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Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay: MBS Restaurants


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay Singapore: MBS Restaurants

Bread Street Kitchen: Daddy is off to London and Germany on Monday, so it’s family treat time. Off we go to Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay @ MBS. Now, I have had the good fortune to have already been a couple of times before. Whenever there is a customer event at Marin Bay Sands Convention Centre, I usually pop along. But it is usually a quick lunch or a couple of beers. Today was hardcore. Today was family Kennett, doing our usual tapas-style sampling.

I have just read Gordon’s autobiography, “Humble Pies”. I tell you it is well worth a read. It gives insights into the intensity of the drive of the man to be the very best. Whether that is getting his Michelin Stars, or having the best global crew to support him. Have a quick Google on Gordon Ramsay Holdings – I think you’ll be surprised what this guy has. But today let’s be testing him out, let’s be trying out a variety of fare on offer at Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay at MBS.

The caveat is that this one is well up there in the $$$ land – but you are buying quality food, made from quality ingredients. As I always state you do indeed get what you pay for. We paid high but got amazing high-quality returns. A stunning lunch was had, and I mean stunning!!!

Here we go. Thank you, Mr Ramsay and crew.

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bread street kitchen mbs dining

I popped outside to take a quick snap of family Kennett. It’s great here as it’s all open kitchens so you can see all the chefs working away hard. It’s people-watching heaven.

Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay @ MBS
fullsizeoutput 30790 Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay: MBS Restaurants

I love this picture. It’s a lovely family shot, and clearly biggie of Ollie. But what I love and what makes me laugh so so much about it is…. Yeap Baby Beer Jude. Just brilliant, ha ha!!!

fullsizeoutput 307c8 Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay: MBS Restaurants

First up for the food extravaganza is chicken liver and foie gras parfait, Madeira jelly, and toasted brioche. Oh my gosh, this was bonkers good. So so creamy, and the little jelly topping was a killer bed fellow. This seriously was so good. Oh my! Loved it!

bread street kitchen MBS dining

This is from the kid’s menu – can you believe it? Yep, these are the kid’s deep-fried chicken wings. I think these had some Tamarind in them to give some sourness to the BBQ sauce. Amy and Jude both loved these.

bread street kitchen MBS dining

I just had to get this. Let’s have a go at Mr Ramsay’s version a French Onion Soup. This is Cider and Onion Soup, with Cheddar Cheese Toasties. Oh my goodness. I could have bathed in this. This is one hell of a soup. We all got into this in a big way. Even Jude could not stop dipping bread into this. It’s seriously one amazing dish, that I will have again and again.

bread street kitchen mbs restaurants

One for the ladies, not for me. But seeing it on the menu I thought they’d love it. Alaskan King Crab and Apple Cocktail Salad. Comes with Pink Peppercorns, and Marie Rose Sauce. Big thumbs up from gang Kennett, and clearly an bowl at the end.

mbs restaurants bread street kitchen

Be still my aching heart. At $80 this is chunky but easily will feed 2-3 people, easily. This is medium-rare fillet steak Beef Wellington. Holy crap this is AMAZINGLY good.

Like on steroids good. From pastry to the mushroom duxelles, to the filet – it’s all in all a die-die must-try dish. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the red wine sauce it comes with too. Heavenly!!!

bread street kitchen mbs dining

“We happy with the food guys?” I asked. “I am Dad. Massively actually!” said Dave the Parrot.

bread street kitchen mbs restaurants

Up next is the dish I have had already. This is a MUST try if ever you come here. This is one dish that really stands out for me, having had it twice now. Almost a quasi Porcetta, as I have cooked that before for Knibbsy.

How well does Ramsay’s Slow Roast Dingley Dell Pork Belly, stuffed with Parsley and Garlic, Apple Puree, and Whole Grain Mustard jus look? This really is up there as the best dish. Get some crackling, fatty pork, stuffing, apple sauce, a wee dip in the sauce, and then BOOM. Have a bite of that.

Flavor EXPLOSION, and texture HEAVEN. It’s just too good. I love this!!!

bread street kitchen mbs restaurants

Yep, this is where I order over the top ha ha – but how can I not order this? This is the big, bad, and beautiful Dingley Dell 450g Pork T-Bone.

