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Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road

Wow, what a gem we found today. Well, when I say found it was actually recommended by my Boss. Thanks for that Pete this is a cracker. Now I’ll warn you not to watch the first video if you don’t want to get a spoiler of the rather special thing that happens when you rock up at 2 Circular Road. 

There is an additional beauty of an absolutely unique twist before you even get to be sat down and lifting up your chopsticks. More of that in the video if you want to watch. But, you can still watch the second video as that is #foodheaven. Enticing not spoiling!!!

They state;

“An immersive hidden restaurant serving guerrilla-style food that reinterprets delicious age-old Chinese dishes.”

Man oh man I am so hooked now with that intrigue. And so today we took the boss recommendation. I kept this secret from the whole family advising them we were going some special, but not exactly where so they could not check it out beforehand. This was going to be a ‘surprise’ and it really was when we rocked up. You should have seen their faces.

It was just brilliant. If you watch the video you will see them all bemused and then WOW’d, hahaha. Winner!!!





As I mentioned the very cool ‘arrival and entrance’ is unique. The food is off-the-charts good, as you will see. There is food theatre constantly hitting you right between the eyes. The looks smells and tastes were umami on steroids.

This place is quality from top to bottom and left to right and is an absolutely MUST-TRY recommendation from the Kennett-crew.

I’ll go to their crew again so you can hear from them;

“The flavours are immense, contrasting well-loved Chinese-American recipes, Dragon Chamber pushes the diner’s comfort zone with adventurous dishes that may even shock diners with unusual Chinese techniques of nose-to-tail animal preparation. Among its own wild concoctions from The Dragon Chamber’s kitchen, the underground restaurant also brings back age-old Chinese dishes that never caught on in mainstream restaurants, because of their unconventional ingredients.”

One dish has a crocodile foot as the main ingredient and one of their soups even has crocodile pen!s – I kid you not. We’ll be having that next time I think. I was worried it might get stuck in my throat hahaha. 

So when they say nose to tail they ain’t joking. Bring it on. This is literally food-heaven. Plus a huge open kitchen so you can see the masters and artisans of their trade, in full action offering yet more food theatre.

Be proud Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road your entire crew and product are just quality.

One thing is apparent here – There is no appetite for mediocrity.


Find them at 2 Circular Rd, Singapore 049358

Call them at +65 6805 8181

Enquire via

Book via

Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road

Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road
Happy Happy family. Now nicely settled inside the ‘real’ restaurant. Loving the interior here and the open kitchen, so uber cool. Very excited about having poured over the menu, and it is a big menu. A menu with such variety, surprise, and intrigue… So very excited!!!

I’ll have to share one food item that we ordered that is in the video only – whoopsy!!!

So you have to watch the video now!!! The serving of this was #foodheaven…

Wagyu Truffle Beef Hor Fun was just off-the-charts good. Finished off at the table-side with Spring onions and then the truffle sauce on top of the onsen egg and then the server mixes it all up. I kid you not a classic dish of 1, 2, 3 genius!!!

1 they hit the eyes with this food theatre of table-side, then 2, the truffle sauce aroma smacks you in the nose along with that lardy/beef/smokiness, and then 3 you eat and also get the textures of crunch and soft. Wow. One of the very best things this gob has ever eaten. It’s a stunning dish, it really is. Watch the video. Holy Moly, I loved this dish!!!

Let’s get their full explanation of this dish so I don’t underplay it; “Hor Fun’ wok-fried noodles served with premium US Wagyu Shortribs, crispy deep-fried hor fun strips, poached egg and finished with truffle gravy.”

Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road
This is the 1st dish we got and what a cracker this is. It’s part of their insane craziness of dish creation but man does it work so well. It’s sort of a 1,000 Island Sauce with Horseradish (I think). These were incredible 1st bites. We all looked at each other, and in unison almost, said well if that is the 1st gig imagine the rest. And they did not disappoint as you will see. This is Cheeseburger Eggrolls. Yeap I can hear you now saying WTF…Beef blended with melted cheese in a crispy egg roll skin. Legendary!!!
Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road
Burn yourself a new one with this cheeky little dish. Love the Chinese American angle here. You have great chicken with gravy & biscuits in the USA. Well, here you get seriously spicy Szechuan Pepper chicken served with crispy ‘you tiao’ fritters topped with Maple syrup. Sounds nuts but man oh man a match made in foodie heaven. Genius. Beer food on steroids, I could not stop finger-food snacking this. This is Firecracker Chicken & Maple Fritters. (word of advice – get some loo roll in the fridge before you visit the restaurant).
Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road
Another beauty up next was a piscatorial selection. Amy said; “These were so good… So fresh with a massive crunch to the batter with super-soft floss – nice!!!”. Egg-floss Butterfly Prawns. Succulent butterfly prawns in butter, spices, and fine strands of sweet butter egg-floss. How good does that look plated up?
Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road
Another hell yeah moment!!! Foie Slabs. Absolute beauties. The rice ‘slabs’ are like nutty crunchy chips, then all gooey in the middle, and then with an unctuous slap of the foie. So very good to eat and has stunning plating. Foie Gras slices on top of pan-seared glutinous rice, Goji berries, finished with a dash of Yakatori sauce. Wifey said; “Yummy!”
Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road
Up next comes a monster signature dish and enough here for 2-3 easy. Theatre & #food on steroids with dry-ice ‘smoke’ shrouding the dish in mystery as it arrives. Deep-fried pieces of lobster with browned garlic and heaps of Szechuan Pepper. Yeah, this was quality, and you really cannot beat that plating. About the same cost as a Chili Crab from Jumbo and easily fed 2-3 PAX. Brilliant dish. Dragon Mountain; fried whole lobsters with crispy brown garlic, fermented soybeans, sliced chilis, and ‘Mala‘ Szechuan Peppercorns.
Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road
Again, talk about theatre. Up rocks, this plating is surrounded by flames. How good is that? Some of the most tender, succulent fall-apart braised beef ever with the sweetest pineapple in such a cracking sauce. Another nailed dish by the crew from looks to textures to aromas and of course taste. It’s a WOW!!! Flaming Pineapple Beef; Diced beef braised and stewed with a pineapple 5-spice gravy, served in a flaming pineapple.
Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road
What an array of colours and textures we ordered today. Dish after dish that was served caused oooohhhs and aaahhhs from us all. Just a brilliant lunch. Top work from the crew.
Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road
This is the Firecracker Chicken aftermath. When they say ‘with chilli and Szechuan Pepper’ they seriously mean it. Mouth burning so hot now I wonder if a Crocodile pen!s or two would calm it down?
Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road
It’s dessert time now. Sadly one was of the many that I think we’d all have ordered, but I really fancied this one. Coconugget; coconut pudding with brown sugar, hazelnuts, lime zest, toasted coconut flakes, lime sorbet served in a fresh coconut. Yeah, this was cracking. Almost like toasted muesli on top, then subtle sweet coconut pudding (much better than Crocodile pen!s to calm a burning mouth) with little hits of brown sugar almost like Gula Melaka, then with a super-sour refreshing slap around your chops with the sorbet. A beauty.
Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road
The kids all got this. I was a little so-so on this one as Jude didn’t like it so we got his to consume. Nice, but not WOW like everything else today. This was Lemongrass Jelly; lemongrass jelly with lime sorbet, Aloe Vera with pink Dragonfruit smoothie.


And there you have it. Our little foray into pastures new today. What a find. What an absolutely cracking find. Thanks again to my boss Pete for highlighting this to me. We’ll be going back here that is for absolutely certain. 


I’ll say it again Dragon Chamber @ 2 Circular Road, be proud of the serving to the cooking crew because that was exceptional. 6 hours later and we are still talking about our experience. One of the best from an end-to-end experience, with theatre and incredible food to wow your senses. It’s up there folks. Go and you will absolutely!



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