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Kyuubei Japanese Restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi: Sadly closed 2022


Kyuubei Japanese restaurant, at Village Hotel Changi Village. Closed its doors 2022. Sadly a Covid victim.

Screenshot 2022 03 27 at 3.14.57 PM Kyuubei Japanese Restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi: Sadly closed 2022

For Valentine’s 2020 wifey and I decided to do something different. Cards only on the day, which fell on Friday this year. Because it fell on a Friday and I had work to go to, and because we had been to Changi Village a few times recently we decided to have a stay-cation for our present to each other. That stay-cation did have Strawberry Blonder, Jude Jude and BeBe with us. But it was just such an ACE idea. I’ll have another blog up for the stay-cation but this is the one just for the food. And day #1 for lunch were we surprised or what. This is Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village.

The surprise continued on day #1 when we went for dinner, but again, you’ll read that in another blog soon. We stayed at Village Hotel, Changi Village. What an amazing hotel, that is 15 minutes down the road. And oh my goodness have they chosen their food partners well. I kid you not, today we had some of the best Japanese and Italian food. Nestled in Changi Village, who’d have thought it? This has now become a must-visit again and again for us, for lunch and dinner and stay-cation. We love Changi Village.

Let’s hear from Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village;

“Situated in the cosy Changi Village, Kyuubei Japanese was a humble Japanese restaurant serving you carefully crafted dishes, fresh sashimi as well as homemade desserts that will bound to tantalise your tastebuds.”

Crafted, and AMAZING dishes I would add at Kyuubei Japanese. Talk about being humble, bless them. This really has now become a stand-out Japanese restaurant in Singapore for us. It’s just super, as you will below from the photos. Come down and see them, you will not be disappointed, that I can guarantee. It’s in the hotel itself, so don’t expect private and secluded dining. But who gives a shit regards to that, when you hear the service ‘ting’ and start to see the plates on the table.

What’s the address of Kyuubei Japanese?

