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South Farm Panglao Review: Best Resort Bohol


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On the beautiful island of Panglao, just off Bohol, in the Philippines is where you’ll find the stunning and peaceful South Farm Panglao, which is a popular holiday destination. The farm is located on nine hectares of land and boasts breathtaking vistas of the surrounding countryside. It is the farm supplying produce for the fantastic Filipino cuisine at the most beautiful South Palms Resort Panglao.

South Farm Panglao: Table of Contents

south farm panglao review 2023 aerial shot
Picture courtesy of South Farm Panglao.

We have stayed at South Palms Resort quite a few times now, since ‘finding it’ in 2021 when some Air BnB customers staying at our house, also had a few nights there and posted the experience on Facebook. It is paradise personified, and the food at South Palms Resort Panglao is seriously top drawer. The main reason for that is that most of the produce comes from South Farm Panglao, about 1km away from the beach.

The location of South Farm Panglao, and South Palms Resort Panglao are also really appealing. Some of the most breathtaking, white sandy beaches with topaz seas in the Philippines, such as Alona Beach and Doljo Beach, are located within easy driving distance of the farm and the resort.

These beaches are famous for the brilliant clarity of their waters and the pure whiteness of their sand, and they are ideal locations for activities like swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing. But the beach at South Palms is equally stunning, and you can benefit from that with a short walk.

south palms resort panglao beach arial

South Farm Panglao cultivates a wide selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, and livestock all of which are utilized in the preparation of scrumptious and wholesome meals for visitors that are staying at South Palms Resort. The meals are served in lovely dining areas that are open-air, facing the sea and white sand beaches, providing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy their meals while taking in the incredible scenery of the Philippines coastline on Panglao.

Map of South Farm Panglao
Picture courtesy of South Farm Panglao.

South Farm Panglao is an excellent location for having a few hours, maybe lunch or dinner and just taking it easy and unwinding. Anyone who is wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life will find that this spot is the ideal place to go because of its stunning location, and delectable food.

Add to that, that you can get your caveman on and go hunting, well fishing, for your lunch or dinner that the restaurants will then cook up for you then and there. That in itself is quite unique. We have benefitted from fishing kilos of Tilapia and Milkfish from their lakes, it’s such fun to be sustainable, catching your lunch. I still don’t know how to say fishing rod in Tagalog.

As you arrive you have to pay a tiny entrance fee. Whilst I was making the payments, the kids just played on the swings and with an ancient Filipino game, called Sungka, which was created here in the Philippines

South Farm Panglao Kids swing

Sungka is a mancala game that originated in the Philippines and is currently played all over the world anywhere there are Filipino migrants, such as in Macau, Taiwan, Germany, and the United States of America. It is traditionally played by women, much like the game Congkak, which is very closely connected to it.

Kunggit was the name that the Jesuit priest Father José Sanchez used when he first characterized Sungka in his dictionary of the Bisaya language, which he published in 1692. The Spanish missionary Father José Sanchez, who arrived in the Philippines in 1643, described the game as being played with seashells on a boat-shaped board made of wood. Kunggit is still the name that the Aklanon people give to the game. José Sanchez is famous for building the town of Jagna on the island of Bohol, which is now well-known for its extensive historical importance.

South Farm Panglao Game

There is wildlife everywhere. I chased these beautiful ducklings from their cozy nesting in the groundnuts to get this picture. Sorry ducks. Yes, folks, the plant in the front of the photo is groundnuts, also known as monkey nuts. How about that?

South Farm Panglao ducks

It was Christmas time when we last visited South Farm Panglao, and I spotted this fine fellow showing off to the ladies. A beautifully plump turkey. I did take time to point out to him that it was indeed Christmas, and if I were him I’d be off hiding somewhere, not flaunting myself about.

South Farm Panglao Turkey

Oh no, all I can think of is 10+ sleeping Lechons, the iconic slow-roast spit-roast whole pig the Filipinos go all goo goo and ga ga over. They look happy enough for now, but that bacon I had for breakfast at South Palms Resort was very tasty and so very fresh. I wonder… Sleep well piggies.

South Farm Panglao pigs

And with that bacon, I had some deliciously fresh eggs. Yep, this beautiful lady has done an incredible job here with a monster pile of the freshest eggs you’ll eat. From hen to the table. What you’re not seeing from this photo, is that in this chicken coop, there are another 30 or so of her BFF’s all sitting on the same-sized clutches of eggs. Hey, it’s a busy hotel is South Palms Resort. Good work sweetheart. Clucking brilliant eggs.

