauties I got from Mamago Hairy Crab. All trussed up with their little strings, eyes blinking, ready to sacrifice themselves for lunch this day. I popped them on a tray, in the fridge and covered them with a damp cloth. That sent them into a deep hibernation sleep.

The hairy crab, also known as the Chinese mitten crab, is given a significant amount of importance in the cooking of eastern Chinese cuisine, particularly that of Shanghai and Jiangsu province. 

Its optimal eating window spans only three months of the year. It is common knowledge that the Orange Roe (female) and rich Milt of the Hairy Crab are both delicious (male). And now is the time: Hairy Crab Singapore 2023.

The meat of the hairy crab is succulent and full of flavour. Due to the rapid rate at which they mature, female Hairy Crabs are at their peak quality early in the season, when their roe is at its peak and their meat is crisp and flavorful.

There is a significant demand for male hairy crabs later in the season when they are at their finest in terms of juiciness and sweetness. At the tail end of the season, Male Hairy Crabs are a delicacy that is highly sought after in the restaurants of Singapore.

Originating region of this Freshwater Crab

Suzhou Pin Qiu Yangcheng Hu Hairy Crab is native to Yangcheng Lake, which has been renowned for its Hairy Crab for decades due to its deliciously tender meat and generous quantities of Roe and Milt. Their “Golden Claws, Green Shell Coverings, White Belly, and Yellow Hair” make them easy to spot. The larvae of the Chinese velvet crab can be found at the mouth of the Yangtze River at the Pin Qiu Hairy Crab Breeding Base.

Every year around the middle of March, some 800 to 1,000 larvae are thrown per acre, and the reproductive cycle lasts around six to seven months. As they mature, they are fed a diet that includes small fish, small shrimp, snails, corn, etc., in addition to the natural aquatic plants and animals found in the aquaculture waters. The best time to get them is in the middle to the latter part of September.

Hairy Crab Delivery Singapore:

Firstly when you open this box and take those beautiful little Hairy Crabs out from their polystyrene home, DO NOT submerge them in water thinking that’s what crabs like. You will SUFFOCATE them. They will die.

Leave them in their little ropes, pop them on a tray, and cover them in a damp tea towel. Immediately in the fridge and that will send them into a state of hibernation. Please cook these guys within a 2-3 day window of delivery or they will spoil.

mamago hairy crabs

Based on the lunar calendar, the Hairy Crab season spans the months of September, October, and November, AKA Autumn. Once only enjoyed by the Shanghainese, it has since become a national favourite and a tourist favourite in cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Dubai. Literally, this is up there in the Delicacy Chinese Cuisine category.

The Hairy Crab’s signature golden roe is sometimes accompanied by black vinegar and ginger slices before being washed down with yellow wine or concluded with a cup of ginger tea. This is done because the Hairy Crab has a “cooling” impact that needs to be neutralized. All sounds rather interesting, right? A tad Chinese medicinal food and fare perhaps?

mamago hairy crabs

Inside is a few intriguing things, along with the 8 Crabs. Funnily enough, all written in Mandarin as you can see, so I had to ask my friends at Mamago Hairy Crabs to translate. Hey, if I am making up some Hairy Crab Recipes, I need to know first of all what the traditional dishes and serving methodology is.

But, of course, you know me? I am going to spice this up and already have ideas of a Hairy Crab Singapore Review (2022) – 5 Different Hot Sauces. Yes, working with our mates from Tais’ Kitchen I am going to add some spice to these little beauties.

So, the little black ‘bottle’ is a beautiful vinegar for crab dipping. It is recommended to slice or grate some vinegar and add that to the vinegar.

Mamago Hairy Crabs

What do you get with a Mamago Hairy Crab Order

How cool is this? A little tool set for the forthcoming dining experience, including scissors, pick and spoon for ‘getting in there’. The white-coloured packet is some dipping sauce (crab vinegar basically). Traditionally you just add some sliced ginger to this. The ginger is to mitigate the inherent cooling nature of the Hairy Crab.

The little red packet is ginger granules (I am so loving this little food parcel). You add these to a cup of hot water and dissolve them as a type of tea, I suppose. You drink this after the Hairy Crab consumption, and, again the reason is to calm or mitigate the cooling nature of the Hairy Crab meat and roe. Fascinating.

