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StoneAxe Wagyu Short Rib Recipe | Butcher Box @ Joo Chiat | Singapore


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

StoneAxe Wagyu Short Rib Recipe

Butcher Box @ Joo Chiat | Singapore

Here is how the StoneAxe Wagyu Short Rib Recipe came about…

It happened again, well in fact 2 things happened again…

1; I upgraded a load of my old cookware and standardised on the very best – and that is ScanPan

2; I visited Butcher Box @ Joo Chiat and purchased some of the very best meat you’ll ever likely eat – StoneAxe Wagyu Short Rib Add those together and what an outcome.


The 1+ 1 is incredible.

1; Literally, slice off some thin pieces of the rib

2; ScanPan Skillet Fry Pan onto the heat – DRY, no oil is needed

3; When super hot lay in the slices of Wagyu and then season on the top with sea salt & cracked black pepper

4: It will take like 1 minute a side – maybe not even that, and when you flip a little more sea salt & cracked black pepper

5; I flamed mine too to give a little more char and because I can in my ScanPan as it will take anything you throw at it haha

Some of the very best steak-bites you’ll ever have in my reckoning!!!


What is StoneAxe Wagyu Short Rib and where does it come from?

Stone Axe Full Blood Wagyu beef is sourced from their breeding herds, which are spread over many breeding farms in New South Wales and Victoria, all of which are handled by Stone Axe’s own employees. Each property is located more than 1000 meters above sea level, resulting in a climate that is ideal for the breeding and nurturing of Full Blood Black Japanese Wagyu cattle and other livestock. In other words, their cattle are able to develop and mature to their full potential because they have access to natural shelter, pure fresh air, water, and pasture, all in a setting that is low in stress.

When the Australian Wagyu Association’s Annual Awards were held recently, Stone Axe won the Grand Champion award by defeating 30 other submissions with their excellent full blood Wagyu beef, earning them the title of Grand Champions for 2020.

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