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Aniba Singapore – Best Middle Eastern cuisine (2023)


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Aniba Singapore - Best Middle Eastern cuisine (2023) by Chef Meir Adoni

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Aniba Singapore Wifey and Sign

Aniba Singapore: 🌟 Step into a world where Middle Eastern flavors get a modern twist, where culinary dreams take flight, and where you’re just a secret passageway away from an unforgettable dining experience. Welcome to Aniba, Singapore’s best-kept dining secret that’s not so secret anymore: well at least the ISLIFEARECIPE crew hope so! 🍽️

Aniba Restaurant Singapore is a hidden gem that serves up a fusion of Middle Eastern and European cuisine in a stunning, transformative space. This came as a massive recommendation from my very friendly customer and fellow foodie, Lavy. He comes from Israel, so comes with that voice of authority of what it is like to dine at Aniba.

Aniba Singapore is not your run-of-the-mill restaurant. It’s a place where the traditional meets the contemporary, where Chef Meir Adoni’s culinary journey takes you on a delightful spice-road ride from North Africa to the Middle East, and now Singapore. it’s cool. No, it’s uber cool. It’s dark, intimate, and engaging, with an open kitchen for food theatre, the most wonderful decor,  cool toonz, and just the best-damned crew I have come across.

Keep reading and I’ll unlock the doors to Aniba, giving you a virtual taste of its Levantine-inspired wonders and globally-influenced Tel Aviv cooking. I promise, this isn’t your average dining experience, so stay with me as I uncover the secrets of Aniba, the culinary gem that’s making Middle Eastern waves in the heart of Singapore! 😋🍷✨

Aniba Singapore Interior

When you step into Aniba Restaurant, you are immediately enveloped by an ambiance that is a feast for the senses. The dimly lit space is decorated with warm earthy tones, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Soft background music plays gently in the background, creating a soothing backdrop to your dining experience.

The walls are adorned with, what I can only describe as, snake scales and little alcoves with flickering candle effects, adding elegance and mood to the space. The combination of soft lighting, comforting music, and captivating art pieces creates an ambiance that is both relaxing and stimulating. When you first sit, the first 10 minutes will have you just looking around soaking it all up. It’s knockout.

The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the polished silverware to the delicate flower arrangements. The soft flickering candlelight adds an intimate touch to the table setting, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience. The carefully curated decor adds to the overall aesthetic delight, making you feel like you’ve stepped into a world far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The ambiance at Aniba Restaurant is not just a backdrop, but an integral part of the dining experience, ensuring that your senses are indulged from the moment you walk through the door: they do such a good job of this, talk about a total immersive WOW factor.

Aniba singapore the interior with bouncy flowers

The Service: Attentive and Friendly Staff at Aniba Singapore

Attentive and friendly staff are the pillars that hold a dining experience together, and Aniba Restaurant, led by Gilli, excels in this aspect. From the moment you step into the restaurant, you are greeted with warm smiles and a genuine eagerness to make your experience memorable.

The staff at Aniba are well-trained, super knowledgeable, and passionate about providing top-notch service to each and every guest. Whether you have dietary restrictions, preferences, or specific questions about the menu, the attentive staff is always ready to assist you with grace and professionalism. And they are genuinely fun and a delight to chat with.

Their attention to detail is commendable, as they go above and beyond to ensure that your needs are met. From timely refills of water glasses to discreetly clearing plates, and even making the occasional cocktail pairing suggestion, the staff at Aniba Restaurant is truly attentive. They are quick to anticipate your needs and are readily available throughout your meal without being intrusive.

The skilled and knowledgeable staff members take the time to explain each dish, sharing interesting facts about the ingredients and the inspiration behind the creation. Man, I so love that as a foodie.

This not only enhances the gastronomic adventure but also allows diners to appreciate the thoughtfulness and creativity put into every plate by the Chef and crew. Additionally, the open kitchen concept allows guests to witness the Chefs at work, adding an element of excitement to the overall dining experience. 

We even got messages like this after we’d left the restaurant. Nice touch, as this is the stuff that engenders loyalty, and friendship, and will keep us coming back time and time again.

“I have to say it was a real pleasure hosting you last night! Every single member of my team had much fun approaching and serving your table and we’ve all enjoyed your approach for experiencing our place.”