Last, and by no means least. Is the pink sachet. This is Perilla Leaves. You add these to the water you are using to steam the Hairy Crabs. Guess what? Yep, again it is cooling mitigation. I hope Wifey is going to be OK after this dining experience. I feel this is getting a little like The Matrix, will you take the pink or the red sachet?

mamago hairy crabs

What's the difference between male and femal Hairy Crabs

I will absolutely be doing some ISLIFEARECIPE-dia for you in this Hairy Crab Singapore Review because these 8 crabs are intriguing and complex little buggers, that need some loving and deep understanding.

I will get into much more detail, but here is a Hairy Crab fact. The male and females produce a different type of roe. The roe is supposed to have a calming effect on your body, also known as ‘cooling’.

The roe produced by male and female Hairy Crabs has a distinct difference in consistency. The roe of a female Hairy Crab, which has a rounder belly don’t forget, will be denser, darker in colour, and dryer in texture. It will have the consistency of a salted egg yolk.

Whereas, male Hairy Crabs roe have a yellowish colour and a creamier, wetter consistency. Their bellies are trapezoidal in shape. At Mamago Hairy Crabs you can order by gender or just get a mixed bag as I did this day. Four of each, AKA 8 Crabs.

Hairy crab male or female?

Are you befuddled and unable to settle on a decision? By ordering a combination of males and females all at once, you will have the opportunity to save both money and time.

mamago hairy crabs

The male Hairy Crabs have pointed bellies whilst the female Hairy Crabs have rounded bellies. My wife loved the male Hairy Crabs as the best crab in Singapore. Yes better than Singaporean Chilli Crab.

Read on for my crab recipes using Mamago Hairy Crabs, using 8 Crabs, in fact, with 5 hot sauces from Tais’ Kitchen. These will be my fusion crab recipes for your consideration within this blog. I know this will work. I am confident this will work. 

I have cooked Japanese King Crab ‘w’ The Tippling Club Hot Sauce and that was a match made in heaven. So let’s see how this goes with Hairy Crabs, and very importantly see what the Wifey’s review is.

Mamago hairy crabs
tais' kitchen hot sauces

Here are the Mamago Hairy Crab bedfellows for today’s tasting. 5 hot sauces from Tais’ Kitchen. Hot USA Sauce, Hot Nepal Sauce, Hot Thailand Sauce, Hot Brazil Sauce, and Hot Singapore Sauce.

I feel ok with this meander from the tradition because Mamago Hairy Crabs themselves advised me that other customers use a variety of different cooking methods such as;

  • Steamed Hairy Crabs (traditional)
  • Boiled Hairy Crabs
  • Drunken Hairy Crabs, and even
  • Hairy Crab ‘w’ Fried Roe served with Rice or Noodles

But for today I followed the traditional steaming technique, just adding 5 hot sauces from Tais’ Kitchen to the traditional dipping vinegar with ginger.

mamago hairy crabs

Here they are. Still in hibernation. Into the steamer with a little grated ginger on each belly to calm down the cooling, and remove the stinky crab smell when steaming. I think they look incredible.

mamago hairy crabs

And here are those little beauties all nicely steamed for 25-30 minutes. Served with some plain steamed white rice, dipping vinegar with ginger, ginger hot tea, and those 5 hot sauces from Tais’ Kitchen. I’d happily pay for that in any restaurant.

mamago hairy crabs

Islifearecipe.net Mamago Hairy Crabs Review

Our review – well, wifey’s review. I did a side-by-side tasting here. Two individuals, two Filipinos, two coastal-living, crab-loving, no-holds-barred reviewers;

  • BeBe liked the Hairy Crab with the Tais’ Kitchen USA Hot Sauce
  • Wifey liked the Hairy Crab with the Tais’ Kitchen Singapore Hot Sauce and Tais’ Kitchen Brazil Hot Sauce
  • Wifey called out just how fresh these crabs were – all were still alive because of how we treated them and put them into hibernation
  • Wifey called out that Hairy Crab is better than mud-crab for head fat by far
  • Wifey called out just how good the Hairy Crab is with the Mamago Hairy Crab vinegar and some finely chopped garlic. I had a sneak taste of this because I made it, and yeah this was up there. Filipinos love vinegar in a native sauce, and man this was killer
  • Wifey called out the ginger tea. Apparently, she loved it as a perfect accompaniment to the Hairy Crab
Mamago hairy crabs

