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Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer


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Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer


Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer was another day of grazing haha. One very well known and one brand new. We drove from Bellevue to Tawala, which we found out is actually where Alona Beach is. I thought Alona was that ‘town’, but no it is Tawala.

Laid-back Tawala is focused on Alona Beach, known for its white sand, coral-reef diving, snorkelling, and swimming. Resorts fill the area, along with waterfront restaurants serving seafood, pizzas, and Filipino cuisine. Additional draws are beach bars with a chill vibe, as well as small stores selling souvenirs and snacks.

I agree with that. Today was sort of a shopping day to stock up as we are still thinking we’re here for weeks yet due to the lock-downs. I am a little behind on writing up the blogs so actually I know of new developments which will go in Day #7 blog. Suffice to say we might not need to be shopping for food much longer. We shall see. Anyways here is Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer, what we did for lunch and dinner today.

Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
On the way to Henann Resort, we spotted this beauty. This has ChillaxBBQ written ALL OVER IT. It’s a mini food-cart crafted from a tri-cycle. Next time we’re here I feel some fabrication work a coming on. I love this!!! He’s doing Burritos. We could do our Cubanos and Cheese Toasty Selection from something this small. I super love it!!! Imagine the new logo my Brother designed on the side of this… AMAZEBALLS!!! I want one!!!

Let’s get Flogging shall we? CLICK HERE to watch some Apolocalytic Scenes of Henann Resort. Almost like waiting for the Zombie Hordes to come pouring down the deserted beach, with a feeling of being the last people on the planet. That’s OK though, and icy cold Pilsen soon sorted out the despair!!!

Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
As you can see it is completely empty here at the moment. But the kids and I still had fun collecting shells before lunch. It really is beautiful on Panglao Beach. An amazing place on earth.
Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
See what I mean about being deserted? After lunch, quite a few more rocked up. All of whom were Western. Normally this Resort is packed with Chinese, South Koreans and Japanese. Of course not any more. So very sad. One person on their own up the beach there. That’s what you call social separation.
Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
When there is doubt or worry there is always my mate ‘icy cold Pilsen’. All the angst fades away. In Paradise, the local libation is always icy cold and I am loving it. “One more please my good man…”
Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
What you can’t get from this photo is just how hot it is today. This is cook an egg on forehead hot. It’s crazy. But despite that, we are a happy family at the beach as always. Eating with toes in the sand, great food, an icy cold Pilsen and chillax tunes wafting in the sea breeze – yeap heavenly!
Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
We always have this when we come to Henann Resort. This is like that short-rib at Gerarda’s. You just have to eat it. It’s air-dried beef that is then deep-fried. It is OFF-THE-CHARTS amazing beefy crispy succulence. It comes with Tuba Vinegar that is super-spicy. Best bedfellows ever. What a cracking dish. It’s up there with the best of the best is this. Flavour-pops and texture-pops. Amaze-balls!!!

For dinner this night we tried somewhere new. Do you remember the blog back in June (I think) when we 1st visited AA BBQ, and Jude and I walked next door to have a look at all the neon we had seen from Lantaw one night across the waterway? Well, that was Cafe Racer and it is a cracker as you will see. They have taken an old petrol station and converted it to just the very coolest American-style diner with Filipina and Western cuisine. Cuisine that is top-drawer and so very reasonable. It is one of our new favourite haunts. LOVE IT!!!

Here is where you’ll find them. I’d get there early to avoid any curfew crap and relax and enjoy the place.