South Farm Panglao hens and eggs

Next up is goats and goat feeding time. Jude loved this. He and I laughed so much because these guys are vocal, and I really mean vocal. They are some noisy buggers when they see humans approaching, humans that might have a feed as we do. What made it even funnier was that what they ‘shouted’ as we approached sounded very much like; “Juuuuuuudddddde”. Hilarious.

South Farm Panglao Goats

They have a load of rabbits, well they do say breeding like rabbits if you have a lot of kids. The guy watching this station will give you some of the rabbit’s absolute favourite food to allow the kids to have fun feeding them. This plant is also endeared by the human population of the Philippines as it is used extensively in their sour soups, like Sinigang. They give the rabbit enclosure the rather cute name of Rabbit Hobbit, and yes it looks like a little Hobbit village from Lord of the Rings.

I am not sure if I should mention the words Rabbit-Chon whilst petting these lovely little things. You’ll need to read my other blog 40 Unbelievable Filipino Foods to get the context of this. Let’s just say, apparently it tastes like chicken.

South Farm Panglao Rabbits

Oh yeah, next door to this they also have an enclosure with guinea pigs, that also are desperate to be fed, as Jude found out. Have a look at those cute little balls of fluff.

South Farm Panglao Guinea Pigs

Let me expand that statement to be, there are a LOT of guinea pigs.

South Farm Panglao Guinea Pigs

Here comes the Filipino Tractor, AKA the Carabao. Happily lazing in the shade, when up rock our lot, and Wifey asks for a Carabao cart ride like she did when she was a kid living in Mabini, Bohol. So up he has to get and connected up to the cart.

south farm panglao carabao

And they’re off… Wifey drifted back to her childhood in a big way.

south farm panglao carabao ride

In the same enclosure, you can also do horse riding, which Jude did on both of our trips here. It’s all included in the price of entrance, but it is nice to tip the guys that help Php 50-100.

South Farm Panglao horse riding

We were here in June 2022 and this restaurant was still under construction, and when we came back in December there she was. The South Farm Panglao Prawn Farm Restaurant. How cool is that place? If you do fishing in their well-stocked lakes you can bring the fish to the restaurant and choose how you would like it cooked. Talk about the field to table, well lake to the table.

South Farm Panglao Prawn Restaurant

But this is a little different from your normal restaurant. Count the tables and chairs there. Surely this restaurant can seat more pax than six or so? Oh, indeed they can. Because lake-side they have these stunning tiki-style huts with heaps of family dining areas, shaded from the sun, open-aired in the breeze, watching the ducks and geese go on their merry way. Seriously what a stunning location for a restaurant dining room. Prawn in Tagalog, is hipon.

South Farm Panglao Prawn Farm Restaurant Tables

Then, to the fishing, the men of the house assume their hunting duties with a rod, line, and bait ball. They have two rather well-stocked lakes here. One is filled with the likes of Tilapia (our chosen species to hunt) and the other with Milk Fish. Jude Jude did exceptionally well, as did Amy actually (no photo), and on one day we took home (for our Christmas BBQ) about 4 kg of fish. So fresh, and such a giggle.

The kids loved it and were super proud of themselves as they reeled in a whopper. Well, pulled in, as this is a bamboo pole and fixed line with a little float. Prawn in Tagalog, is hipon, and we didn’t catch a single one.

South Farm Panglao Fishing

I was, also, rather proud of myself for sustaining the family with my catch of the day. Yes, yes. The kids caught three each, and yours truly caught one. Mine was the biggest though, and you should have seen the one that got away.

I think my gear was faulty, I must learn how to ask for a fishing rod in Tagalog.

South Farm Panglao Fishing Dad

Veggies and fruit anyone? This place is a horticulturist’s dream locale. Again, if you are staying at the South Palms Resort, it is very likely that you’ll be eating fruit, veggies, eggs, possibly meat, and even edible flowers from the very gardens of South Farm Panglao.

Papaya anyone? Pluck one of these, de-seed it, and squeeze some lime or Calamansi over and you will have a heavenly fruit experience, my friends. These were growing everywhere.

South Farm Panglao Guava

If you have a Pina Colada Cocktail at South Palms Resort Panglao, I am pretty confident I can tell you where the fresh pineapple has come from.