In goes the wife to remove the bottom shell from the top shell. No scissors are needed here with those deft Filipino fingers. It was actually a really simple way to get to the roe and meat, and the hairy crab shell came away really easily once cooked.

mamago hairy crabs

And this is what the fuss is all about. Check out that hairy crab roe. Literally, it does look like salted egg sauce. Beautiful colour and texture are shown off here by the male hairy crab.


Mamago hairy crabs

Followed up here by the female of the species. As you can see, she has a much darker roe, with a firmer, less creamy, texture than the male. Quite incredible just how different they are. This is also a great shot of the gills, the bit you want to discard and not eat. They are the ‘feathery’ things on either side of the roe.

mamago hairy crabs roe

Finally, is this a money shot? This is the reason why my wife and BeBe were going crazy about these little hairy crabs. This is why Wifey rated Mamago Hairy Crab as better than Mud Crab, and better than Singapore Chilli Crab

She is a sucker (literally) for crab head fat and crab roe, and in Mamago Hairy Crab the roe is bountiful. Just check out that spoonful. Best crab in Singapore, by a country mile.

What Hairy Crab Restaurant Singapore?

If you don’t want to cook, how about trying some of Singapore’s infamous hairy crab specialist restaurants: Actually you pick your favourite Hairy Crab Restaurant Singapore. 

I don’t know who supplies these restaurants with their Hairy Crabs or who does their crab delivery Singapore. But they shouldn’t look any further than Mamago Hairy Crab, as I think you will agree from the above pictures. 

What I do know is that a number of these restaurants source their hairy crab from the same lake in China as Mamago Hairy Crab. So there is a stamp of quality certification right there.

Let's check out some of those Hairy Crab Restaurant Singapore...

Is part of the Michelin Starred Imperial Treasure Group, with branches across Singapore, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Incheon, London, and even Paris. Now that says a lot when they are seasonally serving up their own crab recipes using Hairy Crabs. 

They recently said on Facebook; “The yearly Hairy Crab season is soon ending, gather all your friends and family now to taste its magnificent sweet golden roe before it is too late! Highly recommended by all food enthusiasts, the Hairy Crab definitely lives up to its reputation.”

Imperial Treasure Menu 2022.

If you can’t get to Imperial Treasure or request a crab delivery Singapore, you could also look at Yan Palace at the National Gallery, another top Hairy Crab Restaurant Singapore. Yan Palace provides a wonderful six-course lunch that includes a selection of different Hairy Crab delicacies.

The $98 menu for the seven-year anniversary celebration at Yan Palace features a wide variety of dishes, including the time-honoured tradition of steamed Hairy Crab from Lake Tai as well as more contemporary interpretations of Cantonese and Chinese cuisine classics, such as:

  1. Signature wok-fried spare ribs with dang gui, pan-fried carrot cake topped with Hairy Crab meat and roe,
  2. Braised fish maw with Chef’s special six-hour sauce which is prepared from a mixture of pork, chicken, carrot, and cream.

The double-boiled ginger tea with peach gum and black sesame glutinous rice balls is a wonderful way to finish off the meal.

Yan Palace Menu 2022.

Taste Paradise and Paradise Teochew, are up next. Both Taste Paradise and Paradise Teochew have created lavish six-course set menus that feature Hairy Crab. Rather than merely serving steamed Hairy Crabs, both restaurants have sourced their Hairy Crabs directly from Yangcheng Lake in China (exactly where Mamago Hairy Crabs are coming into Singapore from), which is known for having the highest quality crabs in the world. 

In crab recipes such as Steamed Hairy Crab Xiao Long Bao, Stewed Hairy Crab Roe Vermicelli with Shredded Fish and Conpoy, and Braised Rice with Hairy Crab Roe topped with Crispy Rice in Casserole, the crabs and their rich roe are displayed in ways that guests with a variety of palates may find to their liking.

