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ChillaxBBQ Su-Ling’s Birthday on a Super Yacht


ChillaxBBQ Su-Ling’s Birthday on a Super Yacht

How good is this? ChillaxBBQ have a new experience today in ChillaxBBQ Su-Ling’s Birthday on a Super Yacht. I kid you not. Today we are off to Lazarus Island on a real superyacht, supplied by Shawn of Super Yacht Rentals based at Sentosa‘s One Degree 15 Yacht Club. Uber cool day aboard the superyacht Anka.

By the way if you want to book your own Yacht for the Day, check out the Private Yacht Rental in Singapore by Esora which costs $599 for the day

I have to thank my Mary for helping me prep til 0100am the day before, that’s a lot of food we needed. 50 pax on board.

Thanks to the crew with me today, Steve, Soph and Ollie – great work. It was hot up there.

Thanks to our suppliers old and new – The Cheese Shop, Alternative Butchers and Expats (welcome to ChillaxBBQ, Joana).

Thanks to Shawn and the Super Yacht crew aboard Anka – unlike Jaws, we did not need a bigger boat...

11am arrival at the yacht club. A couple of Kronenbourgs to get the nerves relaxed, and then off to the super yacht, and man oh man did this not disappoint. The biggest yacht I have ever been on. A galley the size of my kitchen in the condo, a dining and living room, front and back entertainments decks, bedrooms galore, a roof-top hot tub, and roof-top BBQ pit. Yep, that’s our station for the afternoon for 5 hours travel time. How cool is this opportunity? ChillaxBBQ thanks and wishes a very happy birthday to Su-Ling and thanks to you for ChillaxBBQ Su-Ling’s Birthday on a Super Yacht.

So let’s give you an overview of the afternoon through some photos.