South Farm Panglao Pineapples

Fauna everywhere. Here they are growing a vast array of different flowers and exotic plants to supply local hotels and resorts. We did try to buy some of these for the house, but sadly could not. I’ll ask again next time we come back. Suffice it to say, it is beautiful walking through these gardens, it’s cool in the shade of the palms and trees, and so very peaceful. My Mum would love it here.

south farm panglao plants

Any idea what this is? Looks like a cactus, and yes you’d be right with that theory. But, it is actually the stunning Dragon Fruit that you see here, not a cactus garden.

South Farm Panglao Dragon Fruit

Fresh herbs plenty. I was just meandering through these beds, pulling a leaf and giving it a run to release the freshest-smelling herbs to my nose. As an avid cook, this section of South Farm is like heaven to me. I wish to have something like this at the house one day, my own cooks garden. Pick, chop, cook, eat.

If you need to order Dragon Fruit Tagalog, just ask for prutas ng dragon.

South Farm Panglao Herb Gardens

Whether you’re planning your own event or helping someone else with theirs, South Farm Panglao can accommodate you at their Sala at South Farm Panglao. Sala is an alternate spelling of the Tagalog word Salas, which means living room.

Wow, I’d love to have this place as my living room. It’s just incredible. Imagine having a party or a wedding here. Just WOW!!!

South Farm Panglao Sala (Function Hall)

South Farm Panglao Function Hall

We have done the loop now and ended up back at the main entrance, where next door to the entrance is the second restaurant of South Farm Panglao. It’s a stunning setting and interior, and I just love that ceiling. We’ll eat here one day, we always seem to have booked somewhere else though to date.

Wifey always buys their rice cakes, as she thinks they are the best ever. I have also purchased some of their homemade Sukang Tuba, a vinegar made from fermented coconut palm sap, usually spiced with chilies and other goodies. This is a foundation ingredient for the iconic Filipino Native Sauce, into which just about everything gets dipped. I also bought some of the locally produced Boholano salt, Asin Tibuok, made from filtering seawater through ashes.

South Farm Panglao Restaurant

There is this stunning mosaic on the wall of the restaurant, of man and beast in perfect harmony. A Filipino farmer with his Filipino tractor, the Carabao, plowing his rice field. I so want this on the wall of my Filipino house. I just love this so much.

South Farm Panglao Restaurant Mozaic

“South Farm is a 9-hectare organic land property that is located in Panglao, Bohol promoting rural, handmade, handcrafted, hand-built tourist destinations. The site features a nature-based family-oriented tourism attraction and caters fun activities and local events. We provide a significant recurring source of fruits, vegetables, herbs and other agricultural items for South Palms Resort and North Zen Villas for both guest consumption and staff dining.”​

South Farm Panglao is dedicated to sustainability and was hand-built utilizing recycled materials, reused buildings, wood, metal, and other reusable resources. In addition, the farm uses only local, organic produce. Through progressive forms of agritourism and environmentally responsible farming, they intend to protect and promote Bohol’s historically significant provincial lifestyle.

They hold workshops and corporate events, to encourage people to try new things. In fact, not long after our last visit a great Boholano mate of mine, Raph, chef, and owner of one of our favorite Bohol restaurants, Smoque Bistro & Bar, took all his staff there for their Christmas party.

Gather everyone in the company or the family for a fun outing that will appeal to people of all ages. Try your hand at producing clay pots, weaving native baskets, and extracting essential oils from coconuts as the local artists explain to you everything about the Boholano way of life that you never knew before, or just take a delightful lazy stroll through the;

• Organic Gardens
• Herbal and Medical Gardens
Premium and Ornamental Plants Gardens

If you are in Panglao or Bohol, the Philippines this should be on your must-visit list. Come for a walk-through, come to fish, come to dine. It’s superb for all ages and just wonderful for families and kids. You’ll notice not one piece of electronics in my kid’s hands as we spend over 3 hours here. The only one with tech in the hand is me for taking the photos. It takes you back to the tranquil harmony of nature, and a sustainable nature to boot.

The crew at South Farm Panglao has knocked it out of the park. It is just beautiful and I plan to come here on every single trip we take back to our house in Panglao. Especially because the wife loves fresh Tilapia for the BBQ.

You can then scoot down to South Palms Resort (if you’re not already staying there), to enjoy the beach over a few cocktails, and order some more food to enjoy the produce that South Farm Panglao is churning out. How good does that sound?

