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Mist Panglao: Excellent Restaurant Review and New Menu for 2023


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Mist Panglao: the return in June 2023, for that new menu and that amazing looking WarHammer Steak. Here we go...

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Mist Panglao Full A La Carte Menu: available below at the click of a button

MIST Panglao Beef Nachos

Small Nachos. Handmade nachos chips, topped with seasoned ground beef, and three different sauces.

PHP 399: ~ USD $7.15

Bloody brilliant. We all chowed down on this. I have to say a thin veneer of the delicious beef ragu, and then a tonne of lettuce. But the beef sort of leaked into the lettuce and made that all yummy and umami, so it was all good. A must-try, so very delicious.

father's day at MIST Panglao

Hey, it was Father’s Day: yes my choice was to come to Mist Panglao this day. As a family, I think we all agreed that: Daddy had a good idea!!!

mist panglao interior from 3rd floor

MIST Panglao remains as cool as ever. Today, due to it being super-busy, we were placed on the top floor. This is the view down from three stories. UBER-COOL!!!

iced baby bear latter at MIST Panglao

Iced Baby Bear Latte. Home-brewed ice latte with espresso bear.

PHP 199: ~ USD $3.57

thai mud crab MIST panglao

Thai Chili Mud Crab. Pan-fried Mud Crab with Thai Chili Sauce., and Roasted Peanuts.

PHP 1199: ~ USD $21.51

Wifey started with complaints of $$$ and the size of the crabs and no head fat… Then she ate some and BOOM her whole posture changed to one of ultimate delight. Yes, the flavour of this had the Filipinos in silence and eating. A knockout dish from MIST Panglao and a must-try!!!

WarHammer Steak MIST Panglao

WarHammer Steak. 8 hours slow-cooked premium beef backbones, in herb and spices with original sauce, and honey lemon butter dip (outrageously good).

PHP 1499: ~ USD $26.89 (Bargain!!!)

A beauty. Slight complaint about so much silver skin, which is basically inedible. But once you get to the meat it is damned fine. It needed seasoning with the salt, and the lemon jammy dip and Bulldog-Sauce-esque dip were insanely more-is. Yep, well worth the trip t guzzle down on this. Plus the theatre of this behemoth bone is worth every penny!!!

jude jude and the WarHammer Steak Bone MIST Panglao

My Jude Jude did me proud devouring the WarHammer Steak from MIST Panglao. There is diddly squat left on that bone… great work Jude Jude!!!

mango popping boba cake MIST Panglao

Mango Popping Boba Cake. Mango cake topped with fresh mango, mango popping bobba, and cream.

PHP 169: ~ USD $3.03

Yes, I even had dessert for once in my life. This was a beauty. So very light, fresh, and savoury. Plus awesome texture-wise as those little beads on top literally pop when you eat them. Genius and seriously delicious.

Mist Restaurant, the best food on Panglao

Back to the Philippines, Bohol and Panglao for a month in December 2022. We did some amazing things this trip, including finding a heap of superb new restaurants. So that gives us the great opportunity to give you a 2023 update on those new restaurants in Bohol and Panglao. Mist Panglao will absolutely be going into our revised Top 10 Restaurants in Bohol for 2023. The more I think about it from this trip I should probably revamp the blog and make it Top 15 Restaurants in Bohol.

We ended up visiting Mist Panglao twice. Once for Wifey’s birthday including a staycation at Amorita Resort, and then back with the rest of the crew when we had a family staycation at Henann Resort, Panglao.

Mist Panglao, like a stand alone 5* treehouse dining experience

Mist Panglao

The upscale forest-themed dining rooms of Mist are open, airy and artsy. Located on the tranquil fringes of Panglao, the decor is an elegant blend of comfort, style and quirky. Each area of the restaurant has been meticulously planned, with colours and materials chosen to convey both a casual atmosphere and an upscale dining experience. Even though there are three levels to the restaurant, you’ll feel like being in a treehouse wherever you sit.

