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La Cantina in Venezia @ Changi Village Hotel


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Brian Kennett

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La Cantina in Venezia @ The Village Hotel Changi

2022 update – sadly closed due to Covid-19 as the actual Village Hotel Changi close its doors for business

Screenshot 2022 03 27 at 3.14.57 PM La Cantina in Venezia @ Changi Village Hotel

Another surprise in Changi Village much like our visit to the Little Island Brewing co. and The Village Hotel Changi.

On the 8th floor of the hotel in one corner is this little place, that actually has 2 floors so becomes a little larger than I thought originally. We booked to get the outside seating area on the patio. The food was good. It really was great Italian food. But, then add the 1+1+1. The food, the view, the sea breeze, the Sea Eagles swooping, yachts sailing, sunsets setting and you take a breath and absorb it all in. It is one of the very best locations I have ever eaten at in Singapore when you apply the 1+1+1. This is how it went at La Cantina in Venezia @ Changi Village Hotel.

It’s a bit tired. We sat under a broken umbrella, like being shaded by the blades of a helicopter rotor. If it had been sunny we might have looked like Zebras today. Un-matching chairs as well, some I think they nicked from the swimming pool. The menus looked about 50-years-old and more dog-eared and wrinkled than my face etc… But it was busy, as in solid packed. We had a great dinner, it was seriously lovely as you will see shortly. The staff were so very nice too. This is absolutely worth a visit. If you want some cracking food and some of the best views in Singapore whilst you eat – AKA no bloody oil-tankers, supply ships or container vessels get yourself here. We dined and watched the World. It was heavenly. Again, another big surprise as we had no idea La Cantina in Venezia @ Changi Village Hotel even existed until we venture this way for a stay-cation.

Let’s hear from them, shall we?

Italian food is an intrinsic part of that country’s way of life, where the quality of your meal and the mood in which it is eaten has to be special every single day. “Il piacere di mangiare, la cucina italiana semplice e buona”, the pleasure of eating simple and healthy Italian cooking, is what drives Cantina restaurant to take advantage of a huge regional culinary heritage. With a wide array of robust traditional dishes, Cantina ensures that only the best fresh ingredients are used to maintain flavourful quality. Eating well has to be one of life’s indispensable pleasures, a philosophy behind Cantina restaurant. We cater to vegetarians, fish or seafood with or without pasta available at all times. At the heart of every meal, is the enjoyment of wine. For wine connoisseurs, our restaurant offers an extensive selection of wines, the beauty of Italian wines is that there is such variety on offer at all price points. For the discerning palette, you will find a vast quantity of exclusively selected wines from our restaurant.

“Seeing is deceiving. It’s eating that’s believing.” – James Thurber (I like that!!!)

Good work l La Cantina in Venezia @ Changi Village Hotel that was a great meal thanks. Your staff were lovely too, and very attentive especially we were sat outside and inside was packed. Great job. A seriously lovely meal in a unique location in Singapore. I like it, I like it a lot. I sat, gazed and grazed, my mind wandered. I left very happily, as did we all.

It might be worth a call to these guys to book. You don’t want to come all the way to Changi Village, come up 8 floors and have no space. Do you? Especially if you want the view below, as we did this night.

Changi Village Hotel, 1 Netheravon Road, #08/09-02, 508502
Tel: 6546 9190
La Cantina in Venezia
This is our view tonight from La Cantina in Venezia. How is that? Not one oil-tanker, supply ship or container vessel. It’s Pulau Ubin, fish farms, sailing yachts, Changi Beach and blue seas and skies. And we are getting a stunner of a sea breeze to waft us as we eat to boot. I tell you nowhere else on The Red Dot gives you this view whilst dining. Quality! It made it so special this evening.
La Cantina in Venezia @ Changi Village Hotel
And here we are a gang of 5. See what I mean re the chairs – clearly chair variety is their spice of life. They could do with a wee table cloth or two methinks too. Hopefully, the helicopter rotor blades don’t start spinning and the table takes off haha. Hey ho, all is good. Let’s get a beer and get the orders in.

And we’re off. I heard a ‘ting’ out they start coming.

La Cantina in Venezia @ Changi Village Hotel
Mushroom Cream Soup. I always like to do a comparison of this soup. It’s a stable one so quite easy to do so. And their version is bloody good. Seriously creamy with a finely chopped selection of different fresh mushrooms. A cracker to start off the grazing. I really did like this.
La Cantina in Venezia @ Changi Village Hotel
And then out comes my Garlic Pizza Bread. Hell yes! I dipped some of this in the mushroom soup – wonderful food bedfellows. A cracking garlic bread. Melted butter on their, super-thin and crispy pizza based, baked to perfection. We all got stuck into this one. Simple, but simply great!!!
La Cantina in Venezia @ Changi Village Hotel
Like some Swan Vesta matches on a plate. So cute. I think Jude ate about half of these, but just the tops with the Jamon on, and then handed off the remaining breadsticks. Again these were just great. We have these across the road in Siglap, but the Grissini is rock-solid and crunchy, these were soft and doughy gooey – bloody brilliant. Cracking set of Grissini Wrapped With Parma.
La Cantina in Venezia @ Changi Village Hotel
Amy and Jude Jude go for this fella. I became addicted to the sauce. Again super-creamy, this time with tomato and basil. A stunner of a sauce. I was dipping my Grissini in Amy’s and she got rather annoyed with how much I was taking. Stunning sauce!!! And then homemade pasta stuffed with Ricotta and Parma Ham, AKA Ravioli Di Magro. WINNER!!!
La Cantina in Venezia @ Changi Village Hotel
Up next is Wifey’s Grilled Lamb with Rosemary, AKA Agnello Alla Griglia Con Rosmarino. Being a food heathen she ordered well-done. The server did step-in; “Are you sure Ma’am would not prefer medium-well?” Well done haha!!! Looks pretty good to me. I did have a bite, and it had a nice punch with some mint sauce there too. Really good, just massively over-cooked as instructed haha!!!
La Cantina in Venezia @ The Village Hotel Changi
BeBe gets stuck into the Italian herbed pesto basil sauce, simply called Pesto on the menu. I am going out on a limb here to say 100% homemade pesto as you can see from the picture that is super-velvety and sticking to the pasta. That looks super fresh and super good. BeBe totally agreed with me!!!
La Cantina in Venezia @ The Village Hotel Changi
It’s dark now and a food coma is hitting us all after a late lunch and more quality chowing here. Twinkly lights and stars, oh yeah and one more Bavaria lager make me and the kids opt-in for a dessert. I crack into this bad boy – the Black Tartufo. Beautifully bitter chocolate powder and high cocoa chocolate ice-cream, with a centre that definitely had some alcoholic punch to it (just can’t find what that is from their website) – I do remember this was missing the Hazelnuts it was supposed to be coated in from the description in the menu. Still, despite that, a bloody nice ending to the meal.

La Cantina in Venezia @ The Village Hotel Changi is really quite nice. It does need a refresh though. We are spoilt in Siglap with our mates at Etna who continually refresh everything, so not sure I would travel all the way down to Changi Village to eat here unless we really wanted that view or we happened to be staying at the hotel again. It really was nice though, so if you happen to be or want to be at Changi Village make sure you book up and get that balcony experience. It really is a UNIQUE package in my reckoning in Singapore. I am certain you will!


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