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Spize, Halal food in Siglap


Spize, stunning Halal food in Siglap

download Spize, Halal food in Siglap

A new joint has just opened for us in Siglap, and it is a cracker. Spize, stunning Halal food in Siglap.

We have been waiting for an age since Mayura restaurant closed to know what was coming to Siglap’s foodie scene. And hey presto a few weeks back now it arrived, Spize, stunning Halal food in Siglap. It’s a beautiful place inside, with huge murals on the walls, and a really nice open family atmosphere. This is 100% a place for family dining, we love it. This blog comes after our second trip – a trip that happened because Mary was desperate for the lamb kebab I had the first time we came. OK OK two of those please.

Prepare yourself for no alcohol. It is true Halal. The juices and mocktails though are absolutely superb, all freshly made there and then on the spot. And believe me you surely can taste that. It’s a cracker. Now I am being honest in this review as a couple of things we had were – very so so – and being honest in my reviews I have to call that out. But overall summation is a gorgeous looking place, really good food, drinks sublime and add to that some exceptional serving staff – happy days!

It really is fine casual dining @ Spize, stunning Halal food in Siglap.

Spize, stunning Halal food in Siglap
Chicken lollipops are a cracker – they would normally be served with a full on spicy sauce – but for the kids just ask without! Seriously good these little buggers!
Spize, stunning Halal food in Siglap
Funnily enough visit one Miz goes for this and visit two BeBe goes for the same. A rather beautiful looking, and I hear tasting too, Spaghetti Marinara. How good does that look (even as a non sea-foody).
Spize, stunning Halal food in Siglap
A rather delicious mushroom soup with some kicker pesto bread that you can use to dip, stir, whatever. Yes Spize – this was a cracking combo!
Spize, stunning Halal food in Siglap
You like kebab? The this is your heaven. You have to come try the Persian pulled lamb, it is KNOCK-OUT. My favourite thing on the menu so far (OK only two sittings) but this thing is truly up there. Whack some chilli sauce on, close your eyes and OMG I am back in Margate. Superb kebab. Loving this one!
Spize, stunning Halal food in Siglap
This was Italian Burrata cheese with superbly sweet heirloom tomatoes, a balsamic reduction and a parmesan crunch with a dollop of pesto. This is a cracker of a dish – bring it on boys, this was so very good!
Spize, stunning Halal food in Siglap
Really sorry to say guys but you sort of lost me with this one. No seasoning, really chewy meat, pretty bad actually. Royale Burger will not be on my ordering list again. Sorry to say. Rest of food ACE, but this one not so.
Spize, stunning Halal food in Siglap
Sorry guys this one was not a winner for me. The Lavender Creme Brulee. The crunchy thing on top was seriously good, but the Creme Brulee I think had been massively over-cooked – I left loads. Sorry chaps – just not nice!

So there you have it folks. My little review of our new gaff in town Siglap, Spize, stunning Halal food in Siglap. Definitely a must visit. The staff here are so so nice. They really make the place. I really would recommend you book, as last night, for example, was rammed and we could only get an outside seat. So bell them here @ 633 SPIZE or 77493. Or email at It truly is worth a look guys. We really like it there – adults, kids and all. Pretty certain if you do go you will indeed – ENJOY!!!

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