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Path Restaurant Review: Best food in Marina Bay Financial Centre


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Path Restaurant at MBFC3, what an incredible lunch that was...

Path Restaurant: the boy from Margate strikes again!!! I truly am so very lucky. Today was a work day. Today I had an Executive in town meeting customers, and for a meeting debrief I decided on lunch, and lunch at Path Restaurant MBFC3. And what a wow lunch this was. My goodness. Myself, Kurt, Mike, and Xavier dined like Kings today.

Three of the nicest people for lunch today at one of the best restaurants I have possibly been to on our little Red Dot. Highly recommended is the set lunch menu, as you’ll witness below.

Path Restaurant Interior

Here’s the interior of Path Restaurant. Simple, yes, and simply stunning. It’s clean and fresh. It has a vibe and an ambiance of invitation. We all loved it immediately upon entering. It’s just: cool!!!

path restaurant interior

The interior is inspired by topographical maps, guiding you through the Chef’s journey and memories at Path Restaurant.

The free-flowing curves and contours that surround the interiors are neutral coloured, with elements of the floral arrangements, providing an intimate hideout from the hustle and bustle of Marina Bay Financial Centre.

Then we get to the front-of-house- crew, and my Wife’s mate Lyn. “A woman can do anything a man can do”. Lyn is Path Restaurant’s Assistant Restaurant Manager, and that is the quote she lives by. She’s my Wife’s mate, and she is a strong one. In fact she had continuous banter with Kurt after ‘Maple Leaf-gate’. It was hysterical.

Lyn promises to never sell herself short and believes that women are just as capable as men, especially in the service industry: I echo that and some. From training her team members to overseeing the restaurant’s daily operations, Lyn ensures your journey at Path will always be a smooth sailing one, and today we experience that in a big way. Pop down here and say hi to Lyn and the crew, you won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it: exceptional service.

Experience a whole new dinner format following the next chapter of Chef Marvas’ culinary journey. Each dish shares a story that Chef Marvas hopes will remind diners of their own, inspiration from his training and experience as a chef in French fine dining paired with his favoured East Asian flavours and ingredients.

Path Restaurant, located in MBFC Tower 3, Singapore, has been reviewed positively by many for its unique culinary offerings:

Diverse Culinary Influences: Path Restaurant offers a dining experience that combines Asian and French culinary influences. The dishes are well-executed, featuring a strong Asian element along with French culinary techniques, showcasing Chef Marvas’s expertise.

Path Menu

New Menu: In 2023, the restaurant introduced a new dinner menu that explores Mod-Asian flavours with French techniques. This menu has garnered attention for its finesse and creativity.

Set Lunch Option: Path Restaurant offers a set lunch option with varying courses, providing patrons with a chance to sample a range of dishes at different price points. This is what we chose this day for lunch.

Chef’s Table: The restaurant’s kitchen is visible to diners through full-glass doors, and there is a chef’s table with an emerald booth seat, offering a unique and immersive dining experience. That’s my next choice when here.

Path Restaurant Menu

Some pictures are courtesy of The Path Restaurant’s Facebook site…
path restaurant smorgasbord

There’s the smorgasbord on offer at Path Restaurant MBFC3. We eat first with our eyes, and I tell you I have fallen in love with the food at Path Restaurant based on her looks. That is some beautifully plated food, and some. But what did we eat that day…?

Path Restaurant MBFC3: the set lunch experience...

path mbfc abacus seeds

Path Restaurant: Abacus Seed “Skewer”

A homage to his heritage and roots, Chef Marvas takes on a modern twist to the traditional Hakka dish – Abacus seeds 算盘子. Often eaten during special occasions, the chewy yam “seeds” are skewered and grilled over binchō-tan for added smokiness and flavour. Topped with a dried shrimp ragu, Chef Marvas wishes all his guests an abundance of wealth whenever they dine at Path.

This was an OK dish for me. Nice, don’t get me wrong, but so many other standout dishes are below. Like a chewy and gooey yam skewer. Charred over Binchotan (Japanese charcoal), which did give it some smoky kick… Not bad at all.

path restaurant lamb shoulder balls

Path Restaurant: Lamb “Beignet”

From his time in China and Hong Kong, Chef Marvas fell in love with a simple street-side snack, 肉夹馍 rou-jia-mo. Recreating this favoured dish with his distinct flare, Lumina baby lamb shoulder is braised and hand-shredded, before being encased in a thin crispy dough ball. A delightful bite to end off our trio of Memories.

