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Best Food Court Near Ubi Techpark


Cheng Fang Food Court – Ubi Techpark

Cheng Fang Food Court - Ubi Techpark

Cheng Fang Food Court is like a super yummy place to eat in Ubi Techpark, Singapore. It’s in a good location for the surrounding workers to go any time of the working day, Monday through Saturday! Many people get their car services or styled at the Paya Ubi Industrial Park right across the street and can pop across the road and enjoyed this airconditioned food court!

When you walk in, you can smell all the tasty food from different stalls. The food court is big and easy to get a seat, even when lots of people are there.

Whether you’re a tech person working in Ubi Techpark or just someone who loves to eat delicious food, Cheng Fang Food Court is the place to go for some good food or a beer apparently.

Ubi Techpark Food Court

Address: 10 Ubi Cres, #01-04 Ubi Techpark, Singapore 408564

Cheng Fang Food Court Operating Hours

Monday7:30 am–10:30 pm
Tuesday7:30 am–10:30 pm
Wednesday7:30 am–10:30 pm
Thursday7:30 am–10:30 pm
Friday7:30 am–10:30 pm
Saturday7:30 am–10:30 pm

Route 65 (Ubi) – Foodcourt Bar

Route 65 (Ubi)

How cool is this, a pub called Route 65 inside Cheng Feng Food Court, complete wish faux saloon swinging doors!

Address: 10 Ubi Cres, Singapore 408564

Shi Miao Dao Yunnan Rice Noodle

Shi Miao Dao Yunnan Rice Noodle

Shi Miao Dao was formerly located at 208B New Upper Changi Rd, #01-59, Singapore 462208 and at 1 HarbourFront Walk, #3 VivoCity, Singapore 098585 before that, not sure why they keep moving because the food was really good and reasonably priced. The 3 dishes below all amounted to $12.50 combined. Worth a visit if you are near Ubi Techpark.

Shi Miao Dao – Spicy Beef Yunnan Rice Noodle

What an absolute delight this main dish was, Spicy Beef Noodle by Shi Miao Dao and at $5.80 its not heavy on the wallet. Peanuts lightly toasted, I added additional spring onion but it was not needed on this dish. I did have a side dish of black vinegar and crispy chili to dip that beef in which gave the noodles some additional pizazz!

Shi Miao Dao Spicy Beef Noodle

Shi Miao Dao – Pigs Ear

I never miss the opportunity for something out of the unusual and have eaten pigs ear many times and this I can assure you is as good as pigs ear gets! Delicately sliced, not chewy at all, almost like bacon, the coriander and sesame was a nice accompaniment

Shi Miao Dao Pigs Ear

Shi Miao Dao – Century Egg

The century egg was on the shelve like this and just based on the design I could not resist. The eggs lightly pungent, the sweetness of soya sauce and light heat from the chili coupled with the coriander made this plate pop!

Shi Miao Dao Century Egg

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