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Feather Blade Review: Best Steak Katong?


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Feather Blade Restaurant Katong - what a cracking new location

Feather Blade in KatongWelcome, fellow carnivores, to a meat-lovers paradise. This new restaurant in Katong isn’t just a dining spot; it’s a shrine to all things steak. I mean come on, Wagyu Tallow popcorn served as you sit down in this restaurant to commence dining says it all… right?

Succulent cuts of beef, cut by the butcher, and expertly grilled to juicy perfection, served on your plate like a work of beef art straight from the butcher’s block. From the mouthwatering ribeye to the tender sirloin, and of course blade: every steak dish at Feather Blade Katong is a work of art. Plus their specials are unique and really well worth a go, as you’ll see later.

feather blade review exterior

As you step into this carnivorous haven the aroma of sizzling meat fills the air. Steak is king at Feather Blade Katong, and every bite is just so damned good from the plan steak dishes to the steak sandwiches: WOOF!!!. 

Plus they know that a truly great steak dish needs equally impressive sides to accompany it. Whether you’re craving crispy beef tallow fries, buttery mashed potatoes, or grilled veggies bursting with flavor, they are going to rock your world. And it’s all so reasonable in the $$$.

Come hungry, leave full to the brim with a beef smile!!! Revel in the joy of steak done right at this cracker: Feather Blade Katong. ENJOY!!!

Feather Blade Katong: The Interior

feather blade review interior

It’s booths, it’s neon, it’s just downright uber cool and I loved it. Cracking vibe, cool toonz, and that every present waft of beefy unctuous aromas.

feather blade review neon sign

Even the signs rock, I love this: East Side, Sea Side, Best Side!!! Feather Blade, welcome to the East – you are MORE than welcome!!! 

feather blade review proper steaks here
feather blade review chef and kitchen

The tiniest of kitchens which makes e even more blow away as the food started coming out. Great work Chefs, this was one awesome meal. Thank you!!! Loved it.

And guess what? Yes, I even loved the cutlery. Have a look at that. 

feather blade review knife and fork

Feather Blade Katong Food

feather blade review beef wagyu popcorn

This was absolutely complimentary. It even said how nice my shirt was… Spankingly good. So delicious. Beef popcorn, who’d have thunk it? Well, clearly Feather Blade Katong!!!

feather blade review valentines tuna tartare

Feather Blade Katong Tuna Tartare

This was an East Coast exclusive: Tuna Tartare! The perfect blend of Akami tuna, Ikura, avocado, mustard, and a kick of chili oil, all scooped up with crisp rice crackers.

Available only from 1st February to 29th February.

I tell you. I don’t like fish, but this. This was sensational. Jude and I were lapping this up!!! Great work Chef. That’s a keeper, I’m telling you.

feather blade review oysters

Feather Blade Katong: Munchies Mondays $1.80 Osyters ALL DAY

Wifey has these three bad boys. I am trying to remember the special, but it was something like consuming one drink from the al la carte menu and getting as many $1.80 oysters as you want.

That’s incredible. Wifey said super fresh and so delicious. Nicely done Feather Blade Katong. Keep this up and we’re regulars haha!!!

feather blade review blade steak

The iconic and signature dish from Feather Blade. 200g Feather Blade Steak. Herbed Butter and Smoked Salt. This was a tad chewy it has to be said, but Man Alive was the flavour ever so good. A little of their Wasabi Cream as well and WOOF!!!

feather blade review pulpo

Feather Blade Katong Octopus @ SGD $35

I really thought we were heading for a new winner for the Wife’s ‘Best Pulpo in Singapore’, but sadly this still fell short of Lavo and Wolfgang Puk. Despite that Wifey was well impressed and called this out as excellent. Nicely done Chefs.

Australian octopus marinated with yoghurt, and tossed in toasted Turmeric, Cumin and Coriander Seeds. Woof!!


feather blade katong steak sando

Holy sh!t now we’re talking. One of the best-damned steak sandwiches I have ever had in a restaurant. This thing was melt in the mouth, seasoned to perfection and just so very good. I loved this!!! I’d have this again and again.

Black Angus Striploin, Smoked Katsu Sauce (the umami), and Japanese Milk Bread. Just a monster WOOF!!!

feather blade review tiramasu

Feather Blade Katong Tiramisu @ SGD $14

As you know by now I am not a dessert guy. But, for this, I am a complete convert. My goodness gracious me. This will keep you coming back for more again and again. This was decadent and without doubt likely the best Tiramisu I have ever had. Totally knockout!!!

Cascading Cream Cheese, Pistachio Nuts, Kahlua and Coffee. Oh my!!!

Feather Blade Katong Cocktails

feather blade review coffee margarita

Feather Blade Katong Espresso Martini @ SGD $12 in Happy Hour

A classic, and classically so good. Damned good version from the crew at Feather Blade Katong.

Vodka, Sinday’s Coffee Shochu, Espresso, Demerara. 

feather blade review tomato cocktail

Feather Blade Katong Sake & Tomato @ SGD $12 in Happy Hour

Best cocktail to pass these fat hairy lips in a long while. This is an absolute PEACH and a must-try. It’s going to blow your mind. It really is.

Sake, Clarified Tomato (yes, this is like a clear Bloody Mary – it’s INSANE), Vodka and Citrus. A STUNNING cocktail. 

What does The Feather Blade Katong have to say about itself...?

“Serving proper steaks since 2019. We serve up alternative cuts with the star of the show being our signature feather blade steak alongside Asian-inspired sides and sauces. our tipples include a refreshing myriad of flavours and theatrics ranging from beef-inspired cocktails.”

Conclusions of The Feather Blade Katong

In conclusion, Feather Blade Katong is way more than a carnivore’s utopia, offering an unparalleled dining experience for meat aficionados. Its menu is varied, it’s an exceptional choice with a little quirky. It’s just brilliant, it really is. I mean anyone that gives you free Wagyu Beef Tallow Popcorn is off to the races in my humble opinion.

So if you’re in for a culinary adventure that celebrates the beauty of beef and so so much more, look no further than Feather Blade Katong. Prepare to be amazed and indulge in a feast fit for a King and Queen: these guys are gonna knock your socks off. ENJOY!!!

Feather Blade Katong Address

Address: 225 East Coast Road, 428922

What are the contact details of Feather Blade Katong?

  • eMail:
  • Website:
  • Is Feather Blade Katong Halal? We don’t believe it is as we can find no evidence of Halal Certification and of course they sell alcohol.
  • Is there a dress code at Feather Blade Katong? None as far as we are aware – hey I wore shorts and flip flops.

What are the Opening Hours of The Feather Blade Katong?

Wednesday5:30–10 PM
Thursday5:30–10 PM
Friday12–3:30 PM, 5:30–10 PM
Saturday12–3:30 PM, 5:30–10 PM
Sunday12–3:30 PM, 5:30–10 PM
Monday5:30–10 PM
Tuesday5:30–10 PM

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