Aniba Singapore the Bar

Let's get to some facts about Aniba Singapore: Best Middle Eastern cuisine in Singapore, Middle Eastern cuisine in Singapore

ANIBA in Hebrew means:

‘Here I come”

And here comes Gilli Affrat…

The General Manager is the most gorgeous and bubbly Gilli Efrat

Originally from Tel Aviv, something of which she is super proud, possesses a deep passion for food and the diverse cultures it represents. She enjoys forging connections with others through hospitality and shared experiences of culinary exploration: something I will personally vouch for.

Gilli combines Israeli culture with cosmopolitan influences from around the world to bring an unparalleled edge to Aniba.

Gilli and our server, James, were just the epitome of excellence. They were superb fun, so engaging, with deep-dive knowledge of all the food, cocktails, and wine, and an incredible pride that you sense of what they have here, and that becomes very infectious and you want more.

Unveiling the Aniba Menu and Signature Dishes from Chef Meir Adoni and Executive Chef Ido Zarmi: Aniba Singapore Dinner Menu

Aniba is a unique dining concept that offers a new interpretation of Middle Eastern cuisine with European influences. It is helmed by Chef Meir Adoni and is known for its modern Middle Eastern food. Located at 6 Battery Road #05-03 in Singapore, Aniba is a hidden entryway restaurant that opened in December 2022.

The restaurant provides a stunning and transformative space that includes a chef’s kitchen, cocktail bar, and lounge. Aniba has garnered attention for its fusion of Levantine flavors and globally-influenced Tel Aviv cooking, making it a noteworthy addition to Singapore’s culinary scene. So do you want to see what we ate that night?

Vegetarian and Vegan Options galore at Aniba: A Haven for plant-based Foodies

With a growing trend towards plant-based diets, Aniba Restaurant has become a haven for vegetarian foodies. The menu offers a wide range of vegetable-centric options that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates: including yours truly. 

So, the very first thing to call out at Aniba Restaurant, that I did not appreciate until we sat and started to explore the menu: there is ZERO meat. Like not one dish. Your two genres of food choices are fish and/or vegetarian/vegan. My first reaction was: OH NOOOOOOOOO…

But then our amazing server and now BFF, James, came and stated he was also a non-pescatarian: which is funny because he works at Aniba and is making recommendations for the fish dishes. And then the magic happened: he brought over the vegetarian menu, and we explored and made my dining choices together. I was excited, blown away, and absolutely intrigued by the variety on offer.

I dined like a King, just a vegetarian King, and did not miss meat at all. The menu is exceptional, so do not let the lack of meat impact you. Plus Wifey literally fell in love with every single fish dish plated in front of her. It is just uniquely remarkable.

Aniba is a must-try and I guarantee you will love it. If not I’ll pay for your meal: yes, I am that confident.

Aniba Singapore wifey and me

The Aniba Menu is a culinary masterpiece that effortlessly fuses the flavors of the Middle East with North African influences, creating a dining experience like no other. I have literally never had this style of cuisine before, and now I am hooked and absolutely hungry for more.

From the moment you lay eyes on the menu (fish or vegetarian), you’re transported to a world of gastronomic adventure of the Middle East. Each dish is carefully crafted, showcasing a creative blend of traditional Levantine-inspired recipes and contemporary twists that ignite the senses. And, that is ALL the senses: it’s eye candy plating, the aromas of the complex spices waft around the table, the flavors literally explode in your mouth and there are texture pops going off all over. It’s genius!!!

The fusion extends to tantalizing cocktails and desserts, with every item designed to delight the palate with a plethora of exotic spices and ingredients. It’s actually quite magical. 

Aniba Singapore Crispy Cone with Ocean Trout

Crispy Cone $9

Ocean Trout Tartare, Quail’s Egg Yolk

What a start. Eye candy and some. You’re immediately immersed and now intrigued, and excited by what the next plating could look like based on this first cab off the rank. I did indeed have a bite of this, and that egg yolk with the cone was sublime – but then the trout got me. Damn. Let’s stick to the vegetarian dishes, Brian.

