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Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong

Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong


Yes we ate at KKK. But don’t worry was good as you’ll find out. Come to 85 East Coast Road, #01-01. Or ring them at 6344 8183. It’s a great place, it really is. We must have walked past it before but I have never noticed it. What caught my eye though was Japanese Wagyu signage, and upon reading the menu outside, it became evident that yes indeed they do serve the best meat in the world at Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong – no brainer. Let’s come in and sample the owner Chef, Kervin Tay’s, fine dining today.

He states that he is trying to present the healthiest and tastiest Katsu. Kervin did indeed achieve his culinary prowess in Japanese food in Tokyo, and was even presented a Chef License by the Governor of Japan, Tokyo. Wow now that’s an accolade and a half! He’s knocking out premium Japanese product too, like Niigata Rice, and Wagyu from all over Japan dependant on what is available, when. He is priding himself on a no MSG, no lard, less salt healthiest Tonkatsu around. Works for me fella!

What did we eat:

4x Edamame;

1x Wagyu Katsu Set;

1x Lamb Set;

1x Rosu Set;

1x Rosu curry Set;

5 slices of Maguro Sashimi (tuna);

5 slices of King Salmon belly Sashimi;

All washed down by loads of drinks including of course, Kirin Ichiban one of my favourite Japanese beers!!!

Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong
Some of the very best edamame ever. You could tell cooked from fresh not frozen, and served hot – always great sign and boy this was so so very good

I know this may sound a tad strange, talking about the qualities of a basic soy bean in a pod, that you boil in water and then lightly salt. Well my friends let me tell you, I have eaten these all over the world, literally, at many many different Japanese restaurants and they all taste different.

Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong
Here is my Wagyu Katsu set, what do we reckon to this one… Check that marbling and the perfect done-ness – damned fine this was indeed!!!

I really did like this, I really did. But Kervin I think you got pipped with the Wagyu Tempura at Rin Restaurant on Bintan, remember the blog. Those were exceptional.But Kervin I would definitely have the Wagyu Katsu again at Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong. Really very very good, fatty – but not chewy, cooked rare – but not bloody, and perfect crunch of those Japanese import breadcrumbs. Accompanying the steak were lemon salt, English mustard and this amazing green dip – spicy, zesty (I think some Yuzu in there). Yummo. For the salad and the normal Katsu you have theses sauces always, in any Katsu restaurant – Bulldog Sauce and Sesame Sauce. I looked at these jars on the table containing the sauce and could tell immediately they were home made – simply the VERY BEST I have ever had. Well done Kervin, these were stellar!!!

Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong
You could immediately tell just by looking that these were not simply squeezed from a jar – then the taste test 100% confirmed the same – BEST EVER!!!
Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong
“Baby Jude, are you enjoying the lunch???” Says I.
“Big time Daddy….” Says he.
Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong
A little bit of sashimi – well we had to right!!! And so so glad we did – the tuna and salmon were just fresh, and soft and not in the slightest fishy. Delicious!

I might even up the ante and go for the premium grade sashimi next time. This was just the normal offering off the menu, who knows what the premium would be like. Could be a WOW moment! What was next at Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong?

Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong
Up next comes Amy – going with the traditional pork Katsu, but her being her she love fatty pork, so she opts for the Rosu set

I tell you this one, with the brown sauce was truly incredible. It was fatty, but not chewy fatty. Just flavoursome fatty. The crunch of the breadcrumbs and the fruitiness of the sauce together was an incredible combination. Top that with a smoky smoky miso soup, and the salad with the home-made sesame sauce – Game, Set, and Katsu Match. Oh yeah – I think I will definitely be cracking on with this one next time we eat here.

Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong
We all love this as a family. One of our favourite dishes whenever my mother-in-law comes to visit. Sometimes from a packet though, but today not. This was hand-made again, what a curry Katsu this was – man!!!

Ollie up next for his review at Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong. The curry Rosu set. Boom. The fatty pork cutlet, breaded and fried, served with Niigata rice and then a great big dollop of the finest Japanese curry I think you’ll find. Quite an incredible deepness to the flavour. A winner in anyone’s books this one. What a combo!!!

Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong
And last up on the food photos is my Mary. She went for lamb Katsu – have you EVER heard of such a thing???

Yeap a couple of chunky lamb chops, with the fillet bit roughly cut off, then breaded and then fried. Again with the incredibly fresh salad and those two standout sauces. BOOM BOOM. No not Basil Brush, how my hear went after a wee bite. Mary did have a poke that she just likes lamb as lamb, not fried – er hun why order it then? But anyways from a convert I thought this a genius dish. It looked great and tasted the same – great job!

Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong
I have to assume this is the talented Chef & Owner Kervin Tay, as he was the one cooking all our food this lunch time – great work mate!!!

He doesn’t look old enough does he. But seriously Kervin Tay at Kodawari Katsuya @ Katong, is knocking it out of the park. Yet another reason to travel to East Side to eat, it really is where it is all happening folks. We’ll be back Kervin, that pork and brown sauce is calling my name my friend, it’s calling my name. My friends if you are a traveling here or happen to be in neighbour or indeed live here, pop down. It’s a must try – ENJOY!!!

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