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Breakfast Sandwich: Best Recipe 2023


Breakfast Sandwich recipe: The kids loved this

09:00 a.m. one day. I was so sleepy. And then I get from Ollie; “Dad where’s my breakfast?” Despite my tiredness, this turned out to be a spanking recipe. Truly spanking. Ollie gave this a major thumbs up. I had one bite, and man oh man do I agree with that verdict. A simple, and simply delicious brekkie sandwich – my Breakfast sandwich.


Breakfast sandwich
How good is this for on the run, or sitting comfortably at the breakfast table?

There is no need for me to list the ingredients for my Breakfast sandwich, as it all happens in sequence. It is such an easy, but bloody effective, recipe. Just follow as below;

  • 5x rashers of streaky bacon into a pan, with some oil, and get them cooking and crisping;
  • 2x slices white bread in the same pan with a little more oil, and fry one side then flip over to brown the other side;
  • Off with the heat, and lay 2x thin mature Cheddar cheese slices on one piece of the bread;
  • Take some black truffle sauce and spread thinly over the cheese;
  • Take a teaspoon or so of finely chopped garlic and spread over the other slice of bread;
  • Take a small handful of baby spinach and lay that on top of the garlic slice;
  • Finally lay the crispy bacon on the cheese, and truffle slice;
  • Bring them all together into a sandwich; and
  • Slice in half for serving.

This is an absolute cracker. Please make the effort to get some of the black truffle truffle sauce, as it really does make a difference. A difference in the taste, and clearly a difference in how much. Believe me, it is worth it. This is one you simply must try, my Breakfast sandwich. I will eat my hat if you don’t like this, I am that confident you will absolutely – ENJOY!!!

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