Now this is where it gets going. This little doughy nugget was stunning. I loved this dish. One mouthful single-serve flavour bomb. What an absolute cracker this is Chef. More, please…

From his time in China and Hong Kong, Chef Marvas fell in love with a simple street-side snack, 肉夹馍 rou-jia-mo. Recreating this favoured dish with his distinct flare, Lumina baby lamb shoulder is braised and hand-shredded, before being encased in a thin crispy dough ball. 

Path Restaurant starter

Path Restaurant: Aubergine “Sphere”

The absolute genius of the chef and crew is easily defined in this one little memory.
You pop this in as a single bite, and it literally explodes in your mouth releasing this intense savoury experience, which then gets finished off with a super cheese hit from the little cracker it is sitting on. Bravo chef, bravo.
path restaurant bonito tartare

Path Restaurant: Bonito Tartare, with Quinoa, Yuzu Kosho

Folks, I even ate this. You know me and these pesky fish. When this arrived at the table-side I could not resist giving it a try: I ate with my eyes. My goodness gracious me, what a beautiful dish this is for the eyes, nose, taste, and texture. Simply stunning.
The word I’ll use is fresh. Everything was just fresh, with no smell of fish just those fresh herbs, and micro-greens. This is going to be good and it was. I kid you not, I could have eaten another of these. It was truly so delicious: herbs, citrus, and fresh raw tuna. Stunning. I can’t quite believe I am saying this haha.
path restaurant pork collar collagen soup

Path Restaurant: Pork Collagen Bone, Broth, Tiger Prawn, Morel Mushroom

And here comes the chef again making a massively positive attack on our senses. The intense, and I mean intense, nose to the pork broth was up there. You just knew this was going to be deep and unctuous with that collagen in there too. And again, check the plating from the chef and kitchen crew: simply beautiful.
Wow. One of the best broths I have ever eaten. I was right, that is some intense pork flavour in that broth, with that ever-present collagen adding that additional layer. Then, add to that those morels, my favourite mushroom, and you step up yet another level to the king of broths status. 
path restaurant us maple leaf duck rillette

Path Restaurant: US Maple Leaf Duck Rillette 'XO-style', Onsen Egg, Burnt Leek Emulsion, Brioche

This is the dish that caused ‘Maple-Leaf Gate’ and a rather continuous dialogue between Kurt and Lyn throughout service. Kurt, being Canadian, clearly had something to say about a dish being called US Maple Leaf. But actually, there is indeed Maple Leaf Farms Corporate, 101 East, Church Street, Leesburg, IN, USA. They are breeding and producing top-drawer duck products.

I broke it gently to Kurt the next day…

I think you’ll agree the chef and crew have nailed it on the presentation again. That’s a work of art right there. Such a cracking plate of food, I eagerly await to tuck into.

The idea, as usual with anything using onsen egg, is to get mixing but I wanted to have a little of that burnet leek emulsion on its own first. That was something special. Now I can mix it.

Boy oh boy you get so many flavour pops and texture kicks from this. The onsen egg adds that ’emulsion’ to every bite, and then you can pick out every single flavour as you chew, literally popping all along your tongue. I really, really liked this one.

path restaurant petuna ocean trout

Path Restaurant: Petuna Ocean Trout, Sour Plum Vinaigrette, Citrus, Apple

I drew a line on this one and ‘donated’ my dish to Xavier. Sad to say, Chef, fish is a Nemesis, and King of the Nemesis is cooked trout. I did not want to waste this thing of beauty, so donated accordingly.

Let’s just say I passed it to Xavier, turned away for a minute and this bad boy was gone when I turned back. That says a lot. I will finish this one by kicking myself that I cannot eat such a beautiful plate of food

path restaurant kiwami aus wagyu striploin

Path Restaurant: Kiwami Aus Wagyu MBS9 Striploin, Pistachio Puree, Air-dried Beef 'XO shallot Dashi Jus', Silken Potato, Cevennes Onion Parcel

(Additional supplement $40)

Oh my. Approaching a food coma, but this surely woke Kurt, Mike, and myself up. What a veritable smorgasbord of flavours and textures. I’d go back again and again just for this. 

A little surprise was the stuffed onion parcel, Cévennes sweet onions have a unique taste with a mild flavour and zero bitterness. They can be enjoyed either raw or cooked. Grown along terraced hillsides in France using traditional methods and harvested by hand, this juicy, crunchy onion is delicious in salads, oven-roasted, or caramelized. What the chef has done though is go one massive step further: stuffing it  with something akin to a beef rillette. What a stunner this was, but then on top was something I would describe as extreme flavoured biltong, which is air-dried beef.