Farm-to-Table in action.

It does not get much better. I truly love this place, and you don’t need to be a tree-hugger to love it either. It is a top place to visit in Panglao the Philippines.

Mon – Sun; 8:00am – 6:00pm

Absolutely yes, you can. Just rock up and enjoy. Two restaurants now are also waiting for your company and to serve up delicious delights for you.

It’s about Php 100 per person if I remember rightly, which equates to about SGD $2, and USD $1.80. Believe me, that is a bargain for what you are going to get immersed in.

This is what Google is telling me; HQ7V+6FP, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines.

Perhaps best to head to South Palms Resort and ask at the guarded gatehouse for directions as it is 5-minutes from there; Brgy, Panglao, 6340 Bohol, Philippines.

Map of South Farm Panglao – map of the Philippines

There is no need to book, just rock up, pay the insignificant entrance fee and start enjoying the tranquillity and beauty of nature. If you are planning something more substantial like a company event, wedding, and so on drop them a line or call at the details above.

If you are staying at South Palms Resort Panglao, they provide a shuttle bus a few times a day. If you are staying in Panglao it’s a quick 20 minutes scooter or tricycle ride. If you are coming from Tagbilaran, I’d allow about 45 minutes by scooter or tricycle. It is worth the trip, trust me on that.

South Farm Panglao is a beautiful property located on Panglao Island, just off Bohol, in the Philippines. The farm is surrounded by lush greenery and boasts a peaceful and serene atmosphere, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind. But if you’re looking to explore the surrounding area, there are plenty of things to do and see.

Alona Beach Panglao Arial Shot

Don’t forget though, you can drive 5 minutes to the owning Hotel of South Farm, South Palms Resort, and have lunch or dinner, sit on that stunning white sandy beach, and stare out over the vast expanse of topaz sea.


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South Palms Resort Panglao

If you’re interested in nature and wildlife, Panglao Island is home to a number of interesting attractions. The island is home to a number of species of birds, including the Philippine Eagle, which is not only one of the largest eagles on the planet but also one of the rarest and most endangered eagles in the world. You can also visit the Philippine Tarsier Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to a number of tarsiers, the planet’s smallest primates found only in the Philippines.

How could you not want to see this little fella on your trip?

Tarsier the Philippines

Panglao Island is also home to a number of cultural attractions, such as the Bohol Museum, which houses a collection of artifacts and cultural objects from the region. The island is also home to a number of churches and temples, including the St. Augustine Church, which dates back to the 16th century, and Baclayon Church, which was founded in 1596 by Spanish Jesuit priests and was originally made of wood and nipa (a type of grass).

A trip to the Bohol Bee Farm is an absolute necessity if you are interested in having an experience that is both one-of-a-kind and informative while you are on the island of Bohol. This eco-friendly farm can be found in the town of Panglao, and its mission is to educate people about the significance of bees to the natural world while also working to preserve and protect them.

Bohol Bee Farm Resort & Restaurant

When guests arrive at the Bohol Bee Farm, they are greeted by a member of the helpful staff who provides a concise summary of the farm as well as its primary objective. After that, you will start the tour with a visit to the bee colonies, where you will learn about the life cycle of bees as well as the vital function that they play in the process of pollinating plants.

A number of different beehives are on show at the farm, including one that is constructed traditionally out of logs and one that is constructed more recently out of plastic. You will also have the opportunity to get very close to the bees and watch them go about their busy life.

A wide range of plants and animals call the Bohol Bee Farm in Bohol, Philippines, their home in addition to the bees. The farm is home to a number of animals, including chickens, ducks, and goats, and also features a verdant garden with a wide selection of vegetables and herbs. Solar energy and natural products are used in the construction of the farm’s buildings, as the owners of the farm are dedicated to environmental preservation.

At the Bohol Bee Farm, visitors have the chance to try and purchase honey that was made in the area. This is one of the attraction’s features. The farm sells a wide range of honey-based products, including unprocessed honey, honeycomb, and honey-infused cosmetics and personal care items such as lip balm and body lotion. The honey is not only tasty, but it also provides a memorable keepsake from your time spent in Bohol.

Bohol Bee Farm Gardens

In general, the Bohol Bee Farm is a location that is not only entertaining but also educational, making it appropriate for tourists of all ages. Visit the Bohol Bee Farm if you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind experience on the island, whether you’re interested in bees, the environment, or simply want to do something different.

