Hat’s Salt & Vinegar Crisp Squid Rings


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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Hat’s Salt & Vinegar Crisp Squid Rings

What on earth is that, I hear you calling out. Well I happened to be at my mate, James, daughter’s birthday BBQ. His wife, Kate, was explaining that their other daughter, Hats, was fussy re food, but liked calamari in batter. I also noticed she was scoffing down salt & vinegar crisps Ta Dah. One of those moments happened, and so was created Hat’s Salt & Vinegar Crisp Squid Rings. Just for you Hats. I hope you liked them, and a VERY HAPPY birthday again to Imogen.

Hat's Salt & Vinegar Crisp Squid Rings
Now, considering made up on the spot, it doesn’t look to bad huh!

OK so how did I go about making Hat’s Salt & Vinegar Crisp Squid Rings? To make the sharing platter you can see in the picture you’ll need the following shopping list;

  • 4 medium sized squids (of course clean then, take the quill out, cut the tails from the head/beak etc);
  • 1 big bag of salt & vinegar crisps;
  • 2 fresh lemons;
  • A small cup of cornflower;
  • 2 eggs; and
  • Garlic salt.

I did this at the BBQ pit with quite limited resources (thanks James ha ha), and thanks to @Tom Duncan, for helping me. So it goes like this;

  1. Slice the squid in to small rings;
  2. Throw them in a carrier bag, and give them a good slapping against a hard surface. This will tenderise the squid rings;
  3. Add in a good pinch or three of garlic salt;
  4. Add in about 3/4 cup of corn flour, and give it a good toss about to coat the rings;
  5. Crack in two eggs and again give it a good mix about to coat the rings;
  6. Bash up the crisps in the bag and throw them in, again to coat the rings.

There you have it Hat’s Salt & Vinegar Crisp Squid Rings, all prepped. Now to finish them off. Take a small pan and fill with about an inch deep of good vegetable oil. Bring that to a piping heat and gradually spoon in the rings and crisps. Not all at once and you don’t want to overcrowd the pal and reduce the oil heat. Leave them bubbling away until the squid rings puff up and the chips start to brown. Pull them out with tongs and lay on some kitchen towel to drain. Repeat until all done.

Service these up on a plate with a little kitchen towel beneath to keep catching the oil. Then cut a lemon in half and squeeze all over. Cut the other lemon in to pieces, as per the picture, and add to the side in case anyone wants more. I hear the Hat’s Salt & Vinegar Crisp Squid Rings were very tasty – what do you think Hats?

Hat's Salt & Vinegar Crisp Squid Rings
“Very yummy thank you Uncle Brian, weeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Said Hats

So come on Mum and Dad. It’s fairy easy isn’t it. You could do this Janet and John following style surely? I think she like them, as she kept coming back for more and giving a little lemon squeeze. Bless her. So folks this is Hat’s Salt & Vinegar Crisp Squid Rings. But of course feel free to plagiarise and have a go yourself. I am certain Hats would not mind, and if you do.