chillaxbbq superyacht
Here she is – Super Yacht Anka, moored up at Sentosa. What a beauty!
I think we’re ready. ChillaxBBQ crew is good to go. Not daunted by Super Yacht cooking? Nah!
superyacht bbq
The first few guests start to explore the yacht. Believe me, this thing is massive, and simply stunning.
chillaxbbq super yacht anka
And we’re off! My crew for today did an amazing job. Big Bird on the tools with me, and Ollie and Soph on prep and serving! Great work works, great work!
superyacht anka
It was such a cool party. Being up the top we had a great view of the surroundings, and also the fun being had. Not a bad workstation at all.
superyacht bbq's
Yours truly loading up our serving spoons. This was Joana’s onion jam and chicken liver pate, that I added a drop of balsamic too and then topped off with a cube of our famous Singaporean style slow roast pork belly. It was a CRACKER and got a lot of commentary from the guests. New dish = a keeper!
chillaxbbq bacon lychee poppers
Now a regular favourite. Our scrummy lychee and bacon poppers.
chillaxbbq tomahawks
Of course, we had Tomahawks, 2 big bad boys in fact. Reverse seared to perfection medium rare, seasoned with Kampot pepper and salt. Can it get better than once charred on the BBQ? We don’t think so!
bacon onion bombers
Another new dish for today’s session, Ollie thinks one of the guests called them stinky bombers because of the onion. I think onion bombers with bacon and BBQ beef sounds better. What about you?
chillaxbbq smoked salmon
Another new one for us today. Well, we are cooking on a yacht so must have a fish right. So here is our BBQ flavoured smoky salmon. Winner winner. Disappeared so must have been nice unless it jumped overboard…?
chillaxbbq slow roast pork belly
Our famous slow roast Singaporean style pork belly, with our apple mustard puree.
chillaxbbq bacon wrapped dates
Some work to be done with this one. People loved the flavour, but not the texture. The dates went all mushy when cooked. Hmmmmm. Maybe next time we need to cut them in half and have half a streaky bacon wrap round. Hmmm, let me think!
pate and roast pork
This is a cracker. Onion jam, chicken liver pate, drizzle balsamic and our roast pork belly. Boom! Great work on the jam and pate, Joana Elfein @ Expates. An amazing new dish for ChillaxBBQ.
chillaxbbq roast pork
How good is this pork? We get our meats now from Alternative. So fresh, so good. All free-range from Australia. It’s the best.
lazarus island
Happy campers indeed. Beautiful location over at Lazarus Island for some swimming, chatting, messing about – and hopefully some good food.
superyachts singapore
See what I mean! This yacht is VERY cool. It comes with all these little goodies. Fun in the sun!
superyachts singapore
Too much deodorant ladies? Nah they’re just having a giggle. Everyone was just having fun, just great to see.
chillaxbbq tomahawks
Two Beef Tomahawks today. This is with truffle salt, hell yes! Nicely done! Each slice is like a steak in its own right. So good. Again great meat from our buddies at Alternative.
reverse-seared tomahawks
Man oh man – amazing meat. This one is just with Kampot pepper and a little salt. Reverse-seared for 2 hours, rested, charred, rested, carved.
chillaxbbq peri peri chicken
Towards the end now, Su-Ling said no more spoons, everyone will be inside so let’s just put all on to one plate. Thanks for that gorgeous! Phew. So, here is the Peri Peri Chicken, with our amazing Peri-Peri sauce – a little different today as I used Balsamic vinegar, not red wine vinegar. Killer!
chillaxbbq roast pork
A monster stack of slow roast pork belly with apple mustard puree. A heaven mountain! We slow roast this on 90 for 3 hours, before firing to top heat to get the crackling. Secret marinade though ha ha!
chillaxbbq 3-cheese-fondue
Here she is – the fast becoming one of our most popular dishes. Our three-cheese fondue. Man, this is good. Cheese is a must from The Cheese Shop, Joo Chiat Road, go say hi to Chris. We fry off onions, chilli, mushrooms and Thyme in a pan, then throw in the cheese and melt her down. Served with crusty toasted bread. We were supposed to have this in our new fondue warmer, but one of the ChillaxBBQ crew lost it – you know who you are!
onion bombers
There are the onion bombers again – minced beef, BBQ sauce, breadcrumbs, egg, salt and pepper, stuffed into onion rings, wrapped in bacon and then roasted in the oven. These are seriously good!
singapore super yachts
And here is the party girl and friends. Happy Happy Birthday Su-Ling from the ChillaxBBQ crew. How good is this? A hot tub, atop the yacht. Bubbles and more Bubbles. Yeah, this is the life of luxury alright.
chillaxbbq honey paprika prawns
Paprika prawns, with Manuka honey and bacon breadcrumbs. Oh my goodness these flew off the platter. I think they liked these a lot. Easy recipe; prawns into a bag, add in 2 Tbsp chopped garlic, juice of 2 lemons, S&P, 2 Tbsp paprika, and 2 Tbsp Manuka honey. Mix it about and let it marinade. Grill it up on the BBQ and then sprinkle it with chilli flakes and bacon breadcrumbs.
chillaxbbq desserts
First-ever dessert for ChillaxBBQ made as a special request for Su-Ling. It’s going to sound a tad whacky this, and it was received as such by the guests. BUT, you simply have to believe me, the combination is CRAZY good. I had a queue waiting for more and more of this. It is indeed an absolute cracker!!! This is sweetcorn ice cream, with bacon bits, chilli, bacon breadcrumbs and maple syrup. OMG!
super yachts singapore bbq
Our little workstation for the afternoon, now that ain’t bad is it? Kitchen downstairs too with an oven, thank you so much! Our new mate Shawn is to the right too – the main man behind Super Yachts. What a cracking place to be cooking. Had to pinch me!
super yacht bbqs in singapore
ChillaxBBQ crew with Shawn. Nearly done and on the way back to Sentosa. Let’s grab a couple of beers. How good was that ChillaxBBQ? Up there with the best we’ve done, but with an added yacht bonus. So cool!

So there you have it. ChillaxBBQ Su-Ling’s Birthday on a Super Yacht. Again ChillaxBBQ cannot thank you enough Su-Ling. Thanks to Mary again for prepping with me. Thanks to the ChillaxBBQ crew today. Thanks to Shawn and the Anka crew. What a day. Many firsts. We hope the guests enjoyed the food, and cannot thank you enough for the kind words and hospitality. Seriously what a great day and one of the best ChillaxBBQ’s we have done to date. Give us a call at ChillaxBBQ and – ENJOY!!!

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