It's official: Mist Restaurant, Panglao is one of ISLIFEARECIPE's Best Bohol Restaurants

mist panglao

When in Bohol, you have to eat at Mist Panglao restaurant. Everything about it; the decor, the furnishings, the food, the service, and the atmosphere is just wonderful. I drifted away thinking I was in other exotic locales, like Bali and Thailand beaches. What a brilliant place this is. Check those views out from the third, and top floor. It’s breezy with warm winds wafting. It really is treehouse dining in style, like glamping is for camping.

mist panglao

Wifey was the model today at Mist Panglao. Well, it was her birthday celebration, so nothing wrong with that. But again this is just some photographic demonstration of the amazing array of furniture types to interact with. Uber cool.

mist panglao

Mist Panglao, open and WOW'ing since 2020

In October of the year 2020, they went into service. The restaurant is opens from 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM, Monday through Sunday. Some of the biggest celebrities, and social influencers are especially making the trip to Mist when they’re in Bohol. I think you can see why, when you review these photos. It is just uber-cool inside this place, but wait until you see the food.

mist panglao

Molly Restaurant Panglao

Mist has a sister restaurant nearer to the centre of Panglao, called Molly Bistro, and right behind Mist Panglao is a boutique hotel from the same ‘chain’, also called Molly.

Will we soon have it here for you to read our Molly Bohol restaurant review 2023. I sense a new location for a family staycation, with an easy pop next door for lunch and dinner on the cards in 2023. Watch this space.

mist panglao

Mist Panglao interior continued

I went exploring to check every nook and cranny of Mist Bohol. This is the downstairs seating and dining-area, which is just uber-cool with hanging seats galore. No matter where you sit in this restaurant I guarantee you are going to just love it. Again note, it is so bright and airy with tropical breezes wafting through continuously. It’s just so good.

mist panglao

What do Mist Panglao Restaurant, Bohol have to say about themselves?

“A restaurant like a forest for World-class Dining.”

mist panglao

Let’s get to the food at Mist Restaurant, Panglao.

The cuisine at Mist Panglao is diverse and outstanding, drawing inspiration from all over the world. Their delicious food is influenced by a wide variety of international cuisines, including the Mexican, American, Italian, Indian, Japanese, and Thai styles, all of which they master with panache. How they are only getting a rating of 4.2 on Google is beyond me. It really was/is outstanding.

I love that our little island of Panglao is opening such unique eatery’s so near to our home. The icing on the cake is the reasonable pricing for the quality of food that you’ll be consuming at Mist Bohol.

In 2021, the up-scale eatery made its mark on the international culinary scene by being named a Best of Gastronomie International restaurant. The President of Best of Gastronomie International, Georges Grunenwald, personally presented Mist with the “Maison De Qualité” honour.

mist panglao menu

Pyro Chicken @ P449 ½ or P799 whole; 24 hours marinated, oriental spiced chicken in Whiskey gravy. This dish is bonkers in a number of ways.

Number one is that it is set on fire at the table side, with one of the crew literally flambéing it in Whiskey with 3-4′ flames. Once that alcohol has burnt off it goes Whiskey gravy which sizzles away loudly like an angry rattlesnake.

Then you get to try the chicken and you have that ah-ha moment. Yes, 24-hour marinating makes this some of the most tender and moist chicken you will ever have.

We had this on both trips, and I’ll likely have this on every return trip. Die-die-must-try. Watch our YOUTUBE, above,  to see the flaming action.

mist panglao

Lasagne @ P379; Layers of tomato meat sauce and Bechamel sauce, topped with melted Mozzarella. Strawberry and Jhea had this and wolfed it down. I tried a little bit and can understand why it is stellar lasagne. Just like mum used to make. It’s some seriously good comfort food.

mist panglao

Pork Platter @ P779; Mix of grilled and fried pork in a giant skin crackling with 3 different sauces. I had to order this,

I just had to. Check it out, crazy plating. Delicious varieties of porky goodness, including some incredible smoked bacon, pork belly, and breaded pork nuggets.