The six-course set menu, which features the prized hairy crab in a variety of various exquisite preparations and costs $198, is only available at this location. The steamed hairy crab xiao long bao with sweet crab broth and the crabs themselves, of course, are two of the restaurant’s most memorable dishes.

Choose the stewed hairy crab roe vermicelli with shredded fish and conpoy for $48 if you are ordering a la carte. The nutritious braised supreme bird’s nest with hairy crab roe that is served in a Japanese stone pot for the price of $88 is another one of the restaurant’s bestsellers.

Taste Paradise Menu 2022.

A fourth for consideration would be Hua Yu Wee. Fancy dining in a bungalow? You certainly are able to accomplish that at the Hua Yu Wee Seafood Restaurant, also simply referred to as Hua Yu Wee. It is a Zi Char restaurant and it can be found in a cottage on Upper East Coast Road. It has two dining rooms, one of which is indoors, and the other is in the courtyard in the back.

Hua Yu Wee is a restaurant that has been around since the 1950s and has a long history of offering authentic Zi Char meals from Singapore. It is well-liked by residents of Singapore, and as a result, it is typically crowded at mealtimes, as seen by the lines of parked cars that can be seen outside.

Simply make your way past the restaurant, and you will be able to catch a glimpse of days gone by. The external decoration of the old-school bungalow evokes feelings of melancholy and longing because it appears to be exactly the same as something that would have been seen in Singapore in its early days.

Some of the most well-liked dishes on their menu include the Chilli Crab, the Black Pepper Crab, the Feng Sha Chicken, the Lobster in Italian Sauce, the La La Hor Fan, and their Olive Fried Rice.

I know these guys so well as we have been many times. They are literally just down the road from me in Siglap. I admit I have never had Hairy Crab in here, but Chilli Crab yes indeed. You can see the chef’s fast hands crab prep in the review below. 

They are up there because Hua Yu Wee Restaurant is a multi-award-winning establishment that has been serving traditional Singaporean cuisine since the 1950s. At Hua Yu Wee, they don’t have any airs or pretensions, they just serve delectable seafood and dishes based on the Zhi Char style.

Read our full restaurant review blog of Hua Yu Wee here.

Hua Yu Wee Menu 2022 here.

The beautiful hairy crab dishes that Jereme Leung creates at Yi by Jereme Leung are precisely what they sound like they would be. The seasonal delicacy feast will begin with Chilled Hairy Crab in Chinese Wine Brine served with Dried Longan, Wolfberry, and Ginger Tea Jelly. After that, a dish of it will be oven-baked and served with Longan & Osmanthus Ginger Tea. 

Fans of the prized crab may expect this. Dishes such as the Capellini with Hairy Crab Roe, Assorted Seafood, and Vinegar Pearls, as well as the stunning Steamed Egg topped with Foie Gras, Hairy Crab Meat, and Black Vinegar, are interspersed throughout the decadent meal. The meal is served in a multi-course format.

Yi, which literally translates to “art” in Chinese, is a restaurant that capitalizes on the artistic form of fine dining in order to stimulate both the diners’ appetites and their senses. The restaurant serves food that is meant to transport diners on a culinary journey across China’s many cultural areas, each of which is distinct from the others.

Begin the gastronomic culinary journey with a glass of wine or champagne at Yi’s intimate cocktail bar, which was designed to mimic a ‘living room’, allowing patrons to unwind and indulge while enjoying Chef Jereme’s signature drinking snacks, which include Sichuan Spicy Chicken & Luncheon Meat and Deep Fried Marinated Pork Belly with Black Garlic.

Click here to get your hands on the full al la carte Yi by Jereme Leung Menu 2022.

Up next is Min Jiang at Goodwood Park Hotel. The restaurant Min Jiang, which has won a number of awards, has created a number of dishes just for fans of hairy crab. In this establishment, the crustacean can be found in main courses such as the braised hairy crabmeat and roe with crystal noodles and the steamed hairy crab with glutinous rice served in a bamboo basket. 

Both of these dishes are certain to satisfy any desires you may have for the crustacean. Options that are lower in calories and do not contain carbohydrates are Homemade Tofu with Hairy Crabmeat and Steamed Hairy Crab with Ginger Rice Wine. Set dinners that have been carefully curated and include the delicacy are also offered.

