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Octopus and Garlic Butter Fettuccine: Best Pulpo Recipe 2023


Octopus & Garlic Butter Fettuccine is a cracking recipe to get your hands on. Wifey loved it. You will too.

Another day and another family dinner. Tonight it is for Wifey & Strawberry Blonde. I dug out some incredible Freemantle Octopus legs from the freezer. Huge things.

I am going to brine the octopus low and slow to make it (hopefully) super-tender. These bad boys are getting SIX HOURS in the oven at 100 degrees in some salty water in my French cast-iron pot. That’s it. Nothing else. Just a little salt water, the raw octopus legs, and 3,600 minutes. I hope this turns out OK. I then plan to make some garlic butter Fettuccine with a little parsley, slice up that octopus, and mix it together… Wish me luck…

Octopus & Garlic Butter Fettuccine

Octopus & Garlic Butter Fettuccine

But, of course, I also had to feed Jude Jude. So he had delicious Creamy Cheese Baked Spuds ‘w’ Low and Slow Skirt Steak. Quarter some white spuds and boil to soft in salted water. Pop in a manikin thing, sprinkle with sea salt & cracked black pepper, sprinkle a load of grated cheese over the top, and then drizzle double cream all over. In the oven at 180 until the cheese is melted and the top starts to brown. Ding dong!!!

The steak was simply sea salt and cracked black pepper over a beautiful 1/2Kg skirt steak. Onto a roasting tray and in the oven for SIX hours at 100 degrees. Looks overdone but believe me this is so moist, tender, and flavourful – it was incredible meat, and look at that charred crust – holy moly!!!

Octopus & Garlic Butter Fettuccine
Have a look at that beauty.

Easily enough for four people;

  • 1x packet of Fremantle octopus legs,
  • 1x handful of Fettuccine,
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped parsley,
  • 2x Tbsp finely chopped garlic,
  • 1x small red onion – sliced thin,
  • 1/2 fresh lime,
  • 2″ knob of salted butter, and
  • Sea salt and cracked black pepper.

Ready, steady, go…

  1. I used my French cast-iron pot for the low and slow octopus:
    • Rinse the octopus legs in freshwater and pop them in the pot,
    • Add about 2 cups of fresh water,
    • Sprinkle in some sea salt & cracked black pepper,
    • Lid on and in the oven at 100 degrees for six hours – just leave it alone,
  2. 30 minutes before the end of the cooking of the octopus, get a large saucepan half full with water on the gas and bring to a boil,
  3. Season the water well with sea salt & add in the Fettuccine and cook off until al dente,
  4. Drain, but save a little of the cooking water,
  5. Big fry pan on the heat and throw in the garlic, butter, and red onion and sweat it down a little,
  6. Throw in the cooked pasta and the cooking water, mix it around, and make sure the pasta gets all coated with the juices,
  7. Slice the octopus legs up into bite-sized pieces throw them into and mix around, and
  8. Plate up like the picture, and to finish,
    • Drizzle with some Olive oil,
    • Squeeze the 1/2 lime over the top,
    • Sprinkle the finely chopped fresh parsley all over like in the picture,
  9. And that is that…

The six hours low and slow really worked as the octopus was super-soft. Hardly chewy at all in fact. Your Gran with her teeth out could eat this with ease. It’s actually a simple dish to make too. You just need patience with the waiting time. Feedback from Wifey, Strawberry Blonde, and #1 was excellent.

So, I think I’ll be following this octopus cooking methodology again and again. You could add herbs and spices in the brine too, making it a six-hour marinate and cooking process – now there’s an idea. This version though was Octopus & Garlic Butter Fettuccine, and she was a beauty – ENJOY!!!

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