Holy crap look at this bugger. Perfectly cooked to medium. Served with a decadent blue cheese dip. OMG. This one we did indeed have to pack. It was HUGE and easy enough again for 2-3 people. It’s a monster. Delicious alone, and with the blue cheese you sort of drift off to a new food place….. Yummo!!!

bread street kitchen mbs dining

Mains are over and somehow the kids manage to get going into Dessert. I am amazed!!! Ollie goes for the seriously decadent Raspberry Pavlova, meringues, lemon, and mint. Boom!!!

bread street kitchen mbs restaurants

Whilst Amy and Baby Jude go for BSK Snickers, and Popcorn Ice Cream. Yeah baby – how good does that look? 

Bread Street Kitchen Gordon Ramsay meets Jude Jude

I think you have some competition, Mr Ramsay. Wow, that is one scary stare, Jude Jude. You should have your own Hell’s Kitchen Jude. Just don’t shout at me  – please!!!

Our conclusions of Bread Stret Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay: MBS Dining

So there you go folks, our amazing amazing lunch at Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay @ MBS dining.


It was truly a quality lunch, and well worth the $$$. Everyone loved it. Well done Mr Ramsay and Sabrina – be proud. Of course, we over-ordered, but that meant a repeat order in the evening at home haha. We have to overorder. It’s in our genes as the Kennett’s. We like to sample, we like to share. We throw it all in the middle and much on 8 or so different dishes, rather than choosing just the one. That’s how we love family eating.


So my friends get yourself down here. Raid the ATM get the much-needed $$$ out, and come see Head Chef Sabrina Stillhart and her crew. We actually met her at the end when Jude stuck his hand up for the bill haha. Get down here and seriously – ENJOY!!!

Bread Street Kitchen, situated at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, offers a refined dining experience with classic British fare curated by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. The restaurant, designed in an industrial warehouse style, blends vintage and modern aesthetics. The menu incorporates local ingredients, providing an innovative twist to traditional dishes.

Signature offerings include the iconic Beef Wellington, Fish & Chips, rare-breed steaks, and seasonal salads. With a vibrant waterfront location, it provides a distinctive atmosphere complemented by a curated music selection.

For reservations, diners can book a table through the official website or by calling the restaurant directly. Bread Street Kitchen takes pride in its diverse menu, Scottish-inspired dishes, and a range of cocktails, drinks, and wines. It is part of Marina Bay Sands, which boasts over 60 restaurants, showcasing the best of local and international cuisines.

To explore Bread Street Kitchen’s menu in detail, you can refer to the a la carte menu. Additionally, reviews and ratings can be found on platforms like Tripadvisor and Burpple.

People also asked about Bread Street Kitchen: MBS Restaurants

1. What makes Bread Street Kitchen at MBS restaurants unique?Bread Street Kitchen offers classic British cuisine with a twist by Gordon Ramsay, set in a vibrant waterfront location.
2. What are the must-try dishes at Bread Street Kitchen: MBS dining?Iconic dishes like Beef Wellington, Fish & Chips, and rare-breed steaks showcase Gordon Ramsay’s culinary excellence.
3. How can I make a reservation at Bread Street Kitchen: MBS Dining?Reservations can be made through the official website or by calling the restaurant directly to secure your spot.
4. Does Bread Street Kitchen cater to vegetarians?Yes, a Vegetarian Menu is available, providing diverse options for diners with different dietary preferences.
5. Are there special events or themed dining experiences at MBS restaurants?Follow their social media for updates on festive-themed dining and special events, offering a unique experience beyond the regular menu.
6. What is the ambiance like at Bread Street Kitchen: MBS dining?The restaurant features an industrial warehouse design, creating a distinctive atmosphere that blends vintage and modern aesthetics.
7. Can I find Scottish-inspired dishes on the menu?Absolutely, Bread Street Kitchen offers Scottish-inspired dishes, adding a delightful and unique touch to the diverse menu.
8. Are there signature cocktails or drinks available?Yes, the restaurant offers signature cocktails, drinks, and an extensive wine list to complement and enhance the overall dining experience.
9. Where can I find reviews and ratings for Bread Street Kitchen: MBS dining?Platforms like Tripadvisor and Burpple host reviews and ratings from diners, providing insights into the restaurant’s popularity and dining experience.
10. Does Bread Street Kitchen participate in Marina Bay Sands’ exclusive culinary offerings?Yes, as part of Marina Bay Sands, Bread Street Kitchen contributes to the hotel’s diverse culinary scene, showcasing local and international cuisines.

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