Bohol Bee Farm Details;

Click here for our review of Taug Whale Shark Snorkelling

Some individuals of the whale shark can grow to be over 40 feet long, making it the largest fish in the world. These gentle giants can be found all around the world in warm temperate and tropical waters, and they are a favourite subject for underwater photographers and snorkelers. In the Philippines, the municipality of Lila offers one of the best opportunities to swim among whale sharks.

We’ll share with you some discount packages from our mates at Klook Philippines.

Whale Shark Lila Bohol

On the island of Bohol, in the middle of the Philippine archipelago, you’ll find the quaint little town of Lila. The waters nearby are home to a thriving population of whale sharks, which can be spotted at any time of the year. Swimming beside these magnificent animals is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life, and it is one that you must not pass up if you find yourself in this part of the world.

You will need to schedule a tour with a local operator in order to swim with the whale sharks in Lila. These tours normally include transportation to and from the diving location, all of the essential equipment, and the assistance of a qualified guide. The trips typically last for approximately one-third of a day, and during that time, you will have the opportunity to swim alongside whale sharks for approximately sixty minutes.

Your guide will deliver a briefing on safety guidelines and the behavior of whale sharks before you venture out onto the ocean. It is essential to keep in mind the need to keep a safe distance away from whale sharks at all times, to refrain from touching them in any manner, and to not disturb them in any way. These are wild animals, and as such, they deserve to be handled with care and respect.

After you have entered the water, you will get the chance to swim alongside whale sharks and study them up close while you do so. The combination of these animals’ enormous size and kind demeanour makes them awe-inspiring to say the least. Being in the same room as such a magnificent animal is a once in a lifetime opportunity that should not be missed.

Book your tour well in advance if you want to swim with whale sharks in Lila, Philippines, and make sure to do so if you want to avoid disappointment. During the busiest times of the year, these tours might reach capacity very rapidly. Do not pass up the chance to swim with these incredible animals since it is an experience that you will never forget.

  • Address: Barangay Hall, Lila, Bohol, Philippines
  • Telephone: +63 998 992 5938
  • Opening Hours: 06:00am to 12:00pm every day

What are the best restaurants near to South Farm Panglao?

In the province of Bohol in the Philippines is where you’ll find the tropical paradise that is Panglao Island. It is the ideal location for anyone looking for a tropical vacation thanks to its powdery white sand beaches, gin-blue waters, and thriving coral reefs. Panglao Island is known for its natural beauty, but it is also home to some of the most acclaimed dining establishments, and I should know as I have likely eaten in them all.

So, if you are in and around South Farm Panglao, here are a few options for you to consider and sate your hunger. Click here to read our original Top 10 restaurants near to South Farm Panglao. But then also have a look at the newly opened and soon-to-be-included in our, soon to come, Top 15 Restaurants in Bohol.

Mist Restaurant, Panglao – read the blog for a complete review of this most awesome restaurant in Panglao. Our first visit to Mist Panglao was this year in December 2022, now a top location for us. Best in Bohol.

  • Address; Panglao Island Circumferential Rd, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines
  • Telephone+63 995 069 2557
  • Opening times; 10:30am-10:30pm every day
Mist Panglao

Modala Beach Resort – a new one for us and our first trip in December 2022, great location, wonderful hotel, and great food.

It’s dining under the stars at its best. We sat al fresco, as you’ll see from the picture, just off the white sandy beach. Waves crashing and cool tunes wafting. Incredible food, in a great ambiance.

  • Address; Tumoy Leisure Village 888 Purok 5 Barangay, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines
  • Telephone:  +63 38 411 0808
  • Opening times: 11:00am-10:00pm every day
Modala Beach Resort Panglao

Chef Raph and the crew at Smoque Restaurant, Bohol is the gift that keeps giving. The gift that keeps giving incredible Michelin Star-grade food. The new items on the 2023 menu are exceptional and all are must-try when you visit.

The Conchinillo is a dish though that I implore you to get in your life once. It is umami, with flavor pops going off everywhere, texture balances to die for, and then add that zing from the native sauce and you are in the food penthouse.

Raph and crew you’re forever in our hearts and will always be in our top restaurants of the Philippines, and simply one the best places to eat in Bohol.

It is exceptional here. More fool you if you don’t dine at least once at Smoque Bistro Cafe & Bar. 

Smoque Restaurant Bistro Cafe and Bar
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