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ChillaxBBQ on a Boat | Keppel | Singapore BBQ


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

ChillaxBBQ on a Boat | Keppel | Singapore BBQ

When you get asked to cook for these gentlemen onboard their boat you simply cannot say no.

5 of some of the finest gentlemen I have ever met in my life, some new and some already BFF’s – but from its night on they are now 5 BFF’s for certain. I have cooked for the owners & friends of this boat once before and we nearly had a second one down but Covid sadly killed it.

And today we were so lucky to have organised it the night before the new rulings of 5 only in a group – but we did have to be back in the harbour before midnight. So off I went to Keppel Marina laden with goodies and utensils for the Chef Table BBQ adventure on the high seas surrounding Singapore.

We nestled the boat near Lazarus Island for some water sport before the food began.

On the menu tonight was;

Feedback on the food from the lovely gentlemen has been excellent – so I am a happy cook as well as a friend of new people.

Give ChillaxBBQ a call if you want some of the same…


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