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Golden Beach Seafood Paradise Siglap Review (2023 sadly closed for good)


Golden Beach Seafood Paradise Siglap Review (2023)

Sorry We're Closed

This is now replaced with the incredible Greek Restaurant, Blu Kouzina.

blu k interior mine.jpg Golden Beach Seafood Paradise Siglap Review (2023 sadly closed for good)

Blu Kouzina Siglap Map – Map of Singapore

We have lived in Siglap for 7 years now. This restaurant has been here for two years since the demise of Blooies. We even had this recommended to us but our mate Dave Lim from Empress Place. But, we have never been to this day today. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps the strong reference to seafood and that ‘excluding’ choices for Jude Jude and me? Maybe. But today, stuck for where to eat for dinner, we chose here. Something different, but on the doorstep.

And family Kennett was absolutely delighted we did come here this day. It’s absolutely really good food and a big variety of non-piscatorial too. Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Siglap.

They deliver too and are doing some pretty amazing specials on crab at the moment – I reckon that’s for Wifey & #1 for next time. Give them a visit and say hello to the owner-manager, John Toi and his really great staff. I love it when you walk in and go past the open hatch of the kitchen and hear that jet fighter engine noise of the open wok cooking going on. Yeah, baby, this is going to be good.

You can find and/or can reach them as below – and of course, they are doing delivery too;

907, East Coast Road 459107

+65 6542 7720

What do Golden Beach Seafood say about themselves; “Our Master Chef can satisfy any hungry food lovers with his extraordinary culinary skills. He is able to whip out any food ideas you have in mind. Our Signature Dishes: Peking duck, Black Pepper Crab, Chilli Crab, Salted Egg with Butter Cream Crab, Bamboo Clams, Home-made Spinach Beancurd with Mince Pork, Patin Fish in Nonya Style…” I like Golden Beach Seafood!!!

And as Uncle Roger says get your MSG face on. “Rub MSG on baby, make baby better, make baby more smart!”

Golden Beach Seafood Paradise Siglap Review 2023

What did we eat today at Golden Beach Seafood…?

Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Siglap
For whom the bell tolls. We thank you for your sacrifice, Mr Duck… Yummy!!! Yes, we hit them up for the special on a whole Peking Duck 2-ways…
Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Siglap
Honey-glazed crispy baby squid. Described by the family who was munching away on these as seafood candy. Super-crunchy and sweet.
Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Siglap
The 1st ‘way’ for the Peking Duck – beautiful crepe pancakes with deliciously savoury duck skin and cucumber with awesome hoisin. Absolutely delicious!!!!
Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Siglap
Strawberry Blonde got through two plates of this. Luckily they had no live prawns to make the original order of Drunken Prawns, so the guy recommended this dish. Happy Days. An exquisite prawn dish, just brilliant. Crispy Deshelled Prawns ‘w’ Golden Salted Egg.
Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Siglap
King Pork Rib is a great name for this dish as it was absolutely superb. Slabs of super-tender pork fillet, breaded and fried and then in a tangy sauce. A stunner!!!
Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Siglap
Sweet & Sour Pork to die for. Almost floral in the taste, quite unique.
Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Siglap
Always a test for me is this, and this was a winner. Very tender beef and a beautifully warming flavour sensation from the pepper, nit a smack around the head. Really nice Black Pepper Beef.
Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Siglap
We have not had these for years, since our days at eating at Kallang. So this was a real treat to have tonight. Bamboo Clam Steamed ‘w’ Minced Garlic (AKA in the UK as Razor Clams). Wifey & #1 wolfed these down.
Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Siglap
Some of the best Asparagus Fried ‘w’ Garlic I have ever had. Absolutely amazing flavours. I wonder if our little mate MSG had paid a visit in this dish. So very good. Yummo!!!!
Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Siglap
And to top it all they even have satay and some really good satay it was too. This is the Chicken Satay, which I didn’t actually have any off funnily enough.
Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Siglap
But I did get stuck into the Mutton Satay. So very flavourful and so very tender. Not chewy at all and is accompanied by a rather good peanut dipping sauce too. Double good!
Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Siglap
And to finish, how could I refuse? Durian Ice-Cream that is homemade by the Chef. Delicious. Seriously good. Well, that was until I was walking home and burping into my face mask a couple of times. Nearly passed out on the fumes.

It really was a lovely meal at Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Siglap. We’ll absolutely be going back. I know Wifey & #1 want to get stuck into the crab, and Strawberry Blonde 1000% wants those Salted Egg Prawns again.

Plus Wifey loved the small bottles of clean-skin wine concept. That’s a first for me outside of Australia to see clean-skin wine. So John thanks to you and the staff for a lovely evening of grazing. Be seeing you soon fella. East-coasters, Siglappers get your game face on and pop in for a really nice grazing experience here!


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