Wifey wolfed down both her cone and the remaining half of mine. Gone in the blink of an eye. That’s a really good sign. 

aniba singapore pani puri beetroot

Pani Puri $28

Beetroots Tartare, Yogurt-Yuzu Foam

James said: “Brian you have to eat these in one mouthful..” I am thinking to myself, are you insane, these are the size of a baseball…

But, I did it. And totally understood why on that first mouthful. It explodes. It literally explodes. You get a slap in the face of the most exquisite sour from the yuzu and yogurt and then a sweet, savory, and texture from the beetroot. Goodness me, this was heavenly. Flavor bombs!!! Now I am even more excited for the next plate…

aniba singapore pani puri hamachi

Pani Puri $28

Hamachi, Candied Mandarin, Yogurt-Yuzu Foam

Wifey had the same style as me, but the fish version on top, including the sweetness of Mandarin. She could not quite fit them in all in one and was taking rather dainty bites. But we both looked at each other with that face of: OMG these are AMAZE-BALLS!!!

aniba singapore tokyo bluefin tartare

Tokyo Bluefin Tartare $47

Russet Gratin, Black Truffles, Yuzu Aioli, Tomato Consommé

Stunning plating yet again, check that tomato consomme. It is really hard to make that and get it to a clear consomme, and I know as I have done it myself. The consomme was so savory and just superb. I could have a bowl of that alone. I did indeed try one of the single bites too, loved the truffle and the gratin, but that fish got me again haha. I am useless.  Beautiful dish though for number three from Aniba.

aniba singapore TLV tropical tostada

TLV Tropical Tostada $48

Waf le Crisp, Pineapple-Chili Salsa, Charred Avocado, Gazpacho Shots

Holy moly this was bonkers good. Like seriously special, even down to the spice dusting on the marble platter. When you added that to the spoonful you got an intense spice and zesty hit, changing the flavour profile yet again. I am seriously loving what the chef is doing with this food – and notice I have not complained once about no meat. 

This dish has a crunchy waffle base, then super tart salsa with that clean charred, and creamy avocado. What a balance, what a winner. Then wash that down with a cracking Gazpacho. Double-winner. Woof!!!

Bluefin Tartare & Avocado $52

Lime- Pineapple Gazpacho, Horseradish, Cilantro

Wifey had the fish version and was raving about it. I think this could have been her favorite dish of the dinner, with so many oooohs and aaaahs coming from her side of the table.

aniba singapore eggplant carpaccio

Eggplant Carpaccio $42

Fire Roasted, Tahini, Silan, Pistachios, Rose Petals, Feta, Olive Oil

Stop the bus. I wanna get off and live with the chef now. It’s just eggplant. It’s only an aubergine, right…? Not in a million years. This is likely to be the very best eggplant dish you’ll ever eat in your life.

We had it served with the Jerusalem Bagel (see below), we could not stop slurping and chomping on this decadent dish. The flavor pops and textures on this were simply insane. You can pick out all the flavors individually, and then together in harmony, and believe me, that that is cooking genius…

aniba singapore jerusalem bagel

Jerusalem Bagel $29

Lima Massabacha & Pkeila | Labneh, Olive Oil & Tapenade

Some of the best bread to ever hit this hairy fat mouth… The flavor was wonderful, with that sesame and then hits of salt flake. But then get dipping in that eggplant carpaccio, and the dips on display in the photo. WOW. Bread angels were singing when we combined all these together. Increbreadible…

aniba singapore crispy fataya

Crispy Fatayer $29

Feta, Eggplants, Spinach, Almonds & Sorrel Yogurt Soup

This I absolutely loved. This is right up my strasse. Check it out. Textures, flavors, and aromas on steroids on this little plate. Savory, sweet, and sour all in one. The little fatayers are crunchy puffs of savory, and then wash it down with that soup and you enter a new food realm of sourness to offset the savory. It’s like nothing I have had before, and now I am addicted…

aniba singapore dates and walnut donuts

Dates and Walnut Donuts $29

Exotic Spices, Mandarin Gel

Now reaching near food coma, but we keep punching on. Decadent donuts are up next. Two types again, one veggie and one fishy. Again single bites, so you are actively encouraged to throw it in in one go… The mandarin gel was killer with this to cut through the sweetness, but the spiced sugars on the donut also lifted this up and some. Savory Donuts: gets my vote!!!

Smoked Trout Donuts $29

Medjool Dates, Exotic Spices, Mandarin Gel

My Wifey devoured hers, so I am making a bold assumption that she liked the dish. Of course, she did. Loved it, in fact. Again, I am kicking myself about now for not liking fish. Why me? I’m a massive foodie that will cook it but just cannot consume it. Mwah!!!

aniba singapore king oyster yemenite tacos

King Oyster Yemenite Tacos $58

Lachuch, Eggplant Cream, Pickled Celery, Crispy Shallot, Pomelo, Cilantro

Another twosome with me having a King Oyster Mushroom and Wifey having Otoro as her filling. The taco is akin to a pancake texture, with a phenomenal non-oily super-crunch batter encasing the goodies within. As if that wasn’t enough, now let’s add some of the freshest most fragrant herbs and fruits to that. Goodness me. I could taco-bout this all night long. 

