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Black Truffle Udon Noodles ‘w’ Bacon, Eggs & Native Sauce


Black Truffle Udon Noodles ‘w’ Bacon, Eggs & Native Sauce

This was absolutely so very #BillWallaceFriendly as everything was from the fridge and all was leftovers. But how to make that interesting? Just be creative. Here are some examples of doing that for Black Truffle Udon Noodles ‘w’ Bacon, Eggs & Native Sauce;

We all eat egg noodles, so why not have Quail eggs with noodles?

Rather than just boiling the Udon noodles in water, make a stock for more flavour.

I could have served the Native Sauce in a bowl, but for more fun, I used the vials to also involve the kids with their meals.

Serving the tomatoes on the vine made them ‘poppers’ and they took it, in turn, to pop one in their gobs.

Etc. Etc.

What I have found over the years of cooking like this is that the kids really do become more food adventurous. They will also want to be part of the cooking experience. Whenever Dad opens the party fridge the kids are there with me to prep and cook with me. They’ll also pretty much eat anything now. Well, that is apart from bloody mushrooms for some reason. I have no idea why. But they’ll happily eat that Black Truffle which is from the same bloody family… Weird!!! Feedback; “Very nice, super-duper-nice, loved the burst of flavours of truffle mixed with the native sauce. I loved the noodles and the eggs flavoured by the broth, and eggs went all creamy inside…”

But let’s get to this stunner of a dish.

Black Truffle Udon Noodles ‘w’ Bacon, Eggs & Native Sauce

Black Truffle Udon Noodles 'w' Bacon, Eggs & Native Sauce
Seriously how lucky are these kids to get this sort of thing for brekkie haha? It’s great though as it gives Daddy some creative juice time. And this is what those creative juices churned out this morning. Black Truffle Udon Noodles ‘w’ Bacon, Eggs & Native Sauce.
Black Truffle Udon Noodles 'w' Bacon, Eggs & Native Sauce
For me, food gets you in three phases. Eyes, nose and mouth. If you make it look nice and/or interesting it will get attention. Then to the aromas, and this was kicking with truffle. And now how can they resist but to season it themselves with native sauce and then start eating? Simply by making it interactive for the kids, giving them their very own vials of native sauce to add to their noodles. Look at the faces. Sold! They’re hooked.

Daddy-pedia; For those that don’t know. The native sauce is from the Philippines and is an accompaniment for many dishes. Well, every single dish I usually eat when there is accompanied by it. It’s tart, savoury, spicy, sweet – all-in-one. It is a cracker. The generic term for condiments in the Philippines is sawsawan. Sounds very much like – sauce to me…

Black Truffle Udon Noodles ‘w’ Bacon, Eggs & Native Sauce

For two brekkie bowls, like the photo you will need;

And we’re off;

  1. Lay the bacon rashers on a baking tray and get them in an oven set to 200 until cooked and just crisping;
  2. About halfway through cooking the bacon add the vine tomatoes to the baking tray and sprinkle them with a little salt – these will roast in 5 minutes;
  3. In parallel add about 2″ water to a pan and add in the Soya sauce and chicken stock concentrate;
  4. Bring to a boil and add in the Udon noodles and Quail eggs – simmer for 5-10 minutes to get the flavours muddled;
  5. Mix your native sauce ingredients in a bowl and suck them up with your vials for plating;
  6. Plating;

It is quite amazing what you can create from shit laying about in the fridge if you put your mind to it. And this dish today surely hit a few of those hot buttons. Black Truffle Udon Noodles ‘w’ Bacon, Eggs & Native Sauce was pretty simple to do if you have all the ingredients in the fridge.

Or improvise if you don’t, using what you do have. That’s cooking for you. The kids really did love this today. I reckon you could/should try this for your kids too, adding the stuff that your kids like and maybe throwing in a few curve balls to test the concept of food fun – ENJOY!!!

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