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JumpTopia Singapore
JumpTopia Singapore


I think I am like all parents on Red Dot as we manage our kids through Covid, and try to keep them entertained. I am therefore always looking for the next new thing for them to do. Keeping them off the electronics and in the fresh air, exercising and having fun. Well here is one new option for you that delivers to ALL those things. JumpTopia Singapore. Brought to you by another Kennett family favourite, KidzTopia. Available until 2/1/22 so hurry up folks. Oh yeah, it gets PACKED, so book your slot ASAP.

JumpTopia Singapore
Should I be jealous…?

We booked online through Kloop and pottered down to join the back of a rather monster queue. Excitement was filling the air. As was the waft of hand sanitiser being squirted around by the gallon. Kids EVERYWHERE. An excited buzz everywhere, AKA NOISE!!! But, the parents have a plan… Drop the kids off for two hours and go to a bar for a nice drink overlooking the water. Now, that gets my vote. And that is indeed what we did!!!

JumpTopia Singapore
Wifey enjoying a lovely Frozen Margherita at Dallas Bar overlooking the waterfront at MBS.

It is an incredible deal as well. Two of my kids went for TWO HOURS for just over $50.

How good is that? Two hours of fun for the kids, two hours of downtime for Mum & Dad for less than $100. Brilliant.

JumpTopia Singapore
Thirsty and VERY happy kids after a superb two hours of fun fun fun

About JumpTopia Singapore

JumpTopia Singapore

Triple the size, triple the fun! Get ready for the ultimate action-packed holiday experience at Jumptopia: Holiday Village! Occupying a whopping 44,000 sq ft of space, highlights include 15 giant bouncy castles for kids of all ages, craft activities, IG-worthy spots, exclusive merchandise and much more!

Join them at the perfect holiday destination for families to spend quality time together, create unforgettable memories and enjoy the experience of a lifetime! It really was great fun. The kids loved it.

Jumptopia by Kiztopia
It is a playground on a massive scale…

Get your Kiztopia Ticket in Singapore here from our friends @ Klook




Telephone : 6493 0211 (10am – 7pm daily)

Mobile : 8201 0393 (10am – 7pm daily)

Email : hello@kidztopia.com


Monday – Sunday (5 sessions per day)

  • 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

  • 12:15 pm – 02:15 pm

  • 02:30 pm – 04:30 pm

  • 04:45 pm – 06:45 pm

  • 07:00 pm – 09:00 pm

*15 mins cleaning will be carried out after each session ends.

Read their FAQ for more details.

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