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Changi Bistro, Changi Beach Park

Changi Bistro, Changi Beach Park

It has to be said Changi Bistro, Changi Beach Park

will take some finding. But I have to say you should get Dora out with you, get the map and go find it. We dined there after a disappointing nearby. So glad we did. But the other beauty of this place is that it is right on the beach. There are kids playgrounds, bike hire, roller blade hire etc, and avenues of shady trees on the beach to sit under and shelter from the sun. We had a ball!

Did Changi Bistro, Changi Beach Park save the foodie day? Absolutely they did. Mary and I seem to be in a pasta moment, as we both ordered a pasta again today. I am only focusing at our food not the kids for this blog, but let me just say that Amy and Jude wolfed down 20 satay sticks between them. You can kind of guess that they were OK too right?

So here we are sitting looking at the beach, those meandering up the beach, and sailing boats tacking back and forth. A beautiful breeze was in our face. Sea eagles were soaring above. You get the picture. These guys have started very well so far, and then came the food.

Changi Bistro, Changi Beach Park
This was my spaghetti. Perfectly cooked to al dente. It was so simple, but so perfect. Olive oil, garlic, chili padi, mushroom and capsicum. Bum burner for sure, but worth every minute of pain – this was damned good!
Changi Bistro, Changi Beach Park
My Mary of course goes for sea food options. They are certainly not scrimping on portions here folks, it loaded with clams, mussels, squid and fish – oh yeah chili padi and garlic too ha ha!

So there you have it folks, our experience of a new find – Changi Bistro, Changi Beach Park. What a find it was. Oh yeah and cheap beers. Cracking place. Go for the day, take buckets and spades, swimmers, blankets, towels and an empty stomach. Top location, lovely views, breezy, so reasonably priced and some seriously very good food. We’ll be back, and if you do get to go – ENJOY!!!

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