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Zara’s Cafe and Diner Birchington Review: Full English Breakfast


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Full English Breakfast is a staple food in the UK. It’s one of those I, and my country’s people living overseas will likely all miss. That with a mug of tea, early in the morning after a night out is just one of the best things you can eat on this planet. It is so English!!!

Zara's Cafe & Diner: Best Full English Breakfast Contents

zara's cafe and diner birchington full english breakfast

So funny. This was described to me as Cafe Blue or The Blue Cafe. So I’ve told all my mates this is the place to go for the Best Full English Breakfast. But not one of my mates could recall a place called Blue Cafe

Yep, that’s because it’s Ayden’s nickname for the Cafe. Well, it is blue after all. So, let me welcome you to Zara’s Cafe and Diner, Birchington. Helmed by two amazing ladies: front of house is Liz (you’ll fall in love with as soon as you sit down), and working the food magic in the back is Chef-legend Patsy: pink is Liz and in the black Chef’s whites (yeah that’s confusing) is the food Goddess, Patsy.

Zaras Cafe Diner Birchington Review the owners best full english breakfast

The origins of the wonderful Full English Breakfast can be traced back to the 19th century in England. It evolved from traditional British breakfast customs and became popular during the Victorian era.

Originally known as a “cooked breakfast” or “fry-up,” it was a hearty meal typically consumed by working-class families to provide sustenance for a long day ahead. Hallelujah – exactly what we were doing that day, haha.

The ingredients varied depending on region and availability but commonly included eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, black pudding (be still my aching heart) and fried bread. Over time, the full English breakfast became an iconic dish associated with British cuisine, often served in hotels, restaurants, and cafes across the UK.

You can even get fine-dining versions of this iconic British fare now in some of London’s finest dining establishments such as: 1/ The Breakfast Club. 2/ The Wolseley. 3/ Heart of Balham. 4/ Riding House Cafe. 5/ Regency Cafe. 6/ E Pellicci. 7/ Duck & Waffle.

Zaras Cafe Diner Birchington Review family table best full english breakfast

Here we all are, L-R, by little BFF and alarm clock for the stay in Margate, Ayden, #1 son Ollie, brother DKHNY and sis Claire. See my seat, head of the table and already my Full English Breakfast is there… WOOF!!!

What Liz and Patsy do is allow you to choose how much of a heart attack you want this day. You can choose 4, 6, 8 of the Full English Breakfast pieces.

When I say pieces I mean: sausages, black pudding, beans and so on…

Zaras Cafe Diner Birchington Review retro sauce bottle full english breakfast

Before we get anywhere near the Best Full English Breakfast, I have to share this with you. This is so retro and takes me back to my childhood. I remember these tomato sauce squeezy bottles when I was Ayden’s age: so retro baby, and I LOVE IT!!!

Zaras Cafe Diner Birchington Review 10-piece full english breakfast

OK, you have been patient long enough. Time for the reveal. Here she is. I kid you not, it really doesn’t get much better than this. I have been dreaming of this dish, truly. And Patsy has KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK… She’s a stunner. Just a MASSIVE stunner the size of a small village in the Philippines.

I have gone for the full eight-piece option Full English Breakfast + Fried Slice: 1/ Bacon. 2/ Tomatoes. 3/ Baked Beans. 4/ Black Pudding. 5/ Mushrooms. 6/ Fried Egg. 7/ Sausages. 8/ Fried Bread. 9/ Bubble and Squeak. 


Zaras Cafe Diner Birchington Review Patsy on the grill best full english breakfast

Never forget the Chef in the back: Patsy, the Chef Genius of easily one of the absolute very best Full English Breakfast ever to cross these fat hairy lips. A stunner and just what the Dr ordered this morning: 1/Eggs. 2/ Bacon. 3/ Sausage. 4/ Beans. 5/ Toast (another day). 6/ Tomato. 7/ Mushrooms. 8/ Black Pudding. 9/ Hash Browns (another time). 10/ Fried Bread.

Zaras Cafe Diner Birchington Review Patsy on the grill best full english breakfast

I seriously could not finish the food mountain of that Full English Breakfast. I just couldn’t. So I doggy bagged it and had a great idea for my impending brunch for the family the next day… 

I chopped up all the leftovers, added in some fresh ingredients, additional black pudding, some spice like smoked paprika and so on and then fried it all off. Once cooked to a nice crust in the pan I plated and topped it with two super-soft sunny-side-up eggs. 

WOOFSKIE!!! ChillaxBBQ Bubble and Squeak in honour of Liz and Patsy of Zara’s Cafe and Bistro, Birchington.

Zaras Cafe Diner Birchington Review bubble and squeak next day best full english breakfast

In conclusion, Zara’s Cafe and Diner Birchington offers an incredible breakfast experience right on my brother’s doorstep, particularly with Patsy’s outstanding Full English breakfast. As soon as you step into the cozey café and diner, you’re greeted with a warm ambience and super-friendly service that sets the tone. It’s like the Cheers of Café’s. Everyone knows your name. It’s family, and I loved it.

The Full English Breakfast here is a true standout and something to be shouted about from the rafters, featuring all the classic components expertly prepared and cooked to perfection. It was so damned good. I was transported to when I used to live here in the UK. What an absolute belter of a brekkie. #BeProud Liz and Patsy.

Zara’s commitment to quality shines through in every bite, from the perfectly cooked eggs and crispy bacon to the savory sausages (from the butcher across the road) wicked bubble and squeak, and super-crunchy fried slices. It was ALL just so good. Zara’s is your next must-try Thanet. You are seriously going to struggle to find better, in my humble opinion.

I insist you all least try for the Full English Breakfast from Patsy and Liz, to include most of the must-have list: 1/Eggs. 2/ Bacon. 3/ Sausage. 4/ Beans. 5/ Toast (another day). 6/ Tomato. 7/ Mushrooms. 8/ Black Pudding. 9/ Hash Browns (another time). 10/ Fried Bread.

So if you find yourself in Birchington craving a classic English Full Breakfast done right, be sure to stop by Zara’s, see the ladies and experience their fantastic full English breakfast for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Hey, in closing, don’t forget the diner part of their name. Yes, they have so much more food on offer for you to enjoy. Just get your bum down there and ENJOY!!!

“Zara’s Cafe is everything you would want in a community cafe! Really friendly staff who make you feel really loved and welcome. And then there is the food! You can trust that this is the best food cooked in the best way, and it smells lovely too! Really sweet and well worth the journey. Local Cafe – Great food – Great Service.”

Address: 75 Station Road, Birchington CT7 9RE

What are the opening hours of Zara's Cafe and Diner?

  • Mon & Tues Closed
  • Weds – Saturday 8 til 2pm
  • Sunday 9am-11am Breakfast, 12-2pm Roast Lunch

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