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Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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Myra’s Beach Club @ East Coast

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Yet another review from The Semi-Naked Chef – this time we venture way down East Coast Park to Myra’s Beach Club @ East Coast, 1390 East Coast Parkway (Near car park F3). I’d call on 6443 3005 and book in advance as this place was mobbed when we went. Many reserved tables, even a filming taking place for Tamil TV.

Myra's Beach Club @ East Coast
Needs a little paint but man the food, the food…

We ate like Kings, Queens, Princes, Princes and small infant Royals (whatever they are called). The food is intense. If you want some quality North Indian cuisine, look no further – it don’t get much better. The if you want to jazz it up a tad, why not try the other side of their menu – Mexican.

WTF – I hear you saying?

Yep the banner, the cards, the menu boldly state; Myra’s Beach Club @ East Coast, Mexican & North Indian Cuisine. Damn funky that is! A rather large menu it has to be stated, even extending to pizzas and pasta.

Myra's Beach Club @ East Coast
Hurry we’re starving and copying Baby Jude’s new photo pose

Let’s have a wee spin around now to see the view whilst we’re waiting our orders (more on that in second). If it wasn’t for those damn boats hey, and the clouds and the slight haze it would be a real nice view. It ain’t Boracay, but it ain’t bad. Just out of the far madding crowd of the main part of East Coast, much more quiet & empty beaches.

Myra's Beach Club @ East Coast
Nice. I don’t mind that little view – just don’t look at the horizon!

OK now I am starving. What did we order. You may have watched the video first but here we go in written as well – I feel I must.

Myra's Beach Club @ East Coast
Well hello there gorgeous

I have to say Myra’s Beach Club @ East Coast, you excelled yourself here. This dish had me sucking marinade of the bones. I wanted more and more. The spice combination was intense, then add the tandoor smoke flavour and the slight charring – holy shit. One of, if not the very best consumed by The Semi-Naked Chef. I’d have this every single time I come back. What a dish! The 1/2 Tandoori Chicken.

Myra's Beach Club @ East Coast
Can’t comment, other that it looks damn good!

Can’t consume, rather won’t consume so can’t really comment. But from observation of rolling eyes and outbursts of mmmmmmmm, coming from Ollie and Mary, I kind of assume all was good. Of course I asked them both and they concurred this was an incredibly complex dish with flavours bursting everywhere – and like my chicken this was smoky from the tandoor. This is Myra’s Beach Club @ East Coast Fish Tikka.

Myra's Beach Club @ East Coast
Mr Oliver Hybrid Kennett’s meal choice

Ollie goes for the Mexican side of the menu. But then orders a chicken tikka borrito. A what? Yes folks a hybrid. So not only does Myra’s Beach Club @ East Coast have North Indian and Mexican, they combine the two to create Mexindian. This thing was a monster. Loads of meat, cheese, beans etc in the borrito, veggies, and rice. Yes we had to pack some of this – just too much for one to manage.

Myra's Beach Club @ East Coast
I ordered some Naans and the guy got me, what gravy?

Gravy said I. Yes Sir for the Naans to dip in to. Ah right yeah. I was thinking a little saucer of gravy, but he was thinking a full curry dish. What caught my eye was something I have not had for ever – I had to try. I’ll go for a Chicken Tikka Massala please my friend. So glad I did. This sits at the top of those I have eaten. Nicely spicy hot, and then again the pop, pop, pop of all additional spices that go in to this dish. Rich and tomatoey, nice heat, smoky flavours – oh boy, just too good. Then dip your Naan and KERBOOM – the marriage is made, one that should never be split.

To those beautiful things now – before I close.

Myra's Beach Club @ East Coast
Up first comes garlic beauties

With that curry. Goodness me. Like Sonny & Cher (in the good days), Bonnie & Clyde, Bill & Hilary Clinton – all together. These were incredible little breads.

Myra's Beach Club @ East Coast
Two in one basket – the cheese and butter Naans

Mine and Jude’s absolute favourite was the cheese. A light and fluffy, crispy/crunchy and melted cheers Naan. Dipped in the curry gravy. Bloody hell – I nearly passed out.

So there we have it my friends. Get on your bike, get a bus or take a taxi and get down to East Coast and visit the staff of Myra’s Beach Club @ East Coast. If you like curry, and/or Mexican I guarantee you will love this place, and I reckon I can guarantee you will be coming back again and again. The Semi-Naked Chef predicts it – ENJOY!!!

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