Poblacion Dauis, 6339 Bohol
Tel; (038) 427 4670
Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
How nice is this outside dining area? Stunning views of Bohol Island from Panglao Island. Just across the water, there is Lantaw Restaurant, where we have sat looking at a lit-up place with live music playing and wondered where it is… Well, here it is!!! Bloody brilliant!!!
Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
Sadly not happening at the moment due to the curfew, but imagine the live-band playing here or the DJ spinning the decks at the coolest DJ box I have seen!!!
Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
See what I mean? Converted petrol station. Just a GENIUS concept. Apparently there is on in Mandaue in Cebu already. I love this. Oh yeah, that big black jeep parked up is ours. Noice! Love this outdoor seating at the sea view, dining tables here or even in the petrol pump area itself. It was a stinking hot and mosquito laden night, so we went indoors and so happy we did because…
Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
Check it out!!! Graffiti. Oil-drum seats and tables. Jude Jude very excited to show off the amazing artwork.
Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
And of course, he is equally proud to show off the bar area. Another thing I WANT, I WANT!!! I wonder if they would allow a partnership with ChillaxBBQ with a pop-up food-cart in the car-park… Hmmm, now there is an idea. Loving this place, and we haven’t touched the food yet!
Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
I am only showing one picture of the food, and I am doing that on purpose because this dish has special needs!!! I order the cheeseburger, AKA The Cafe Racer Cheeseburger. Come on you know me…? When I try a new joint I like to try the stable dish. The Sisig, the Laab Gai, etc. Well, this is an American diner so you have to try the burger. Jude Jude and I went halves into this and ended up having to buy another one. Holy shit, I am placing this as up there with the top echelons of the very best burger I have ever consumed. It is OFF-THE-CHARTS so good. If you are on Bohol/Panglao you have to come to try this. This is die, die must-try. Seasoned to perfection. Cooked to perfect medium-rare without even asking. It has a charred crunch, and then that cheese and brioche-style bun. A portion of fries that are perfect for one, not a MONSTER pile to pack out the serving plate. This, in my reckoning, is THE perfect burger. I. would have this time and time again here – in fact, we will be squeezing in another graze here before we go just so Jude and I can – oh yeah and #1 and Strawberry Blonde want in too. #amazingburger #bestburgerever #burgerfoodporn
Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
The other stand-out is their milk-shakes. Have you ever seen anything like it? This thing is like a foot tall. This is called Milo Godzilla, yeah I can see why. It also comes loaded with half a sweet-shop. It is insane. A coke in Singapore would cost from $4-8 depending on where you buy it. I reckon this monster would be easily $15-20 in Singapore. Here it was $5. A PINT of milk-shake haha!!!
Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
All the kids had one. Sugar-rush for certain did ensue of course. How could it not? Here is Amy tucking into hers – the Strawberry Freakshake for the Strawberry Blonde. Perfect. Ollie, Jhea and JimBoy had theirs too – named Funfetti Freakshake, Choco Avalanche Freakshake, and N.A. Smores Freakshake. Really…?
Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
I didn’t need a piss but I felt the urge to just keep on going and going again and again. Check out the urinal dividers. OMG. Again, I WANT, I WANT!!!
Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer
And then they hot me with this. Back seat of a VW Beetle booth seat. Well, that just about does it for me. I am in love. FFS this place has blown me away with the food, the value, the decor and they are 5 minutes down the road from the house. Well hello, there neighbour. We’ll be seeing a lot of you believe me!!!

Just to close off how amazing value this place is. We had 7 of us eating today for dinner. It came to an equivalent total of $76 SGD which is less than hawker food cost these days. For that we got;

2 Pilsen

5 Freakshakes

Hot Calamansi drink

Shrimp Popcorn

Sizzling Beef Cartilage

Breaded PorkChop

Herb Roasted Chicken

2x The Racer Cheeseburger

Classic Chorizo Burger

2x Meatlovers Pizza (Special = 141)

See what I mean re value for money for quality. If you are on Panglao this is a MUST visit guys be you local or a stranded tourist. Come and graze here with the coolest decor and stunning natural views. BUT promise me you’ll have the bloody Racer Cheeseburger. Fuck me it’s sooo good!!! Come support them in these troubled times and #fuckthevirus and #eatamazingburgers.

Day #6 on Panglao, Henann Resort & Cafe Racer was an absolute cracker. So nice to go back to one of our favourites ay Henann Resort but also get the chance to try out some new friends at Cafe Racer. I have to mention that burger again, OMG. As you’ll see we just love milling around the house doing ‘stuff’ and then having a big family chow-down or two. It’s lovely. Then I get the chance to shop for breakfast and cook for all the kids. We are loving living all together in our little house, it’s just a shame about our neighbour – that idiot Covid-19. Hey, we’re still making this a cracking vacation.



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