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Black Truffle Cream Dorey ‘w’ Roasted Spuds & Lamb


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Black Truffle Cream Dorey ‘w’ Roasted Spuds & Lamb

OK, OK I will give you it is a strange combo. But don’t forget that every time I am cooking dinner there are two camps. Well, three in fact. Maybe even four.

Strawberry Blonde will eat some white fish and prawns, but nothing else from within the water.

Wifey will eat anything that swims or crawls in the sea (not so much freshwater), but if you live in the sea your life is in danger when she is about.

Both the girls will eat pretty much any meat-oriented, but it has to be cremated, rested and cremated again – I don’t know where I found them, I really don’t.

Jude Jude is non-fish of any description eater but LOVES his medium-rare meats.

I’ll have a crack at most things for a 1st try and know already due to that what I don’t like, which includes most fish that is cooked. Like Jude Jude, I am Pink2Pink all the way for my meats, please.

And then there is #1. He must be half Chinese as he’ll eat anything in the restaurant with legs apart from the table. Anything!!! Apart from soft boiled eggs, WTF, I kid you not.

So when I cook I have to cater for the above, whilst still bringing variety and a little intrigue. So occasionally it sounds like a 3 or 4-course menu. It’s not, it’s just catering for my crew’s varied eating habits… Hence:

Black Truffle Cream Dorey ‘w’ Roasted Spuds & Lamb

It is 1/2 way to being  Bill Wallace Friendly as I did need an emergency dash to the supermarket to get the lamb leg after Jude Jude had made his decision of meat choice. It is also mile adrift from being anything close to Knibbsy Kiddle Wagyu Friendly… It’s just a normal family dinner, cough cough. Plus copious and shit tonnes of black Winter truffle!!!

Black Truffle Cream Dorey 'w' Roasted Spuds & Lamb
First up the lamb before she goes in. This is about 1/2 Kg leg on the bone. The only bloody thing Cold Storage had of the white and fluffy cloud-like animal. So roasted lamb leg on the bone it was… I sliced all over the cap (the white fatty part on top in the picture) so that the salt gets in there and also crisps it up as it roasts. A drizzle of Olive oil and then a good sprinkle of sea salt (my secret one) and cracked black pepper all over, on all sides. Pop it into a baking tray, cover with some fresh rosemary and surround it with a bulb or two of garlic cut into halves. Now I was cooking this fast so no time for low and slow today… 150 degrees for about 40 minutes, 20-30 at 180 degrees and rest for about 15 minutes will get you perfect medium doneness as you’ll see…
Black Truffle Cream Dorey 'w' Roasted Spuds & Lamb
Play Forward and here she is. Check out the crunchy cap and wilted garlic and rosemary. All that flavour is now inside the lamb, and you can see that by the juices that have leaked out during the cooking. That is all flavour. I’ll rest this beauty for about 15 minutes now and then carve her up ad drizzle some of those natural juices on top. Fark this is going to be good, good, good…
Black Truffle Cream Dorey 'w' Roasted Spuds & Lamb
The fish was just some of my backstock of frozen Dorey fillets. Two beautiful fillets like the one above in fact. Let them defrost, give a good rinse with fresh water and pat dry. Line a roasting tin with foil, spray the foil with black truffle oil and lay in your fillets. Over the top of the fillets goes a whole tub of double cream that has been infused overnight with black truffle pate (you can buy this online) to make a black truffle cream. In the oven at 150 for 20 minutes and then I finished this off on a low flame on the gas hob so I could easily keep basting the juices over the top of the fillet. I served this up simply on a platter, spooned some cream sauce over and dressed with some fresh slices of Winter black truffle. Yummo!!!
Black Truffle Cream Dorey 'w' Roasted Spuds & Lamb
The very best roast spuds in like FOREVER. I boiled off, in salted water, some quartered white potatoes with skins on until soft in the middle. Drain them in a colander and bash them about to make them all scuffed up, set aside. I then took a roasting tray and glugged a good bit of Olive oil in and threw in some sprigs of fresh rosemary – in the oven at 180 until the oil starts smoking. Throw in the spuds and they will immediately start to fry those little bashed up bits. Make sure everything is coated in the boiling oil. I also added a little beef dripping from my rendered fat stock in the fridge, and a good sprinkle of sea salt (my secret one) and cracked black pepper. Throw these in the oven, still at 180 degrees, until they crisp and brown up. I kid you not, best roast spuds ever ever ever…
Black Truffle Cream Dorey 'w' Roasted Spuds & Lamb
And here is that, slightly rushed, but perfectly medium and Pink2Pink roast leg of lamb. The flavours of the rosemary and garlic had infused through the roasting and she was a stunner. #1 and I was even using the juices as a dipping sauce for the potatoes and meat slices. So farking good. I sliced her thin, plated on a platter and drizzled some of the juices over with those deep-fried rosemary leaves. Heavenly.

And that was Black Truffle Cream Dorey ‘w’ Roasted Spuds & Lamb. An absolute cracking dinner for the family. It received a sitting ovation. Big accolades coming from all the kids and wifey, so a happy cook and a happy Dad. Again, a perk of working from home, so thanks Covid. Also, looking at all my family and friends in the UK on Facebook and the like with snow at home, this seemed like a very fitting dish to invent, prepare and cook today.


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