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Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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1st Ever Singapore Roast Dinner Delivery

  Wow, what a wild ride that was, but we did it. With help from #1 and Strawberry Blonde at the end there as the taxi came 30 minutes early. Thank you my children. Yes, blind panic. My mate Andrew was the 1st to go and he is a tough client with, by his nature, a very critical and analytical eye. I really was anxious when I sent this off in the taxi. This is really the first time I have not been able to ‘try’ something before. it goes to the client. Normally at ChillaxBBQ, we carve it for the client, so we can taste test and make sure all is OK before we platter her up and serve. Not this time. This is blind. This is real cooking. How did we do? Read on for The 1st EVER Singapore Roast Dinner Delivery. . As we’re all at home on Lockdown, and with all our ChillaxBBQ’s cancelled due to. Covid-19, we thought this might be a fun concept to try home delivery of our signature Wagyu Tomas to our friends and BFF’s of ChillaxBBQ (our clients). It’s a major risk as this is way more different than cooking in the back and walking it 5-10m to the table in the restaurant. In fact, the 1st delivery was. from Siglap to Sentosa. Is it going to be hot? Is it going to get soggy? Is it going to be over-cooked by the time she arrives? So many questions…

To make this work I implemented the following must have an answer to questions;

  1. You must give us 24 hours notice;
  2. You must advise what time you would like to be sat down to eat;
  3. You must advise what ‘doneness’ you would like your steak cooked to.
And then the following planning & cooking aligned to that;
  1. Pre-book at Comfort DelGro taxi for 20-30 minutes arrival at mine before your sit down to eat time;
  2. If you want medium I am cooking just off medium-rare, if you want medium-rare I am cooking just off rare – therefore when I pack the steak up it will still be cooking a little for the 15 minutes or so in the taxi and should arrive at your perfect doneness preference;
  3. I am packing a food parcel all in one with all you will need for your roast dinner;
    1. Gravy
    2. Sea salt
    3. Kampot cracked. black pepper

So let’s have a look at how that planning worked out on the day, shall we? Here comes The 1st EVER Singapore Roast Dinner Delivery. I am quite proud of this. Another wee little milestone in the history of our little company of amateur cooks cum wannabe Chefs. I don’t think I have seen whole cooked Tomas as a delivery option before so I am viewing our little dish as quite unique and even more Chillaxbbq Proud.

The 1st EVER ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery & We Added Green Stuff
So, here is your little Stay@Home emergency food parcel. One humungous 1.6Kg grass-fed Ozzie Wagyu Tomahawk, Roasted Asparagus ‘w’ Parmigiano, Roasted Spuds and Beefy Jus – AKA Beef Gravy.

A call out to our partner for the wonderful meat being cooked tonight. Butcher Box, just beautiful steaks boys!!! #qualitytomas

The 1st EVER ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery & We Added Green Stuff
Literally cooked to the last minute before boarding its taxi to your house. So this is piping hot in here, which was the plan to have it still piping hot when it lands on your table. Literally ‘just add wine and people’. Included in your little food parcel is some sea salt and Kampot cracked black pepper. We implore you to carve your meat and give another good sprinkling of both – it makes a difference folks. Also, please use some sea salt to finish off the spuds when you have them on your platter. We won’t be doing this before we pack the spuds so please do so when you plate them – this was a lesson learnt and comment from Andrew our guinea pig… Thanks for that feedback mate!!!

The 1st EVER Singapore Roast Dinner Delivery


CLICK HERE to watch her arrival after the journey from Siglap to Sentosa. Andrew, thanks for the snaps and videos buddy!!!

The 1st EVER ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery & We Added Green Stuff
She has arrived in perfect condition. Love the fact that Andrew and Wifey are ready to go, the wine is poured and the kids are in bed. Also. love the ‘whoops’ and comments in the video above, thanks mate.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” said Virginia Woolf. Hoping you got some of the middle option because of the food, Andrew. HaHa!!! All part of the service Sir!!!

The 1st EVER ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery & We Added Green Stuff
He said it was like getting a present. Almost like pass-the-parcel this as you open the big one and there are more within haha. Here is it unwrapped at the first level. Individually boxed and wrapped. Grazy is in a zip-lock baggie, just cut off one bottom corner to create a gravy pourer, and as you can see we supply sea salt & Kampot cracked black pepper to finish off before you get stuck in.
The 1st EVER ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery & We Added Green Stuff
She has been un-wrapped. She is ready to go go go. 1.6Kg of meaty goodness, cooked to medium/medium-rare perfection. Come on Andrew get your knife out and let’s see how she is looking – open that meat Kimono (ooer!!!)
The 1st EVER ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery & We Added Green Stuff
Well, he’s looking happy so far. We’re still to pass the taste test though. I love the fact that Andrew has a fork in his pocket. Just in case he gets lost on the way to the table with the platter and gets hungry perhaps???
The 1st EVER ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery & We Added Green Stuff
Hallelujah. SO happy with that. Waiting is over and it is cooked perfectly to the client ask. I am a happy cook!!! Charred off in butter, low and slow reverse-seared for pink2pink in the middle. I really am sooooooo happy! And exhale!!!
The 1st EVER ChillaxBBQ Stay@Home Roast Delivery & We Added Green Stuff
How good does that look? Well happy with that. This is a dinner for two as. Andrew and Wifey have banished the kids haha.

I can’t thank Andrew and Wifey enough for being 1st to have a go at this for me. Major risk re the ‘how is this going to travel’ unanswered question at the start of this concept creation. But it looks like we have a winner with The 1st EVER Singapore Roast Dinner Delivery. But let’s hear from the client, Mr F, I hand over to you;

“It was like unwrapping a present.”

“Butter. Sooooo good. Better than any restaurant steak.”

My wife said “we spent $300 at Level 33, and this is sooo much better.”

“So, same order again next week?”Screenshot 2020 04 10 at 9.47.26 AM Singapore Roast Dinner Delivery

I’ll take those comments any day of the week, and I am extremely happy and humbled. Thank you to Andrew and Wifey. It means the world to a wannabe cook to hear that sort of feedback. We have 2 more orders already in for this Easter weekend. I might need to invest in a new oven. I really am so happy with The 1st EVER Singapore Roast Dinner Delivery, and the fact that we did indeed do ‘green stuff’ as well. Thanks again to my Guinea pigs, so glad you enjoyed it and were there at the start of this. Now to the next two, just keeping fingers and knives crossed that they also do.