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Bacha Coffee opening new outlet Raffles City Mall


Bacha Coffee Raffles City Bacha Coffee opening new outlet Raffles City Mall

Bacha Coffee opens on the Ground Floor Raffles City February 2024

Adding another feather in its cap, the bustling shopping mall of Raffles City will be hosting the exquisite Bacha Coffee on its ground floor in February 2024. This popular brand, renowned for its 100% Arabica coffees, has brought its unique and aromatic selection straight from Marrakech, offering a refined coffee experience to city dwellers. It is the latest in a series of upscale additions to the diverse portfolio of Raffles City’s retail, food, and beverage roster.

Bacha Coffee is admired for its meticulous practice of crafting artisanal roasts, ensuring a flavor profile that is unmatched. Shoppers and coffee connoisseurs at Raffles City can now relish these fine blended coffees, instilling a pleasant break amidst their shopping sprees. The easily accessible location of Bacha Coffee, near the Swissotel the Stamford where TWG Teas its sister group is located, enhances the overall convenience and allure for patrons seeking a leisurely afternoon filled with premium coffee goodness.

Check out Bacha Coffee at Changi Airport

What is so Special about Bacha Coffee?

Bacha Coffee is known for its 100% Arabica coffees, sourced directly from Marrakech. This ensures that patrons at Raffles City are treated to a truly authentic and top-notch coffee experience.

• The addition of Bacha Coffee to the roster of retail, food, and beverage options at Raffles City reflects the mall’s commitment to offering a diverse range of upscale experiences for its shoppers.

Bacha Coffee stands out for its artisanal roasts, which are crafted with great care and precision. This meticulous process results in a flavor profile that is unique and highly appealing to coffee connoisseurs.

• Shoppers at Raffles City can now enjoy these fine blended coffees while taking a break from their shopping activities. This adds an element of relaxation and enjoyment to their overall shopping experience.

• The location of Bacha Coffee near Swissotel the Stamford makes it easily accessible for patrons who may want to combine their visit with other leisurely pursuits.

