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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


Beer Bum Chicken aka Beer Can Chicken

This is my roast chicken recipe. And not just any roast chicken recipe – this is my Beer Bum Chicken. If you want the best roast chicken experience of your life you have to try this. I did this in the oven, but it is also very very effective in the BBQ (as long as you have one with a hood to keep the heat in that is).And quite a monumental first, in that.

I am only giving you video tutorial; and

I do not speak (a 1st ever).

It’s a very very simple recipe. And should end up looking like this.

Beer Bum Chicken
I’ve always been a bum guy, now you can be too

So there you have it readers another first for The Semi-Naked Chef. I hope you like the video tutorial, and will try this very simple but extremely effective recipe. You want moist, tender, flavourful chicken – this is your recipe. Go on, I dare you try it up the bum once in your like and have my Beer Bum Chicken. ENJOY!!!

Beer Bum Chicken #2

Beer Bum Chicken #3

Jude’s Beer Bum Chicken Dinner

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