Otoro Yemenite Tacos $58

Lachuch, Aioli, Pickled Celery, Crispy Shallot, Pomelo, Cilantro, Lime

aniba singapore mushroom katayef

Katayef $48 

Two Ways: Grouper for Wifey and Mushroom for me: Harissa & Herbs Filled Lebanese Pancake Pockets, Thai-Style Vinaigrette, Market Vegetables

And to the final dish, literally, as the food coma has set in and we need to either lay down right now or go for a walk… I really did enjoy this. That spice mix on the outside was to die for, and then the chewy gooey pancake texture was really up there. Man, this was good. And the dip and veggies with it just knock it out of the park

What you can’t see is that even on the veggies is a seriously wonderful vinaigrette and dusting with some unique spice mix. Likely the best lettuce I have ever eaten in my life. And that lettuce with the pancake = WOOF!!!

You know I love an open kitchen, well here is the Aniba kitchen and Executive Chef, Ido Zarmi hard at work with the crew...

Ido Zarmi: Executive Chef was in charge of the kitchen that night.

Chef Ido Zarmi was here to offer his vast understanding of Middle Eastern gastronomy, and to share his passion and knowledge of the techniques, ingredients, and culture of the region. He prizes passion, knowledge, and work ethic above everything else and even popped out after the last service to say Hi. It was an honor to meet and shake your hand chef.

Chef Ido states that his greatest goal in life is to use Middle Eastern gastronomy as a bridge between people of all cultures and backgrounds. Well, tonight you had English and Filipino proving out that that job was more than done!!!

aniba singapore chef and kitchen

Meir Adoni: Chef

Hailing from Israel, Chef Meir Adoni is an internationally renowned chef, famed restauranteur, speaker, and cookbook author. Always driven by innovation, Moroccan-born Israeli Chef Meir Adoni has trained in some of the world’s most progressive restaurants including Arzak, Alinea, and Noma. He has since established an international footprint of acclaimed restaurants in Berlin, New York, Kiev, and Tel Aviv. Aniba is Chef Adoni’s first concept in Asia.

At Aniba, Chef Adoni showcases his affinity and flair for fusing classical culinary knowledge with sophisticated culinary techniques to conjure a harmonious menu of multi-faceted and artfully presented market-fresh sea catch and vegetable-centric dishes.

It's Aniba Singapore cocktail time, folks: Syafiq Rahim works his magic, and some!!!

Taking center stage at Aniba is a gorgeous bar set against a lit backdrop. Here, the master mixologist and his crew show off their skills at concocting an alluring selection of beverages that echoes the food menu and celebrates the flavors and ingredients of the Middle East, the Far East, and Asia. 

A wanderlust at heart, Syafiq brings with him a wealth of bartending experience. He has bartended at Marquee, Avenue, 1880, and Indochine. His aim in life is to visit and bring you the best cocktails he gets inspired through his travels.

I love his travels so much, we nearly ordered one of everything haha…

aniba singapore panacea cocktail


London Dry Gin | Orange Sec | Limoncello | Bitters | Citrus | Pecorino

An elixir for all our drinking ailments – sour, tangy topped

Punchy, but smooth, citrus smacks throughout and then a savory spin from the Pecorino cheese. Yes folks, cheese, in a cocktail. That’s legendary!!!

aniba singapore basilikos cocktail


Dark Rum | Fresh Basil | Mixed Berries |Balsamic| Citrus | Lemon

The name derives from Greek and means Herbs worthy of a King.

Told you I was eating like a King, now drinking like one too. As soon as I see basil and balsamic mentioned in the same ‘thing’ I am all in. This was bonkers good. What a concoction, but amazingly such great bedfellows. This really is a beauty, and incredibly refreshing despite the dark rum.

aniba singapore nomikai cocktail


Japanese Gin | Apple and Wasabi Cordial | Orange Bitters

A bracing green apple bite bolstered with a wasabi spice. Enticing and clean.

Oh boy, another absolute beauty. This bad boy would make your lips curl up over your teeth, and I love that. My kids love sour candies and this has that ‘edge’, but then you get the Wasabi warmth as well. It’s an asolute cracker of a cocktail.

aniba singapore king pin cocktail


Los Arcos El Valli | Thai Pineapple Verde | Agave | Citrus | Mango Jam

Rif on a spicy margarita!