Feast on the carefully selected set menus offered at both Min Jiang restaurants, which feature dishes that complement the Hairy Crabs and bring out the best in the delicacy. The best way to get the whole experience is to feast on these specialist menus running from 12 October to 30 November.

Min Jiang Menu 2022.

Islifearecipe.net Crab Recipes...

As promised, here now follow some crab recipes from your very own ISLIFEARECIPE.net. Now, for most of these, you could replace ‘crab X’ with Mamago Hairy Crab. You’ll just need quite a few to match the scale of one Mud Crab or Alaskan King Crab.

  1. The 1st of our crab recipes is Steamed King Crab ‘w’ Citrus & Garlic
  2. The second of our crab recipes is Roast King Crab & Lamb Rack
  3. Our third in the series of crab recipes is Lump Crab ‘w’ Egg & Citrus Burnt Butter
  4. Yet more crab recipes with our 4th offering of Baked King Crab with Burnt Butter Sauce
  5. How many crab recipes have we got today? Well here’s a 5th Singaporean Chili Crab but with lobster
  6. And the final of our crab recipes is Filipino style stuffed crabs

Which crab is best Singapore?

That is one very difficult question to answer. Typically, crabs are stir-fried in a tomato-chilli sauce while still having their shells on, that’s the Singaporean classic Chilli Crab. This preparation method is known as “stripping.” The actual sauce has a sweetness to it, but it also has a savoury undertone to it. Singaporean Chilli Crab is our name for this form of dish, which is the one that stays truest to its roots.

Customers typically dive straight in with just their hands because there is a lot of sauce involved and they need to be able to practice their fine motor skills without having utensils in the way. When the shell is too thick, a set of seafood pliers or mallets is typically provided so that the shell may be broken and all of the meat can be extracted from it. It also gets served with deep-fired buns for dipping in the sauce. It’s just delicious.

Different preparations for crab. There is a misconception that chilli crab can only ever be orange-red in colour. This traditional Singaporean meal is available in a wide variety of iterations, many of which the country’s natives, have possibly never had.

Chilli Crab

This variation of the dish is by far the most common, prevalent, and one that is given. It is comprised of a starchy red-orange sauce that is accompanied by strands of delicious eggy delight. In most cases, there is only a moderate amount of heat.

Crab with Black Pepper

The crabs in this dish are coated in a dry black pepper paste rather than the more traditional wet sauce. Typically spicier and more flavourful than its counterpart.

Crab with White Pepper

The Black Pepper Crab’s more distantly related relative. In a similar vein, it packs quite a punch in terms of the spice that it contains. On the other hand, it has a less robust flavour than the Black Pepper Crab. The addition of the white pepper also brings up an entirely different flavour profile.

Salted Egg Yolk Crab

This variation is drier than the Chilli Crab and is very similar to the Black Pepper Crab. The salted egg yolk sauce and the crumbs contribute an additional savoury flavour to the dish. The majority of establishments in Singapore that are famed for their crabs will provide both hot and non-spicy versions of their crabs.

Crab Bee Hoon

Crab bee hoon is a delectable Singaporean dish renowned for its rich and flavorful broth, tender crab meat, and silky rice vermicelli noodles. The succulent crab is simmered in a fragrant broth infused with aromatic herbs, spices, and hints of coconut milk, creating a heavenly concoction that tantalizes the taste buds. 

The noodles soak up the savory essence of the broth, while the delicate crab meat adds a luscious sweetness to every spoonful. Served piping hot and garnished with fresh cilantro and crispy fried shallots, crab bee hoon is a comforting and satisfying dish that embodies the essence of Singaporean cuisine.

Butter Crab

There is a lot of misunderstanding between this and the Salted Egg Yolk Crab. In actuality, the dish has a consistency that is significantly more liquid. A recipe that is perfect for butter lovers because it is extremely buttery, flavourful, and smooth.

Crab with Green Chilies

Both the moistness and the consistency of the sauce are analogous to those of Chilli Crab. On the other hand, a pale green curry paste that places a strong emphasis on aromatics is utilized. It has a higher amount of spice than average.