1, Netheravon Road, #01-03, Village Hotel Changi 508502
Telephone: 6509 0909
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
As per his usual style at a Japanese restaurant, Jude Jude takes all the chopstick holders, the hot towels and the hotel towel holders and makes a sort of Japanese garden landscape scene whilst waiting for his food. I think he also took the hot towel concept to a hotel spa level.
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
Ah, there he is. See what I mean? We are literally sat in the hotel lobby area, just beyond the Japanese flag signs.
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
The artisan performing his craft at Kyuubei Japanese. This is just for a rice dish. I say just… Look at this Chef, brushing on a sauce and then flaming it with a hand torch. If only you could smell this. Some cracking inking too, I like, Chef. We had just placed our order, you just know this is going to be good
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
1st up was a Jude Jude favourite. Fugu Mirin Boshi. Pufferfish candy, with a little Japanese Mayo and fish roe. This was super-sweet, almost honey flavour, with smoke and char from the grill. I don’t like fish, as you know, but I would fight over this.
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
Amy gets into her choice of Tempura Udon. The broth was wonderful and the udon noodles were soft and super fresh. She loved it, and just added that she wished they had given her a couple more of the prawn tempura as one was not enough at Kyuubei Japanese.
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
Even the Edamame was super good. I love it when Edamame comes out still on the stalks. Super fresh. If only I could have had the Wagyu Beef fat as I did before, remember that?
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
I ordered this one. I was intrigued. Kyuubei Japanese Crispy Bacon Sarada. Pan-fried streaky bacon with sesame sauce. I don’t know what they do to their bacon, but holy cow (pig) this is the best ever. I could not go for the salad though as it has seaweed and Bonito flakes on it – not my favourite stuff. Jude Jude and I destroyed the bacon and Wifey and BeBe wolfed down the salad. It was a super refreshing salad.
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
We only go for one Sashimi dish today, but there is a tonne on offer in the Kyuubei Japanese Sushi and Sashimi department. We had super over-ordered on the other dishes. As I said before, a super reason to have to come back.
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
See what I mean about #foodart at Kyuubei Japanese? Check this out. We almost didn’t want to touch it and spoil the craftsmanship. It is just stunning plating. Wifey gets her Uni Otsukuri fix. You take a little piece of the dried seaweed, place some Uni on it and give it a little roll-up. Wifey said; “Extremely fresh, very sweet, almost like it was straight from the sea.
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
One of mine up next. I tell you what folks this was heavenly. It’s pan-fried Hokkaido Wagyu stuffed with Eggplant and served with homemade Ginger Sauce. AKA Wagyu Niku No Nasu Maki. I tell you what this one is some special food. A sauce to die for. Incredible char-grilled super-tender Wagyu, and super-soft Eggplant. WOW on a plate. I would have this every single time I come here.
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
BeBe went for Saba Shioyaki. This is Mackerel in Salt. Chargrilled to perfection. Wifey and BeBe ate every single last piece of this with oohs and aahs. Super-fresh fish with incredible flavours and it looks absolutely stunning when plated.
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
Here’s another stop-the-bus dish from the restaurant. Once again, I have to call out the plating skills of the Chefs here. #foodporn on steroids. Goodness me, just look the sear and the marbling on those little rolls of Hokkaido Wagyu. WOW!!! This was just off-the-charts good food. The sauce and beef are perfect bed-fellows and you get flavour pops happening as you get into this. Super dish. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Gyuniku Tataki – this could be a ChillaxBBQ dish right here. This is lightly seared beef with homemade citrus sauce. Talk about an underplay to a dish.
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
We got this one by mistake, but it looked so very interesting I told them we’d keep it. I mean, just have a look at this plate. They hollowed out an eggplant, cooked it with the other ingredients and then assembled using the eggplant skin as a stacker mould. GENIUS!!! This is the Nasu Fukiyose. Wifey said this was quite an unbelievable dish. It is a stunner. This is stewed Eggplant with Scallop, Shimeji Mushroom, and Tiger Prawn with thick Savoury Sauce. Ding Dong!!!
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
Up next is a dish to die for. Punchy on the $$$ frontage but worth every cent. Wagyu Niku Sumiyaki. A little overdone methinks to be overly critical and that aligns with the picture in the menu, but it won on flavour in a big way. Seared Hokkaido Wagyu Striploin with Homemade Sauce. This came with some fresh thinly sliced garlic and some pan-fried garlic pieces. A slice of the beef with a little of the garlic chips and sauce – holy shit. Texture and flavour explosions all in one bite. Deary me. Quality.
Akami Carpaccio
Another must-try now for the wifey and yet again #foodart. Just look at this. I can picture the Chef in the back plating this with tweezers to create this work of art. Lightly seared Bluefin Tuna served with homemade Citrus Sauce and Truffle Oil. OMG!!! A VERY happy Wifey from this, one hell of a Valentine’s gif or what!!! This is Akami Carpaccio.
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
And the last savoury dish for today and a belter of the last dish to have. Foie Gras Teryaki. Oh yeah, and for added WOW how about a lump of super-fresh Uni to boot? These guys do it so well. It’s a stunning dish. The foie was buttery in texture with that super sweet Teryaki sauce. What an end to the savoury selection today. Ding Dong.
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
A rather bizarre dessert, but well worth a go. Like no sorbet I have ever had. Strawberry Sorbet served with a Red Wine Sauce. It comes with little bits of Yuzu peel which gives it a nice sour touch and texture. But the sorbet texture is just strange. Almost powdery. Rather nice, but rather bizarre.
Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village
And last up for today’s AMAZING, truly amazing lunch is Yuzu Ice-Cream. Super zingy. The kids loved it. Almost like Sherbert. Bring it on.

I chatted with Eugenia Tan, the Assistant Manager @ Kyuubei Japanese restaurant @ Village Hotel Changi Village, and she explained that they had changed the menu recently. I can’t comment on the former of course, but your new menu is exceptional. It is a MONSTER though. So very much choice of pretty much every ‘style’ of Japanese cuisine. Be proud of that Eugenia, Chefs and the rest of your crew.

We’ll be back to see you soon, that is a certainty. Big menu = more reason to return. Every plate was a piece of #foodart #foodporn and we loved every single one from the taste perspective too. Amaze-balls Japanese food experience. A die-die-must-try experience. East Coasters has a HIGH recommendation from family Kennett. Get your bums down here.


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