Single Original Coffee by Bacha Coffee

Coffee NamePlacePrice
Wagagai Crest CoffeeUganda, AfricaUS$ 15.00
Sidamo Mountain CoffeeEthiopia, AfricaUS$ 17.50
Yirgacheffe Heirloom CoffeeEthiopia, AfricaUS$ 19.00
Yirgacheffe Decaffeinated CoffeeEthiopia, AfricaUS$ 20.00
Java Blue CoffeeIndonesia, AsiaUS$ 17.50
San Cristobal CoffeeEcuador, South AmericaUS$ 34.00
Nyamasheke Highland CoffeeRwanda, AfricaUS$ 15.00
Star of Hanoi CoffeeVietnam, AsiaUS$ 14.00
Toba Mist CoffeeIndonesia, AsiaUS$ 16.00
Marcala Excellence CoffeeHonduras, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 14.50
Carmo CoffeeBrazil, South AmericaUS$ 16.00
Turquino CoffeeCuba, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 16.50
La Frontera CoffeeBolivia, South AmericaUS$ 17.50
Honey Dragon CoffeeChina, AsiaUS$ 12.50
Bantu Secret CoffeeCongo, AfricaUS$ 12.50
Grand Maragogype CoffeeNicaragua, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 21.50
Danu Gold CoffeeMyanmar, AsiaUS$ 22.50
Sigri Excellence CoffeePapua New Guinea, OceaniaUS$ 17.50
Kaffa Kaldi Supreme CoffeeEthiopia, AfricaUS$ 18.50
Kibira Rain CoffeeBurundi, AfricaUS$ 18.50
Camocim CoffeeBrazil, South AmericaUS$ 18.50
Black Pearl CoffeeKenya, AfricaUS$ 20.00
Sigri Jewel CoffeePapua New Guinea, OceaniaUS$ 19.00
Kinshasa Night CoffeeCongo, AfricaUS$ 19.50
Rosenheim Decaffeinated CoffeePeru, South AmericaUS$ 19.50
Tunki Valley CoffeePeru, South AmericaUS$ 19.50
El Flamingo Decaffeinated CoffeeMexico, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 19.50
Vilcabamba CoffeeEcuador, South AmericaUS$ 20.00
Elephant Maragogype CoffeeMexico, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 21.00
Mount Kenya CoffeeKenya, AfricaUS$ 18.50
Pang Khon CoffeeThailand, AsiaUS$ 17.50
Magdalena Decaffeinated CoffeeColombia, South AmericaUS$ 17.50
Inca Sun CoffeeEcuador, South AmericaUS$ 17.50
Muiri Flame CoffeeKenya, AfricaUS$ 28.00
La Reforma CoffeeEl Salvador, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 22.00
Rukuru River CoffeeMalawi, AfricaUS$ 22.00
Mount Everest CoffeeNepal, AsiaUS$ 39.00
Grand Moka Matari CoffeeYemen, Arabian PeninsulaUS$ 45.00
Skybury CoffeeAustralia, OceaniaUS$ 76.00
Volcán Azul Gesha CoffeeCosta Rica, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 110.00
Kona Paradise Meadows CoffeeHawaii, OceaniaUS$ 154.50
La Berlina Gesha CoffeePanama, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 155.50
Kona Cornwell CoffeeHawaii, OceaniaUS$ 163.00
Blue Mountain Gold Cup CoffeeJamaica, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 164.50
Blue Mountain Wallenford CoffeeJamaica, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 169.00
Camocim Jacu Bird CoffeeBrazil, South AmericaUS$ 292.00
Kachalù CoffeeColombia, South AmericaUS$ 12.50
Moon Mountain CoffeeUganda, AfricaUS$ 11.50
Guizhou Plateau CoffeeChina, AsiaUS$ 11.50
Rwanda Superior CoffeeRwanda, AfricaUS$ 12.50
Naranjo Mountain CoffeeCosta Rica, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 14.50
Mpika Jewel CoffeeZambia, AfricaUS$ 15.00
Lagoa CoffeeBrazil, South AmericaUS$ 15.00
São Silvestre CoffeeBrazil, South AmericaUS$ 15.00
Magdalena CoffeeColombia, South AmericaUS$ 15.00
Sierra Madre CoffeeGuatemala, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 15.50
Volcán Azul CoffeeCosta Rica, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 15.50
Los Andes Pacamara CoffeeEl Salvador, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 17.50
Volcán Azul Red Honey CoffeeCosta Rica, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 17.50
Dominican Republic Superior CoffeeDominican Republic, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 17.50
Caribbean Mountain CoffeeDominican Republic, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 17.50
Monsoon Secret CoffeeIndia, AsiaUS$ 16.50
Bagua Cloud Superior CoffeePeru, South AmericaUS$ 17.00
Villa Oriente CoffeeBolivia, South AmericaUS$ 17.00
El Flamingo CoffeeMexico, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 17.00
Boquete Highlands CoffeePanama, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 16.00
Serrano Superior CoffeeCuba, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 16.00
Sao Bento CoffeeBrazil, South AmericaUS$ 13.00
Zanzibar Gold CoffeeTanzania, AfricaUS$ 16.50
Sweet Santos Decaffeinated CoffeeBrazil, South AmericaUS$ 16.50
Guayacán CoffeeColombia, South AmericaUS$ 16.50
Rosenheim CoffeePeru, South AmericaUS$ 16.50
Lampocoy CoffeeGuatemala, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 16.50
Flores del Café Superior CoffeeNicaragua, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 16.50
Copantillo Prestige CoffeeHonduras, Central America & CaribbeanUS$ 12.50

Bacha Coffee Raffles City Conclusion

In conclusion, the arrival of Bacha Coffee on the ground floor of Raffles City marks another significant milestone in enhancing the mall’s offerings. With its exquisite selection of Arabica coffees coupled with an exceptional brewing method, it promises an unforgettable coffee journey amidst one’s regular shopping spree or casual outing.

Bacha Coffee FAQ

Is Bacha Coffee the same company as TWG Tea?Yes, Bacha Coffee and TWG Tea are both part of the V3 Gourmet Group, but they are separate brands with their own unique offerings.
Where was Bacha Coffee originally from?Bacha Coffee House was originally from Marrakech, Morocco.
What is Bacha Coffee famous for?Bacha Coffee is famous for sourcing single-origin 100% Arabica coffees from the most consistent and well-reputed producing countries. They offer an extensive variety of coffee with over 200 different varieties.

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