Snap off some crackling for some crunch and then get dipping in the 3 sublime sauces. Front-runner is the pork gravy, at the front center. Man, oh man, did that up the ante of this already super dish.

mist panglao menu

Smoked Salmon Salad @ P329; Applewood smoked salmon, green salad, passion fruit dressing, and a soft-boiled egg. This was just massive. Easily good enough for 2-3 sharing. A behemoth salad.

mist panglao menu

Tomato Soup @ P219; Tomato soup with Mozzarella cheese, pesto puree, and croutons. We had this on both visits. It’s such a quality soup. It packs some flavor punch believe me. Best-in-class tomato soup. Legendary in fact. That pesto puree is such a winner.

mist panglao menu

Calamares @ P319; Crispy squid with spicy mayo sauce. Of course, yours truly did not eat this, but the feedback was that they were really good and the spicy mayo, akin to a Sriracha, rocked.

mist panglao menu

Mango Coconut Smoothie @ P249; Fresh mango, coconut syrup, topped with grated coconut. The kids went mad over this smoothie akin to a dessert. Check that bad boy out. Super-fresh mango makes all the difference and boy did this have that. A stunning smoothie.

mist panglao menu

Green Apple, Mango & Lemon Mocktail @ P189; This is so refreshing, and what a combination of ingredients. Perfect bedfellows. Mist Bohol will have a ‘special’ every day, and this was the Sunday Mist Day Special.

What are our conclusions of Mist Restaurant, Bohol?

mist panglao

I will say that Mist Panglao is now the top #1 or #2 restaurant in the whole of Bohol for me and absolutely #1 in Panglao. It really is that good. It’s quite breathtaking when you arrive and must take it all in. There’s just so much to see, and every turn and every corner is different. The staff are wonderful. It’s bright and airy, I so wish this was on the beach. It reeks of quality and comfort.

Then the food theatre begins with incredible plating, of dry-ice and incredible flambéing at the table-side. It makes the experience so special and downright uber-cool. It is second to none on the island. This is now THE must-dine location in Bohol. You simply must visit, try the food and soak up the ambiance, you will not be disappointed.

We will absolutely be returning every single time we come home to Bohol, and likely 2-3 times per trip so we can delve more into that super-creative menu. Great work Mist Bohol. Top drawer. Bravo.

How to book Mist Restaurant, Panglao?

A quirky thing about Mist Restaurant is that it is all walk-in only. Absolutely no bookings are available to be made. So, if I were you, I would get there early for service at midday and evening meals to avoid disappointment.

There is nothing really nearby in walking distance to choose from as an alternative. So prepare to wait if busy already.

Do they take credit cards at Mist Restaurant, Panglao?

Mist Panglao accepts credit cards and digital wallet payments now, Boomski!!!

What are the contact details for Mist Restaurant, Bohol?

Telephone; +63 995 069 2557



How to get to Mist Restaurant, Panglao?

It will take you 5 minutes to Mist Restaurant, Panglao from the centre of Panglao, and about 30-40 minutes from Tagbilaran. There are plentiful tricycles available from the main roads or book a multi-cab if there are a lot of you.

What is the Address of Mist Panglao

Purok 5, Brgy. Danao, Panglao Island, Bohol, 6340

What is the food scene in Panglao, Bohol, the Philippines?

The food scene in Panglao, the Philippines is a diverse and exciting one, offering a range of dining options to suit all tastes and budgets. One of the standout features of the food scene in Panglao is the abundance of seafood.

As it is an island, Panglao has access to a wide variety of fresh catches, which can be enjoyed at a number of beachfront restaurants. These restaurants often have tanks or slabs of fresh catch on ice where diners can choose their own seafood, which is then prepared for them on the spot.

In addition to seafood, Panglao is home to a number of restaurants serving traditional Filipino dishes. These can be found all over the island, from local hole-in-the-wall joints to more upscale establishments. For those looking for more international flavours, Panglao has a number of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, from Italian and Mexican to Japanese and Korean.

Many of the resorts on the island also have their own dining options, ranging from casual beachfront cafes to fine dining restaurants, as we found out today at Mist restaurant, Panglao.

Overall, the food scene in Panglao is vibrant and diverse, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood, traditional Filipino fare, or international cuisine, you’ll find it all in Panglao.

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