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The Cheese Deli at Siglap: Best Cheese Shop in Singapore 2023


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The Cheese Deli Singapore: Best Cheese Shop in Singapore

The Cheese Deli Singapore: 🧀 Are you ready to join us on a journey to Siglap that’s as delightful as it is cheesy? Well, pack your taste buds and sense of adventure (believe me for a couple of the cheeses you might just need that) because Islifearecipe is about to take you on a mouthwatering tour of The Cheese Deli on the East Coast of Singapore, in Siglap!

Nestled near the heart of Siglap, this enchanting delicatessen is more than just a place to buy cheese; it’s a cheese lover’s paradise, a wine connoisseur’s dream, and a charcuterie enthusiast’s haven. But it’s not just about the products; it’s the experience.

the cheese deli singapore front
Photo courtesy of The Cheese Deli’s Facebook page

At The Cheese Deli, every wheel of cheese tells a story, and every sip of wine transports you to distant vineyards. You’ll discover flavours you never knew existed, and the aroma alone will have you planning your next visit before you’ve even finished your first platter. 

Plus the crew at The Cheese Deli are just amazing, so get yourself to Siglap and meet with Jimmy and Clarrisa. These guys are ex The Cheese Shop. Whoopsy…

Islifearecipe are calling this out. It’s just the best cheese shop in Singapore.

So why should you keep reading? Because we’re about to uncover the secrets behind The Cheese Deli’s success, share anecdotes of cheese enthusiasts turned regulars, and reveal some cheesy humour along the way: come on, you know us at Islifearecipe. Get ready to indulge in the cheesy charm of The Cheese Deli Singapore! 🧀🍷

the cheese deli Jimmy

Yes, Jimmy is one big guy, who completely dwarfed me. Maybe it’s a cheese thing? You must come and meet him, chat about cheese, and just let his passion for his products flow over you. This guy knows his stuff. And, both he and Clarrisa are Siglappers – so come support your locals…

the cheese deli counter 1

We were visiting The Cheese Deli to buy some cheese for a recurring event, and whilst there we had a great chat with Jimmy and Clarrisa, and even a tasting. Yes, that did the job, because I walked out of there with a bag full, and had a very happy Wifey later that evening. It is now absolutely Islifearecipe’s go-to cheese shop in Singapore.

The above is showing you just one of their cheese fridges. They have a serious amount of cheese on offer from all-walks and all countries. Goat, cow, sheep, French, German, Spanish and so on. You name it, they’re pretty much got it. It’s also so spacious and airy in here. We sat at their table and munched on the tasting platter. It was uber-cool. 

They also hold the occassional special event including making cheese toasties… Yes, we did discuss having a ChillaxBBQ pop-up if they can get permission to have the BBQ outside: watch this blog for an update on that.

the cheese deli cheese platter

Have a look at that bad boy… WOOF!!! Our tasting platter, which was. just off-the-charts good. I’ll need to visit Jimmy again to get all the names of the cheeses though, because this old brain has completely forgotten, bar one which you’ll see more of shortly.

Suffice it to say the blue was one of the best I have ever had, the truffle was delicious, the soft cheese top right was more like a Spanish burnt cheese cake so creamy, the little cubes of ‘pizza’ cheese were insanely good, the other cubes a really awesome hard cheese and finally the pot of ‘cream cheese’… read on.

the cheese deli torta del casar

The. cream cheese’ is this bad boy from Spain. I checked in with the Spanish Trade Ambassador for Singapore and he mentioned this is super-popular in Spain. That validates that. You cut the top off this cheese and then scoop out the unctuous gooey cheese. This is one stinky, powerful, almost fermented in taste cheese – and we LOVED IT!!! Top of the shop, what a cracker this was. This is the one when I joked earlier about having a sense of adventure. Yep this one tilts the scales.

the cheese deli gifts

They even have some really cool gifts at The Cheese Deli. I tell you one of those cool Indiana Jones-style picnic blankets is coming home with me next time. That’s a must-have for a picnic with cheese and charcuterie down the beach on the East Coast.

