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Pulau Ubin @ Season Live Seafood


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Pulau Ubin Restaurant – Season Live Seafood


Best Pulau Ubin restaurant has to be Pulau Ubin @ Season Live Seafood, you must come here to eat somewhere different even for just one day.

Mum and I did this this day, along with Mary and Jude. $2.20 each way on the bum boat, and 15 minutes later you feel like you have gone back in time and are in another country. It was superb. Mum loved it, and we loved it. It sure had been a while Pulau Ubin, but I tell you what it won’t be as long next time.

Pulau Ubin @ Season Live Seafood
Season Live Seafood Restaurant. Unassuming, not exactly bustling this day, but seriously bloody good food. Very reasonable price, fresh as you like, great views and all washed down with an icy cold you know what – heaven

Daddy-Pedia time;

The name Pulau Ubin is translated from Malay and means “Granite Island”, which kind of explains the many abandoned granite quarries on the island. Pulau means “island”, and Ubin is said to be a Javanese word for “squared stone”. To the Malays, the island is known as Pulau Batu Ubin, or “Granite Stone Island”. The rocks on the island were used to make floor tiles in the past. Those tiles were called Jubin. Lazy humans shortened that to Ubin, hey presto. But were here to eat not to cut stone – this is Pulau Ubin @ Season Live Seafood.

I love the legend, in that the island was formed when three animals from Singapore, a frog, a pig and an elephant, created a challenge. A challenge to a race each other to the shores of Johor. The animals that failed would turn to stone. All three did not make it so by default all turned to stone. The elephant and pig together turned into Pulau Ubin, and the frog became Pulau Sekudu or Frog Island. How about that? Did you know the story?

Well on this trip I returned looking like an elephant, after eating and drinking like a pig, and burped all the way home like a flipping frog – so perhaps the legend is true. Luckily I survived the turning to stone. But I did sleep like a log afterwards.

The little jetty bustling away with bum boats awaiting passengers wanting to go back to mainland, well island of Singapore that is. $2.20 each way ain't bad at all to get away from hustle and bustle of city Singapore and chill in a place that has gone back in time.
Here’s the little jetty – your entry to the island. Bustling with bum boats either dropping off or returning to home.
Pulau Ubin @ Season Live Seafood
Around the harbour area is the town square, basically a small square these days surrounded by houses renting bikes for travellers to travel the island – yep it is quite big. But sit on the sea side of them and you see the heritage I suppose – quaint little fishing houses on stilts, boats moored and perhaps not used any more – off-shore are floating fishing villages. Its peaceful, its old, its made for watching, its just bloody great.
Pulau Ubin @ Season Live Seafood
So to some food my friends, after all this is a short review of the restaurant no less. We ordered a lot and as usual went home with take-out. This was a beautiful dish – sort of a spin on Thai – a chicken breaded and fried cutlet in a spicy yet tangy sticky gooey sauce. Hell yeah not a bad start.
Pulau Ubin @ Season Live Seafood
Here are their fried ribs in an XO, come marmite sauce, sprinkled with a little sesame seed. OMG. To die for. Unctuous, sticky, gooey, fried – come on need I go on any further. What was missing from this luncheon??
Pulau Ubin @ Season Live Seafood
Tiger Tiger Burning Bright…
Hold on a minute that’s a sodding poem.
Oh yeah that’s right – what was missing was beer. All this spicy, gooey, salty food needed something to help one wash the food down and I can think of nothing better than a big stripy cat for that – bring them on!!!
Pulau Ubin @ Season Live Seafood
Next, out comes Mary’s choice, steamed fish in XO sauce. Looked incredible, just a shame I really hate fish. But it smelt delicious, and to be honest I did try the sauce and WOW it was really good. Mary and Mum devoured this. Fresh as you like, cooked on the spot, with none on this pre-prepared, tinned, frozen crap.
Pulau Ubin @ Season Live Seafood
Yours truly with Mum and Baby Jude, standing at the veranda of the restaurant. Singapore behind us, food and drink in front of us.

Get yourself to Season Live Seafood Restaurant the best Pulau Ubin Restaurant there is. $4.40 each to get there and back. Cheap food and drink. Great views. Great food – truly great. Its fresh, cooked on the moment. You relax, you just can’t help but to. You people watch. You have silence, but it certainly not uncomfortable silence. So if you do want to escape the city, and the prices of the city, and if you want to see what Singapore was like back in the day, if you want to chill and have a few beers over great great food. You now know where to come my friends, that would be Pulau Ubin @ Season Live Seafood!

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