While some cooks prefer to use more liquid and sauce when preparing this dish, others prefer a more traditional dry stir-fry consistency. In any scenario, you can rest assured that the bee hoon that has been soaked in the fluids from the crab will be mouth-wateringly wonderful.

What is special about the hairy crab?​

If you ask Mamago Hairy Crabs they will tell you that they have the Biggest, Freshest, Tastiest, Creamiest, and most Affordable Hairy Crabs in Singapore! Autumn is a time of many things: it is a time when leaves change into magnificent fiery colours of red and yellow, it is a time when the temperature begins to cool down, and so on. 

However, despite the fact that we are located on the equator, none of these rules apply to us. One aspect of the changing seasons that we can look forward to is the food. We are not talking about the traditional or “basic” pumpkin spiced latte here. The prized hairy crab has won Singapore’s hearts, and with good reason.

After all, what other choice did we have? These dainty crustaceans are brought to us, mitten claws and all, flushed in sophisticated bamboo steamers. They are then split apart to show a sinfully buttery golden roe and unthinkably sweet (albeit little) flesh, which is heightened by the vinegar that is poured along with them.

Here, the roe is found packed inside of both the male and the female crabs. The roe inside of the male crabs has a texture similar to lava and is creamier, but the roe inside of the female crabs is much denser and more crumbly. Are Hairy Crabs special? In our humble opinion, yes indeed they are.

Where can I buy hairy crab in Singapore?

Look no further than our BFFs at Mamago Hairy Crabs. You order and get the most amazing pack of goodies from them. This includes the crabs, of course, plus scissors, picks, vinegar, ginger tea, and so on. Just click here and get ordering.  https://www.mamago.sg/ We recommend 8 crabs minimum. 4 crabs per person is a good rule of thumb.

Is this crab season in Singapore?

Yes, it appears that the hairy crab season is a yearly occurrence in Singapore, with the season starting from late September to early December, or August in the now season Hairy Crab Singapore.

Where can I get crab delivery Singapore?

Again use our mates at Mamago Hairy Crabs, or alternatively, you could also try Hairy Crab Delivery.

Are hairy crabs poisonous?

Absolutely not. They are delicious. However, the toxic reef crab, commonly referred to as the devil reef crab, has a name that fits it perfectly. The muscles of this crab are storage sites for tetrodotoxin and saxitoxin, two of the most dangerous toxins. 

Although these magnificent crabs are pleasing to look at, you should try to avoid having them on your dinner plate. A person can expect to die within a few short hours after eating a crab.

Are Mamago hairy crabs edible?

Oh my, yes they are. And they are delicious and the best crab in Singapore, in our opinion. However, the cholesterol content of hairy crabs is exceptionally high, similar to that of most other crustaceans. The World Health Organization recommends that adults consume no more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day, and eating just one hairy crab will get you quite near to that amount. 

Consuming no more than one or two crabs at once is recommended for optimal health. Or just ignore the WHO, get your Hairy Crab face on, and go for four each as we did with that delicious vinegar ginger crab dipping sauce, ginger tea, and 5 hot sauces from Tais’ Kitchen.

How Should the Hairy Crab Be Stored?

If you are not going to consume the Hairy Crabs right away, you should put them in the refrigerator away from any other food to prevent them from becoming contaminated.

Place a damp cloth over them so that they retain their moisture. Spray some water on them on a frequent basis to maintain the appropriate level of humidity in their surroundings. This will also send them into a state of hibernation.

The crabs can be maintained alive for up to two or three days if they are properly stored. They can drown in water since they need to be able to breathe, so do not submerge them in water. If they remain submerged in the water for an extended period of time, they will eventually suffocate and die.

How Should the Hairy Crab Be Prepared?