Note, I have not even got to the Kiwami Wagyu yet. Suffice it to say that was beef butter, melt-in-the-mouth Wagyu heavenly steak. Just sublime. But, then add a little of that jus and pistachio puree and KAPOW!!! My goodness, this was one up there with the. best fo the best steak dish. Amazing work chef and crew. 

path restaurant tomato dessert

Path Restaurant: Heirloom Tomato, Aiyu Jelly, Oolong Tea, Strawberry

Kurt nearly fell off his chair. He is a lover, growing his own at home, of tomatoes. So when this bad boy arrived as dessert, he surely was one happy camper.

This was likely one of the best desserts ever to cross the lips of this fat, beardy face. Oh, my Lordy. It’s a tomato sorbet folks. Yes, TOMATO SORBERT. Served with little cherry tomatoes, a strawberry mousse of sorts, and the jelly which has balsamic within. It’s so unique, and boy did I want more. This is, without a doubt, one of my all-time favourite desserts.

What does Path Restaurant have to say about itself?

Executive Chef Marvas Ng’s inaugural restaurant in partnership with 1855 F&B, Path is a contemporary restaurant that presents the heart-warming familiarity of East</a> Asian flavours, elevated with French finesse, and layered with strong personal style and inspirations.

In this welcoming airy space, you will find a unique experience, where each dish is a memory, and tells a story that Chef hopes will remind diners of their own.

Our conclusions of Path Restaurant at Marina Bay Financial Centre 3

If you’re on the hunt for a culinary adventure that combines the best of East Asian flavors with French finesse, look no further than Path Restaurant in the heart of Singapore’s Marina Bay Financial Centre. I am so happy that I chose this for today’s fining adventure with Kurt, Mike, and Xavier: and I am pretty confident they’d concur with me.

Picture this: you’re strolling through the dazzling maze of towering skyscrapers in Singapore’s bustling Marina Bay Financial Centre, and suddenly, your nose catches a scent so divine, it’s like a siren’s call for your taste buds. That, my friends, is the moment you’ll discover the magic of Path Restaurant.

Path Restaurant is nestled within the culinary wonderland of Singapore and the financial district of Singapore. It isn’t just a dining spot; it’s a journey, a journey dining on the chef’s memories. 

Chef Marvas’s kitchen and the crew will undoubtedly leave you hungry for more.

Path Restaurant, located at MBFC Tower 3 in Singapore, is a modern Asian dining establishment that combines East Asian flavors with French culinary techniques. Chef Marvas, the chef behind the restaurant, has introduced a creative Mod-Asian menu that has garnered many positive reviews – including this one.

Diners can enjoy a variety of courses, including set lunches and prix fixe dinners, showcasing a fusion of Asian and French influences. We absolutely enjoyed the set lunch and would highly recommend it. But as we sat there, we also saw the variety of eye candy dishes being served from the A La Carte menu: great reasons to be going back one day with the family.

What is the address and contact details of Path Restaurant MBFC3?

Address: 12 Marina Boulevard, Tower 3, #01-05/06 Marina Bay Financial Centre, 018982
Phone: 6443 0180

What are the opening hours of Path Restaurant Singapore?

Friday11:30 am–2 pm, 6–10:30 pm
Saturday6–10:30 pm
Monday11:30 am–2 pm, 6–10:30 pm
Tuesday11:30 am–2 pm, 6–10:30 pm
Wednesday11:30 am–2 pm, 6–10:30 pm
Thursday11:30 am–2 pm, 6–10:30 pm

People also asked about Path Restaurant Marina Bay Financial Centre...

Q1: What is the address of Path Restaurant at Marina Bay Financial Centre?

A1: Path Restaurant is located at Marina Bay Financial Centre, but for the exact address, you can visit their official website or check a restaurant directory.

Q2: What type of cuisine does Path Restaurant at Marina Bay Financial Centre serve?

A2: Path Restaurant offers modern Asian cuisine that combines East Asian flavors with French culinary techniques.

Q3: Is Path Restaurant suitable for special occasions?

A3: Yes, Path Restaurant is often considered suitable for special occasions due to its unique menu and elegant ambiance.

Q4: Are reservations required at Path Restaurant?

A4: Reservations are recommended, especially during peak dining hours, to secure your table at Path Restaurant.

Q5: Does Path Restaurant have vegetarian or vegan options?

A5: Path Restaurant typically offers a variety of options for vegetarians and can often accommodate dietary preferences. You may want to check their menu or contact them directly for specific details.

Q6: Is Path Restaurant Halal?

A6: No

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