Wifey gets stuck into the King Pin. The best pineapple you will ever eat is on that little skewer, just saying. The cocktail is warming with a chilli kick from the Thai Verde, and then ever so jammy. Totally unique and just delightful.

aniba singapore aku ingin


Plantation Rum | Strawberry | Arrack | Yuzu | Orange Blossom | Soda

‘I want’ in Bahasa – a milk punch jammed with equatorial zest

Gilli recommended this one to me and boy did she choose right for my last cocktail of the evening.

Perhaps the last cocktail was in fact the best (thanks Gilli). What a beauty this is, I even love the look of it. Mysterious right? Is this going to be flavorful? You can bet my arse it was… It was luscious, and what a great way to finish the dinner. It has flavors popping everywhere in your mouth, and almost has a fizziness that was just knockout. Loved it. Star of the show, thank you Syafiq. This is the must-have from those I tried above. But, there’s so many more to try from – hey ho, more reason to return haha.

What does Aniba Restaurant have to say about itself?

It is a reinvention of the best from around the world — A new interpretation of Middle Eastern Cuisine with European style by Chef Meir Adoni, inspired by stops in his culinary journey — A harmonious play of flavours between east and west.

Our conclusions of Aniba Restaurant: the best Middle Eastern cuisine in Singapore

In conclusion, Aniba in Singapore is a culinary treasure trove that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delighting your taste buds. With a menu that harmoniously blends Middle Eastern and North African flavors and textures, it’s a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

The hidden entryway concept adds an element of intrigue and charm to the dining experience. From its dreamy Levantine-inspired dishes to its globally-influenced Tel Aviv cooking, every bite at Aniba is a journey in itself.

So, if you’re a food enthusiast seeking an unforgettable dining adventure, don’t miss out on Aniba, it’s unique. It really is. You simply must get some of that Middle Eastern and African fusion in your mouth, you will not be disappointed.

The Aniba menu and brilliant staff absolutely promise an ever-evolving journey of taste and fun that will absolutely keep Wifey and me coming back for more.

זו הייתה אחת הארוחות הטובות ביותר שאכלתי מזה זמן רב. צוות אניבה, תהיו סופר גאים במה שיש לכם: באמת מדהים ואנחנו נחזור שוב ושוב. זו הבטחה!!!

Aniba Speakeasy on Saturday nights

A speakeasy vibe sets in on Saturdays at Aniba Singapore — A guest DJ spins Indie house, Nu disco, and more — Simply immerse in a curated menu of elevated bites and exquisitely-crafted cocktails with intriguing names. I think Wifey and me might be back on a Saturday next time…

People also asked about Aniba Restaurant Singapore

What is the signature dish at Aniba Restaurant Singapore?Aniba’s signature dish is Levantine-inspired fusion cuisine, featuring unique modern Middle Eastern flavors.
Is Aniba suitable for vegetarians and vegans?Yes, Aniba offers a range of vegetarian and vegan options, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
How can I make a reservation at Aniba in Singapore?You can easily make a reservation at Aniba by visiting their website or using platforms like SevenRooms.
What’s the ambiance like at Aniba?Aniba provides a stunning and transformative space, with a chef’s kitchen, cocktail bar, and lounge, creating a chic and inviting atmosphere.
Are there any special events or themed nights at Aniba?Aniba occasionally hosts special events and themed nights, so it’s worth checking their website or social media for updates.
What is the price range for dining at Aniba?The price range at Aniba can vary, but it’s generally considered a mid to high-range dining option in Singapore.
Does Aniba offer a tasting menu?Aniba often offers tasting menus that allow you to sample a variety of their culinary creations in one delightful experience.
Are there any dietary restrictions or allergies taken into consideration?Aniba is attentive to dietary restrictions and allergies, so be sure to inform the staff of any specific requirements when making a reservation.

What's the address and contact details for Aniba Restaurant Singapore?

Telephone: 9668 8036
Reservations: sevenrooms.com

What are the opening hours of Aniba Restaurant?

Saturday8:30 pm–2 am
Sunday12–3 pm, 5 pm–12 am
Monday12–3 pm, 5 pm–12 am
Tuesday12–3 pm, 5 pm–12 am
Wednesday12–3 pm, 5 pm–12 am
Thursday12–3 pm, 5 pm–12 am

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