Some superb platters, like stellar platters, cheese slicer sets, even monster cheese platters for the huge wheels of cheese… now there’s a thought for that ChillaxBBQ pop-up Jimmy my friend: Cheese Fondue, I heart Mac and Cheese, and Cheese Wheel Pasta Pop-Up… No need for the BBQ then.

the cheese deli alcoholic drinks

And if you need some port, wine, Whisky, gin, or access to a massive variety of other exotic tipples, look no further. This is a picnic waiting to happen in The Cheese Deli Singapore. And I am so up for that.

Our Conclusions of The Cheese Deli Siglap

The Cheese Deli in Siglap is a culinary gem that deserves a spot on every foodie’s and cheesie’s must-visit list. From artisanal cheeses, to carefully curated wines and ports that would elevate any dining experience, this deli is a haven for all things delicious and cheesey

Islifearecipe’s gastronomic adventure at The Cheese Deli left us utterly delighted, and I truly mean that. The exceptional quality of their cheese, the charm of the ambiance, and the warm hospitality of the staff, Jimmy and Clarrisa, make it unforgettable, and definitely the return-to cheese shop for us now. 

What does The Cheese Deli have to say about itself?

The Cheese Deli is a family run business that shares a profound love for cheese. We offer a fine selection of artisanal cheese and gourmet accompaniments, a one stop delicatessen for all your cheesey needs. We believe that its rich history, story and flavour sparks a passion like no other. We mindfully curate quality artisanal cheese that are imported from all regions across the world, from Europe to Australia. To ensure the highest quality and to support artisanal farmers, we carefully select traditionally made cheeses from independent producers who prioritizes quality over profit. Our standards may be high, but The Cheese Deli welcomes all and caters to ease and comfort as much as refinement.

What's the address and contact details of The Cheese Deli Siglap?

Address: 55 Upper East Coast Road, 45521
Telephone: 65 8817 6182
eMail: hello@thecheesedeli.sg

What are the opening hours for The Cheese Deli Singapore?

Tuesday 11 am–7 pm
Wednesday 11 am–7 pm
Thursday 11 am–7 pm
Friday 11 am–7 pm
Saturday 11 am–8 pm
Sunday 11 am–7 pm
Monday Closed

People also asked about The Cheese Deli Siglap

What is The Cheese Deli in Siglap known for?

The Cheese Deli in Siglap is known for its gourmet selection of cheeses, wines, and charcuterie.

Is The Cheese Deli in Siglap a family-run business?

Yes, The Cheese Deli in Siglap is a family-run business that has a deep passion for cheese.

Does The Cheese Deli in Siglap offer online delivery services?

Yes, The Cheese Deli in Siglap offers online delivery services through platforms like Deliveroo and Oddle Eats.

Where is The Cheese Deli in Siglap located?

The Cheese Deli in Siglap is conveniently located near the heart of Siglap at 55 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 455215.

What can I find at The Cheese Deli in Siglap besides cheese?

Besides cheese, The Cheese Deli in Siglap offers a variety of gourmet accompaniments, including wines and charcuterie.

Does The Cheese Deli in Siglap have a high customer rating?

Yes, The Cheese Deli in Siglap has a strong customer rating of 4.6 stars with positive reviews.

Does The Cheese Deli in Siglap offer in-store shopping and pick-up services?

Yes, The Cheese Deli in Siglap provides in-store shopping, in-store pick-up, and delivery options for customers.

What is the price range for products at The Cheese Deli in Siglap?

The price range for products at The Cheese Deli in Siglap varies from S\$5.00 to S\$160.00.

Can I find The Cheese Deli in Siglap on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook?

Yes, The Cheese Deli in Siglap is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where you can stay updated on their offerings and promotions.

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