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Maple Cured Bacon: Best Sandwich Recipe


Maple-Cured Bacon: amazing open-sandwich recipe

Brekkie was inspired today by the amazing cured meats I have in the fridge that I had recently purchased from Chef Drew @ Salted & Hung. Remember my birthday lunch blog a week or so ago? So it’s from the fridge along with the bread and eggs. So, this maple-cured bacon was sitting there, almost calling to me. 

Let’s make the kids something special today for brekkie with it. And so was created the Open Brekkie Sandwich ‘w’ Chef Drew’s Maple Cured Bacon & Black Garlic Emulsion. And she was a beauty, folks. The kids were so quiet for about 20 minutes with only chewing noises and the occasional oooh and Aaah.

This bacon is off-the-charts good. When you open the packet and get a waft of the intense smoky maple aroma you just know this is going to be awesome. And, wow is it ever!!!

Open Breakfast Sandwich with Chef Drew’s Maple Cured Bacon & Black Garlic Emulsion.

Open Brekkie Sandwich 'w' Chef Drew's Maple Cured Bacon & Black Garlic Emulsion

Here she is. Yeah, yeah all plated restaurant-like and all that. Even the ‘sprinkling’ of cracked black pepper on the white plate. Hmmmmm, so in. touch with my feminine side this morning!!!

Open Brekkie Sandwich 'w' Chef Drew's Maple Cured Bacon & Black Garlic Emulsion

Do you want happy kids’ faces like this at brekkie…? Follow the 1, 2, and 3 below…

You will need 2x sandwich, AKA one per kid:

  • 2 eggs
  • 4 slices of white bread
  • 10 rashers of Chef Drew’s maple-cured bacon (or equivalent)
  • A jar of Chef Drew’s black garlic emulsion (you could use mayo – but man so much better ‘w’ this)
  • Black truffle oil (any oil. will do)
  • Sea salt & cracked black pepper

Here we go, 1, 2, 3:

  1. Get the bacon on a baking tray and in the oven at 200 – cook this off until just crisping;
  2. Fry two eggs in the black truffle oil;
  3. Toast the bread slices and then use a cooking ring to cut them into circles (or cut around a large coffee mug bottom);
  4. When toasted, butter them with salted butter and then spread over a nice layer of black garlic emulsion on all circles;
  5. Plating time;
    • Lay down one toasted bread circle with black garlic emulsion side up;
    • On with the crispy bacon;
    • On with the fried egg;
    • Season with a little sea salt & cracked black pepper – including Chef sprinkles on the plate if you like;
    • Pop the final circle of toasted bread on a jaunty angle, black garlic emulsion side down, so you can still see the egg yolk – like in the picture.

Open Breakfast Sandwich ‘w’ Chef Drew’s Maple Cured Bacon & Black Garlic Emulsion

And that’s it, folks. So simple, but tasty as. The kids loved it. This was Open Breakfast Sandwich Recipe with maple-cured bacon & Black Garlic Emulsion. Cooking good food is so much easier when the product that you’re cooking with is such quality. And this is a quality product. Superb bacon with intense smokiness, and then the tang of the emulsion kicks through and balances it all out. So easy. So tasty. So pretty. Give it a go – ENJOY!!!

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Maple-Cured Bacon

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