  1. The crabs should be washed in a basin of water, preferably with ice cubes added, one at a time before being placed in your steamer.
  2. The crabs can stay alive in hibernation if you pop them in the fridge covered with a damp cloth.
  3. Do not cut the string that is tying the crab’s legs together.
  4. Scrub the crabs carefully using a brush that has some stiffness to it, and then rinse them in the cold water.
  5. To steam the crabs, you must first turn them over so that their bellies are facing upward.
  6. Because of this, the crab roe will be successfully prevented from escaping and leaking out.
  7. Ginger should be cut into thin slices and arranged in a decorative pattern on top of each crab’s belly.
  8. Put the sachet of perilla leaves that you have in the water of your steamer.
  9. Both the Perilla leaves sachet and the ginger has the dual purpose of removing pungent odors from the crabs and reducing the cooling effect that they have.
  10. Crabs weighing up to 250 grams require 15 to 20 minutes of steaming at high heat.
  11. Steam the crabs for 25 minutes for bigger crabs weighing 300g, and add an additional 5 minutes of steaming time for every additional 50g.
  12. After steaming, remove the strings, place the cooked Mamago Hairy Crabs on a platter and serve them with the dipping sauce, which consists of vinegar and some thinly sliced ginger. We also added 5 hot sauces for some variety from Tais’ Kitchen.

How Should One Consume a Hairy Crab?

  1. Use the pair of scissors that are provided by Mamago Hairy Crabs to remove the crab legs from the body of the crab.
  2. Consume the meat in the legs first, as they become chilly the quickest and should be eaten first.
  3. Rip the legs apart at the joints that connect the thighs to the calves.
  4. Remove the remaining portion of the joints located on the thigh.
  5. To extract the flesh from the thigh, use the calf of the animal and enter it into the joint, or use the little ‘pick’ tool that Mamago Hairy Crabs supplies to you.
  6. Enhance the flavor of the meat’s natural flavour by savouring it with the accompanying dipping vinegar sauce, or as we did, with a variety of hot sauces from Tais’ Kitchen.
  7. To prepare the dipping sauce, combine some ginger that has been sliced very thinly, or grated with the crab vinegar that was provided in the red packet.
  8. Remove and discard the belly or flap that is located on the underside of the crab.
  9. The belly of a female crab is shaped like a circle, while the belly of a male crab is more triangular.
  10. Using the spoon provided, carefully pry open the top shell to expose the roe that is attached to the shell, and then savour the delectable deliciousness of the roe.
  11. Everything else is also fair game for consumption.

Another option is to take a pair of scissors and make a cut directly through the middle of the shell. 

The roe that is contained within the body will remain unharmed and attached to the shell. Carefully pry open both sides of the shell so that the entire lump of roe may be accessed. 

The roe of female crabs is typically more solid, darker in colour, and drier than that of male crabs; it has been compared to the consistency of salted egg yolk. On the other hand, the roe of male crabs is typically creamier, wetter, and yellowish in color.

Is it necessary to remove and dispose of the gills on both sides of the body?

Yes because they are inedible.

They serve the crab as a filter, protecting it from particles of dust and filth. If you cut the body in half or prise the two shells in half, you can get more roe out of it.

Consume both the flesh and the roe. Take out and dispose of the portion of the intestine that measures about an inch in length and can be located inside the body. Due to the fact that it contains the crab’s waste, this should not be consumed.

Take out and throw away the heart, which is the white component in the centre that is shaped like a hexagon. According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, eating the heart is frowned upon because of the “cooling” effect it has on the body.

Conclusions of Hairy Crabs

In conclusion, indulging in a hairy crab feast is an experience that transcends mere dining—it’s a literal journey steeped in tradition and flavor. These guys are fiddly little buggers, believe me.

From the delicate sweetness of the crab meat to the rich, briny essence of its roe, every bite is a celebration of this freshwater crab’s bounty and uniqueness.

Whether enjoyed simply steamed to highlight its natural flavors or incorporated into complex dishes like hairy crab roe noodles or dumplings, this seasonal delicacy never fails to captivate its audience of Chinese Cuisine Delicacy enthusiasts..

As autumn descends upon Shanghai where these prized crustaceans thrive, locals and visitors alike eagerly anticipate the arrival of hairy crab season. With its unique taste and cultural significance, hairy crab is more than just a meal—it’s a symbol of abundance and prosperity, cherished by generations. 

So, if you ever find yourself in the midst of this seasonal extravaganza, be sure to partake in the hairy crab festivities and savor the unforgettable flavors of this culinary treasure. They are little beauties!!!

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