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Separating Egg Yolks


This is a belter and it is so so simple.

separating egg yolks

Do you know how to separate Egg Yolk for when you need just yolks, or just whites, you have to separate the two – how…?

Have you tried the hand technique, the fork technique, or any other technique? It is tough and sometimes messy.

Here it is made extremely simple.

Take a clean plastic bottle, crack all your eggs in to a bowl. Squeeze the plastic bottle to expel some of the air, place the open bottle top on top of the egg yolk and release the bottle. This causes air to rush back in to the bottle and, hey presto, the egg yolk all on it’s own.

Yep that is it. Repeat with all the other yolks. You will be left with a plastic bottle full of yolks and a bow of whites.

Simply amazing!

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