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Honey-Roast Lamb Spare Ribs


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Honey-Roast Lamb Spare Ribs

Practising the art of low and slow today with no need for a water bath or boil-in-the-bag. It’s simply called reverse searing. It’s a stunning way to cook your food with just the very best outcomes in my personal reckoning. Today I was cooking with a cut of lamb I don’t think I have ever used before. Lamb spare ribs. These are beauties and easily up there with their French-cut lamb chops. Easily up there. Today I made the family a new recipe off-the-cuff from fridge and freezer. And that was; Honey-Roast Lamb Spare Ribs. It’s a belter.

All from fridge and freezer so absolutely Bill Wallace Friendly but no wagyu so Knibbsy, unlucky!

Honey-Roast Lamb Spare Ribs
Have a look at those beauties – OMG, lamb butter and so full of flavour with a crunch of the fat too. HEAVENLY!!! This is absolutely going on ChillaxBBQ menu, perfect finger food too and no need cutlery – it comes with its own…

Honey-Roast Lamb Spare Ribs

Yes, this came with roast spuds too as you will see from the photo so I will include them in the recipe for you. PERFECT bedfellows, and all cooked together low and slow. Yes, you can even do your veggies and roasts reverse sear style. Just chuck in the oven and leave them alone. Here we go.

Dinner for a family of 4 here;

  • 1Kg of lamb spare ribs on the rack – should be two racks AKA 16 ribs thereabouts;
  • 1Kg potatoes – I used ready to cook (no need the pre-boil) with the skins on;
  • Dried Thyme;
  • Olive oil;
  • Garlic salt;
  • Honey; and
  • Sea salt & cracked black pepper.

Get your rack out sweetheart;

  1. In a baking tray lay the two racks down and stab them all over with a meat tenderizer (or thin metal skewer);
  2. Drizzle on both sides with a good quality Olive oil;
  3. Season well on both sides with sea salt & cracked black pepper;
  4. Give a good shake on both sides with your garlic powder;
  5. Place the racks rib-side down;
  6. Finish off with a good squirt of honey all over the meat side – that’s your fatty crunch coming later…
  7. Pop that in a 90-degree oven for 8 hours – yes I kid you not, 8 hours.


  1. At exactly the same time, take another baking tray;
  2. Cut the spuds into a manageable size – 1/2 or 1/4 your choice;
  3. Throw them in the baking tray;
  4. Drizzle all over with quality Olive oil;
  5. Sprinkle your dried Thyme all over;
  6. Season well with sea salt & cracked black pepper;
  7. Give a wee toss to coat them all and throw them in the oven with the lamb racks – yep, 8-hours low and slow…

Plating time;

  1. Cut the ribs into singles and stack those beauties up on a platter whilst trying not to eat them all as you do so;
  2. Give your spuds another wee sea salt & cracked black pepper sprinkle and serve next to the rib pile;
  3. Get it on the table and stand back and keep any limbs away from the feeding frenzy about to commence.

Wifey and I currently have a lamb cooking competition going on. Based on the kid’s feedback I progressed one step ahead now haha with this dish. Amy gave us a dead-heat. Jude gave Mum 100% and Dad 101% for this. Winner!!! This is such a simple dish but the outcomes are off-the-charts food. It’s just incredible taste and texture. Jude was licking the bones, he literally could not get enough of my Honey-Roast Lamb Spare Ribs. This is absolutely going to be a repeat and repeat and repeat. LOVED IT. Have a crack yourself. It really is a simple dish to prep and cook. The hard part is to stop eating them!



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