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St John’s Island, Singapore


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


St John’s Island, Singapore


Wow what an amazing day doing things I have never done before. Off we all go to St John’s Island, Singapore. One of the Southern Islands, just off Sentosa. Off you go first to Marina South Ferry Terminal, and hop on a 20 minute bum boat ride and hey presto there she blows.

Daddy-Pedia time. This little island used to be called Pulau Sakijang Bendera. It’s only a little bit off the Southern Sentosa end of Singapore – about 7km away. So a very short bum boat trip. In the late 19th century it was actually a quarantine station for immigrants that had cholera. in early 1900’s beri beri, and leprosy were added to the disease list. By 1930 it was known across the world as a quarantine screening centre for Asian’s returning home from pilgrimages to Mecca.

In the mid 20th century it was all change and it became a drug rehab and penal settlement. Luckily though all that stopped in 1975 when it became the beautiful, tranquil island locations it is today. It is flipping brilliant it really is.

This place is awesome for families. Clean beaches, clean water, toilet and shower facilities, BBQ pits and BBQ seating. It is wonderful. You can’t book through – so we’d suggest you get here about 9 or 10 to secure your preferred location and get going midday. It is just quality.

St John's Island, Singapore
Only one missing is Leonardo Dicaprio – yeap that photo – The Beach

On St John’s Island, Singapore we played in the sea, we played on the grass, we played games, we played music, we danced, we laughed, we drank and we ate like Kings and Queens.

St John's Island, SIngapore
St John’s Island Sunset – Now that is not a bad end to any day is it – not a haze in sight. Lovely!

You have to come here to St John’s Island, Singapore. Come visit the Southern Islands, you will not regret it. We’ll be back absolutely. The Semi-Naked Chef says you must. ENJOY!!!

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